Losing weight – Not so easy!

It all started one not so fine evening. People just started saying that I have put on weight. My weight is increasing drastically and all that. For sometime I ignored but it became a routine. My amma also joined the gang and started teasing me. My aunt also joined and everyone said that I have put on thoppai (tummy).At one stage I started imagining things like people standing around me clapping hands and shouting “thoppai thoppai ha ha ha” like how Rajni says ‘ thoppi thoppi’Β  in chandramukhi. Then I made a decision. I have to reduce my thoppai.

I searched google baba , searched and searched andΒ  came up with two options. 1. Diet 2. Exercise


Now the word ‘diet’ is like how our Captain says “Enaku Engleesh, tamizh,telugu,kannada,hindi,french ,Amharic and Kinyarwanda edhulayume pudikadha ore vaarthai – Dietu, aaan” (The only word I hate the most in all the said languages is Diet-u ,aaan).But I wanted to give a try. Now when you clearly layout a plan to achieve something, there will be one hundred hurdles ,I don’t know who creates all these hurdles. Some examples,

1. Your friends calling you for a treat

2. Amma on strike, she wanting to eat out.

3. People advising you “You should not waste food” in a restaurant.

4. Friends saying “you are thin only na,finish off the last two pieces of triple cheese pizza with extra paneer toppings.

5. Restaurant menu displaying hot brownie picsΒ  in 12″ X 18”

I gave up, failed in all the above tests. But we are determined no. I came up with a wonderful plan. Eat one less idli a day πŸ˜€

Day1 :-

With a heavy heart I said no to that last nice soft fluffy idli 😦 and reached office. Tried to work. Not able to concentrate, gmail,gtalk,blog..No No No. My stomach started yelling at me big time. Till 11 I tried then gave up. I went to the canteen straight and had two nice hot onion oothappams.

1 missing idli + a highly pissed off stomach tired of all the yelling = 2 oothappams

Day 2 :-

1 missing idli + a highly pissed off stomach tired of all the yelling = 2 oothappams + 1 milk shake

I could see my plan not just failing but doing the opposite of what I wanted to do.

1. Diet 2. Exercise :-

I decided to do skipping exercise and some simple exercises everyday. 20 mins per day is enough someone said. Fought with amma and bought a skipping rope. She said no to that knowing after a week it will be lying in one corner of the house. I proved her wrong. It went to the corner in a day.

Day 1:-

Got up, brushed teeth. Started Skipping 1..2..5..14..30. Stopped . My heart was beating so loud as if it was plugged directly into a “mariyamman koil” loud speaker. I thought I would get a heart attack if I continued. I was happy with the 30 count and ended my exercise there.

Day 2 :-

Simple exercise. I fixed 20 mins as my goal and started the exercise at 7:00 AM sharp. After what I felt like 30 mins I looked up at the clock, it was showing 7:04 AM. Lazy clock! Confused whether I should continue or is this enough for today, amma came to my rescue. She brought me coffee and in that smell I forgot my 20 mins of exercise everyday plan. Filled my stomach. You see many experts have told that we should not do any exercise after having tea, coffee, milk, idli, water etc. So I ended day 1 exercise there . I really felt light. The 4 mins exercise had good effect.Later I realised that it was just an illusion. The real effect of exercise was felt later in the office. Next two days I walked like a punctured tyre . Stupid Sore muscles! 😦

Day 3-9 :-

Complete rest.

Day 10:-

I woke up and saw my stomach. My tummy had gone in. There was no obvious thoppai. I was excited and called it aΒ  “medical miracle”. I was like -I don’t need any exercise . Yay – and all that. Little did I realize that my stomach was empty and so that missing thoppai . I think that was the first time I saw my stomach empty.

The end to my exercise plan.

People keep saying things. We should not take it to heart. It is absolootely okay to have a nice thoppai. My heart said.

Yesterday there was some fitness program in my office and I went down to check my BMI. Weight showed some nice number. Height – I am so so sure that it was wrong. How can a person of my age grow 10 cms tall in less than a year. OK I agree nothing is impossible for a super hero, but still people (Please don’t kill me) πŸ˜›

A lady was sitting there and she calculated my BMI and it showed border underweight. Obvioulsy 10 cm difference in height! I was about to tell her that she got my height wrong, but the next few words she spoke stopped me. She said, “Madam you should eat lot of nuts, almonds, dry fruits, fruits etc etc” . It was so pleasant to hear such things so I didn’t want to spoil the moment by telling my correct height and bmi. After few minutes she saw the glow in my face and smart she is, she immediatly said “But Madam no junk food and strictly no chocolates ok”. I hate her!





20 thoughts on “Losing weight – Not so easy!

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  1. All I can say is ‘I AGREE TO People keep saying things. We should not take it to heart. It is absolootely okay to have a nice thoppai. My heart said.’

    My only problem, my thoppai looks like a huge huge ghadam!!!

  2. πŸ˜† @ lazy clock….walked like punctured tyre….diet-u aaan (the sound of it made me laugh so loud that I woke Pari up πŸ˜† πŸ˜† )
    😯 border underweight?????? and then you are frowning on your weight πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ you need to see me, for my empty/full/starving belly all look the same πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯

    1. I am so happy that this post made you laugh ME!
      No no I am not anywhere close to underweight.. It was an error.
      Lets just believe that “People with thoppai are very honest people” πŸ˜€

  3. no wonder i can never diet, imagine just finished work and a collegue says oye wanna have a pint, inspite of knowing i shud say nooooooo.. whats one single pint going to do the only problem is one becomes 3 -4 and then it is what will i eat when i reach home , might as well eat here .. SO the whole idea of going ot the gym early morning at 6am and sweating it out till 8 goes out of the window…

    SO i have officially given up .. and if that pint does not happen , the next door aunty also decides to make samosa’s with cholle.. and makes it a point Bikram Puttar has not one not two but so manyyyy and I oblidge too

    or you visit a indian friend and his mum is making Allo ke paranthe dripping in butter

    what is dieting going to do tell me πŸ™‚

  4. ha haaa.. at least your bmi is border underweight.. my bmi is obesity.. 😦 and I am sailing in the same boat as you ss.. 2 days diet, 10 days rest, 1 day exercise, 10 days test, 2 days diet… this is my pattern and obliviously weight appadiyae enkuda bathirama irukku..
    thoppai – pls dont talk about it. I will get depressed.. 😦

  5. My first time here.. from Visha’s blog… πŸ™‚

    what an awesome post.. you just have posted whatever I had in my mind/whatever was happening with me… πŸ˜† at the lazy clock and the reverse idli effect.. the same happens to me if i ever try to fast… I end up eating so much for one meal by just skipping the breakfast/lunch… moreover.. I cant stand hunger pangs and start getting some sympathy πŸ˜€

    super cool that you had your height messed up!! I wish something like that happens to me too πŸ˜›

    loved this post and the way you have told it πŸ™‚

    1. Wow GB welcome welcome!
      hehe.. The guy who took my height-poor guy , I kept shaking my head, stood with a 30 degree tilt ,kept on moving.. How can anyone measure height properly in such case tell me. But hey not my mistake, they should not ask me to stand straight in a cafeteria that too during lunch time!

      Thankoo Thankoo

  6. Ha Ha! My tummy too makes a big fuss if it misses even half an idly less than what it gets everyday..
    LOL at ‘My heart was beating so loud as if it was plugged directly into a β€œmariyamman koil” loud speaker’
    you have a really humorous way of putting across things SS..romba pudichirukku πŸ™‚

  7. Love to have you back πŸ™‚

    You posts cheer me up all the time… Keep writing SnS.

    And if you lose weight, I will be too ashamed to stand next to you. 😦

  8. You are super-duper cute SS….the moment you mentioned ‘thoppai’…I implemented LOL πŸ˜€

    I loved, loved, loved the way you described your ‘weight-loss’

    Keep rocking SS πŸ™‚

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