My amma has one younger sister and two brothers. Whenever we go to my chithi’s (amma’s sister) house, these two ladies just grab every chance they get and go out and talk about all possible things in this world. I know all sisters are like that. My amma and chithi are two different personalities . My chithi is very brave. Amma is scared of everything but sometimes she comes out of her shell with so much strength you can’t even imagine!! But generally she is very paavam type.

When guests (not all but if some high profile people visit us) come to our home, my amma will welcome them, make them feel comfortable and then next thing she will do is run into the kitchen and prepare food for them. She gets little nervous and shy and will find it slightly difficult to start casual talk. My chithi is just the opposite, she will pull a chair sit with them and talk about all possible things, laugh and have fun.They both are cute in their own ways.

Once one of my office friend’s parents had come to stay in our house.They are from Hyderabad so language problem was there. My amma took good care but when it comes to talking there was a block. She was not very confident about her English and they din’t know hindi. First day they managed with their Telugu-Tamil milk shake but I found amma most of the times inside the kitchen only. She was shy . The first and foremost hurdle she faces when it comes to talking to new people is “what if I say something wrong”. Anyway first day went with amma fully in kitchen. Later that day when the guests had gone out for some shopping I gave amma “Boost is the secret of my energy”  talk. Next day to my surprise instead of using me as a pigeon/postman she directly went and asked the guests what they wanted. “Sir you want tea or coffee,  tiffin you want?, Hot water ok? Shopping over? ” I was doing some office work ,when I heard her talking I dropped everything and came running. The smile on her face – just like a kid who had  accomplished reciting all the rhymes you taught him without any mistake in front of a huge crowd – was chanceless (OK,All of you run and grab the cubicle partition or restroom door and knock vigorously shouting touchwood touchwood )

My chithi is a rockstar. We had just shifted to Pune. Amma knows broken Hindi. Chithi  has never spoken hindi before.We went for shopping bought some utensils there and Guess who did the bargaining!! My darling chithi ! “Price evalo(how much) hai”,Price jaasthi hai” 😛 😛 😛 . And guess who ran and  answered the door every single time? My one and only chithi. She is like- Language what language I will keep talking, one day you will just get a hang of it and will start following me!!! Till then Nanri(thanks) hai for listening!! 😀 (Run again pls)  😉

When my amma sends me in a bike and prays to God till I return home safe, my chithi kicks my cousin out asking her to learn bike by herself, its ok to fall while learning.

Both my chithi and amma have seen lot of things, bad things in life.They have suffered a lot. When amma has problem, my chithi would pep her up and similarly when chithi has something bothering her mind, she has to talk to amma(Break that restroon door I say) .

Amma is slowly trying to act brave. She needs someone to boost her confidence. I know she is trying hard. Few days back Amma was travelling alone in train.She said a 50 something man was sitting opposite to her and kept staring. It made her very uncomfortable. But you know what she did?When her station came she took her bag and “accidentally” 😛 dropped it on his foot. When she told me this, she was so proud ,she said ‘you know it was atleast 3-5 kgs.I dropped it on purpose and best part is I din’t even say sorry!’ She sounded very childish but she never mentioned that she was scared, all she said was she felt uncomfortable and angry and in her own way she punished him! 🙂

Brave or childish, shy or straightforward these sisters have one thing in common. They love their daughters endlessly. They can handle any problem coming against them, but they will never let anyone hurt their daughters.Their biggest weak point is seeing their daughters cry!They want their daughters to be brave. They want their daughters to face the problems with courage and solve them!





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  1. Awww… sisters-kku suthi podunga please.. my amma and chithi also share similar bond except that in our case amma is brave and chithi is not so 🙂
    LOL on “Telugu-Tamil milk shake”.. you and only you can frame these words SS 😀

  2. Oh yes that is good giving a punishment . bravo should have hit the guy too accidently when she bent to pick her purse that would have been justified toooo 🙂

    loved reading about the two sisters 🙂 I am sure with them around you will be stronger toooo

  3. aww…what a sweet bond and I adore your Chithi along with your mum 😀 Loved the sweet innocent way your mum punished the man in the train 😀
    😆 😆 @ making me run to the bathroom door again and again and your smart phrases are the show-stealer…loved the idea of you being the pigeon..err postman 😉 😆
    My warm regards to your mum and Chithi

  4. I loved this post and I yes I did all that touchwood(ing)..
    I so agree with your mum and chithi that girls need to be strong.Am so glad that they want their daughters to face all challenges in life and be brave.A standing applause to both of them 🙂

  5. hehe……Reminds me of my sister! We are exactly like this. She is shy and I am straight forward but we love eachother *Touchwood*
    Loved this post! And now I miss my sister 😦

  6. wow.. super sisters.. bombay sisters madri…
    best part of the post was //“Price evalo(how much) hai”,Price jaasthi hai” // i couldn’t stop my self from laughing aloud..
    ( seriously i broke my office table saying touch-wood.) 😛

  7. Haiyooo

    I did not get this post notification on my WP reader. Stoooopid WP 😦

    I signed up for the email notification 🙂

    SS…u are a genius… “Telugu-Tamil milk shake”…”Boost is the secret of my energy” 😆

    My ma is just like your chitti…’price jaasthi hai’…’aisa nai chalega…kudu pa’ 😀

    Your ma as well as chitti are adorable 🙂

  8. Sisters, aren’t they the best. My mom has 5 of them. 5!! And yet, they are all so very close to each other. Us cousins laugh and make fun of their close ‘network’. 😀

    Loved how your mom ‘accidentally’ dropped her bag on the man’s foot. Totally cute.

  9. Wow this is so sweet and refreshing !!!! To see mom and maa-sis together is always so much fun !!! Love this post so much and especially Chithi’s sporty language 🙂 Cheers to all the moms and maa-sis !!!

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