Sense of Humour – Limited Edition!

Last night I was simply looking at the ceiling and thinking about..err..myself , you know about the good qualities bad qualities…I was thinking about the greatest “bulb” moments of my life and during this recap session, one incident came into my mind.It happened long back in college. A very few innocent people in my college used to call me witty and in order to maintain that “image” I used to repeat the same jokes again and again to many people.One day it went little too much and I got caught!!

One thing led to another and suddenly my mind was filled with so many such incidents where I had to repeat the same joke multiple times just to maintain the image . On further investigation I found that these kind of events happened mostly under these two circumstances.

Sense of Humour- when it is limited at the giving end:-

You are talking to a friend, suddenly you crack a joke and the friend (culprit!) praises you (too much!)

Everything gets into your head and you get into repeat-mode

With every new compliment,you end up telling the same joke again and again to each and every person and it reaches a saturation point

Sense of Humour – when it is limited extreme – at the receiving end

First time:

Modulation(in which you tell the joke): Similar to a small kid who is reciting rhymes in full mood

3rd,4th time:-

Modulation: Similar to a small kid who is reciting rhymes in a slightly cranky mood

After a couple of times:-

Modulation : Similar to announcements made in railway station

Saturation Point:

Modulation : Similar to a child reciting 958th thirukkural in a “Reciting all 1330 thirukkural” competition

As I was buried deep in my investigation thoughts (still staring at the ceiling), my amma came and turned off the lights. I switched off my brain and went into snoozeland!!!



Credits :- All cartoons were created usingΒ


26 thoughts on “Sense of Humour – Limited Edition!

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    1. so go on tell the joke to us tooo πŸ™‚ just once na he he he he

      made me smile, I am so bad at jokes πŸ™‚ I loved the little pictures u have drawn beautiful and good you slept else I am sure we were going to read this article 3 -4 times πŸ™‚

    1. hehe.. Imagine ! If I write a book, people will start returning my book as defective copy because the same joke would be repeated in many pages!!

      Muah RM πŸ™‚
      Thats a great compliment!!! πŸ˜€

  1. Not sure how I missed this post!! Ha ha u r still witty!! BTW u r getting away by telling ppl that u dont remember the joke!! Hammm not good, I guess u need to ask ur frnds they will defenetely remember that joke coz they may hv heard it many many times.. ha ha

    Awesome cartoon SS Loved it!!

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