It is 9 PM.I am restless.My mind is confused.I am trying to distract my mind and concentrate on something else. I turn on the TV but it irritates me. I want to go for a walk. I lock the door and go to the terrace.

Ah! Nice breeze. Its gentle and carries a sweet smell. May be it is raining somewhere else ? I don’t know but I am enjoying it. I look up. No stars No moon. I am standing alone. I turn on the music player . Hmm No mood to listen to this song now. Change. No not this either. Change. Change Change.Change. Ok.Long time since I heard this one.Its soft and in sync with the wind.Lets listen to this now.

My mind and eyes are searching for something.I don’t know what. After several minutes both my mind and eyes stop. They are aligned in one direction.

Eucalyptus trees!

Just a few meters away from my house there are a group of (~50) Eucalyptus trees. Tall, Green and Beautiful. They are standing just opposite to my house and at such a distance that from the terrace I can see their full height without straining my neck. They are so close to each other.

Wind is still blowing. Gentle. Music is still playing. Gentle. I see the trees are bending gently and very very slowly.. all in one direction. After a few seconds I realize that my neck is also bent to match with the trees..without me trying. I am so lost but I enjoy being lost. I decide to continue this. As the trees change their direction, my neck changes too..Right it goes ..slowly..no strain..Left it goes slowly…no pain.The trees and my head are in sync.

My eyes are not moving. I can see the faces of the trees. Some are looking at me smiling. Some are looking at the other side, turning their back towards me ..hmm…Their whole body is shaking.. looks like they are giggling.Why? I don’t know. All of a sudden there is some confusion. The trees are not in sync anymore. Few are bending in one direction others in opposite direction. I see they are laughing now. Why? They noticed the confused look in my eyes..in my face.My head which was in sync till now is not moving .I don’t know which way to bend. I am confused .The trees played a trick on me,they decided to move in random direction and see what I am doing .They seem to enjoy the outcome… I am enjoying too.

Wind is still blowing.. The trees take me back to my childhood. I can see myself with my cousins at my Paati (grandma)’s house. We are playing in the eucalyptus ‘forest’. We are too short that we cannot see where the tree top is. We are busy picking up leaves. We tear the leaves and enjoy the smell.Its addictive. We collect a huge bunch, come home. Hot water is ready, the leaves are put in. The scent is too strong. One bath in this water and all our body pain vanish.

I come back to present. Wind stopped. Playlist ended. Trees are standstill. My heart sinks. I sit down, sad, lost in some thought. I don’t like being lost now.

Ahhh!There is wind again, I Spring up, turn towards the trees. I smile and start the music again. And we start our gentle dance from beginning..swaying..slowly..gently!






14 thoughts on “Lost!

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  1. Too much, ss. I could visualise almost every detail here!

    Aana, side track-la I got reminded of one Prabhu-Goundamani joke. Don’t know which movie it is. (Yes.. I am a big Goundar fan!) ‘Thatha theriyararu.. Thatha theriyararu!’ Remember?! Sorry.. Philosophy ku naduvala konjam humour vandhuduchu! 😉

  2. ah! I could see it all through your words 😀
    I liked the way you ended the neck movements with a tip on bathing with water and eucalyptus leaves 😛 😉
    P.S.- have you ever tried doing craftwork with the dry flowers of Eucalytus tree? I used to make necklaces using them as beads and even other stick on crafts when I was a kid 😀

  3. Awww.. now you made us all nod along with the trees direction.. I was literally moving my head slowly right to left as I was reading those words.. 🙂

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