Losing weight – Not so easy!

It all started one not so fine evening. People just started saying that I have put on weight. My weight is increasing drastically and all that. For sometime I ignored but it became a routine. My amma also joined the gang and started teasing me. My aunt also joined and everyone said that I have put on thoppai (tummy).At one stage I started imagining things like people standing around me clapping hands and shouting “thoppai thoppai ha ha ha” like how Rajni says ‘ thoppi thoppi’  in chandramukhi. Then I made a decision. I have to reduce my thoppai.

I searched google baba , searched and searched and  came up with two options. 1. Diet 2. Exercise


Now the word ‘diet’ is like how our Captain says “Enaku Engleesh, tamizh,telugu,kannada,hindi,french ,Amharic and Kinyarwanda edhulayume pudikadha ore vaarthai – Dietu, aaan” (The only word I hate the most in all the said languages is Diet-u ,aaan).But I wanted to give a try. Now when you clearly layout a plan to achieve something, there will be one hundred hurdles ,I don’t know who creates all these hurdles. Some examples,

1. Your friends calling you for a treat

2. Amma on strike, she wanting to eat out.

3. People advising you “You should not waste food” in a restaurant.

4. Friends saying “you are thin only na,finish off the last two pieces of triple cheese pizza with extra paneer toppings.

5. Restaurant menu displaying hot brownie pics  in 12″ X 18”

I gave up, failed in all the above tests. But we are determined no. I came up with a wonderful plan. Eat one less idli a day 😀

Day1 :-

With a heavy heart I said no to that last nice soft fluffy idli 😦 and reached office. Tried to work. Not able to concentrate, gmail,gtalk,blog..No No No. My stomach started yelling at me big time. Till 11 I tried then gave up. I went to the canteen straight and had two nice hot onion oothappams.

1 missing idli + a highly pissed off stomach tired of all the yelling = 2 oothappams

Day 2 :-

1 missing idli + a highly pissed off stomach tired of all the yelling = 2 oothappams + 1 milk shake

I could see my plan not just failing but doing the opposite of what I wanted to do.

1. Diet 2. Exercise :-

I decided to do skipping exercise and some simple exercises everyday. 20 mins per day is enough someone said. Fought with amma and bought a skipping rope. She said no to that knowing after a week it will be lying in one corner of the house. I proved her wrong. It went to the corner in a day.

Day 1:-

Got up, brushed teeth. Started Skipping 1..2..5..14..30. Stopped . My heart was beating so loud as if it was plugged directly into a “mariyamman koil” loud speaker. I thought I would get a heart attack if I continued. I was happy with the 30 count and ended my exercise there.

Day 2 :-

Simple exercise. I fixed 20 mins as my goal and started the exercise at 7:00 AM sharp. After what I felt like 30 mins I looked up at the clock, it was showing 7:04 AM. Lazy clock! Confused whether I should continue or is this enough for today, amma came to my rescue. She brought me coffee and in that smell I forgot my 20 mins of exercise everyday plan. Filled my stomach. You see many experts have told that we should not do any exercise after having tea, coffee, milk, idli, water etc. So I ended day 1 exercise there . I really felt light. The 4 mins exercise had good effect.Later I realised that it was just an illusion. The real effect of exercise was felt later in the office. Next two days I walked like a punctured tyre . Stupid Sore muscles! 😦

Day 3-9 :-

Complete rest.

Day 10:-

I woke up and saw my stomach. My tummy had gone in. There was no obvious thoppai. I was excited and called it a  “medical miracle”. I was like -I don’t need any exercise . Yay – and all that. Little did I realize that my stomach was empty and so that missing thoppai . I think that was the first time I saw my stomach empty.

The end to my exercise plan.

People keep saying things. We should not take it to heart. It is absolootely okay to have a nice thoppai. My heart said.

Yesterday there was some fitness program in my office and I went down to check my BMI. Weight showed some nice number. Height – I am so so sure that it was wrong. How can a person of my age grow 10 cms tall in less than a year. OK I agree nothing is impossible for a super hero, but still people (Please don’t kill me) 😛

A lady was sitting there and she calculated my BMI and it showed border underweight. Obvioulsy 10 cm difference in height! I was about to tell her that she got my height wrong, but the next few words she spoke stopped me. She said, “Madam you should eat lot of nuts, almonds, dry fruits, fruits etc etc” . It was so pleasant to hear such things so I didn’t want to spoil the moment by telling my correct height and bmi. After few minutes she saw the glow in my face and smart she is, she immediatly said “But Madam no junk food and strictly no chocolates ok”. I hate her!






It is 9 PM.I am restless.My mind is confused.I am trying to distract my mind and concentrate on something else. I turn on the TV but it irritates me. I want to go for a walk. I lock the door and go to the terrace.

Ah! Nice breeze. Its gentle and carries a sweet smell. May be it is raining somewhere else ? I don’t know but I am enjoying it. I look up. No stars No moon. I am standing alone. I turn on the music player . Hmm No mood to listen to this song now. Change. No not this either. Change. Change Change.Change. Ok.Long time since I heard this one.Its soft and in sync with the wind.Lets listen to this now.

My mind and eyes are searching for something.I don’t know what. After several minutes both my mind and eyes stop. They are aligned in one direction.

Eucalyptus trees!

Just a few meters away from my house there are a group of (~50) Eucalyptus trees. Tall, Green and Beautiful. They are standing just opposite to my house and at such a distance that from the terrace I can see their full height without straining my neck. They are so close to each other.

Wind is still blowing. Gentle. Music is still playing. Gentle. I see the trees are bending gently and very very slowly.. all in one direction. After a few seconds I realize that my neck is also bent to match with the trees..without me trying. I am so lost but I enjoy being lost. I decide to continue this. As the trees change their direction, my neck changes too..Right it goes ..slowly..no strain..Left it goes slowly…no pain.The trees and my head are in sync.

My eyes are not moving. I can see the faces of the trees. Some are looking at me smiling. Some are looking at the other side, turning their back towards me ..hmm…Their whole body is shaking.. looks like they are giggling.Why? I don’t know. All of a sudden there is some confusion. The trees are not in sync anymore. Few are bending in one direction others in opposite direction. I see they are laughing now. Why? They noticed the confused look in my eyes..in my face.My head which was in sync till now is not moving .I don’t know which way to bend. I am confused .The trees played a trick on me,they decided to move in random direction and see what I am doing .They seem to enjoy the outcome… I am enjoying too.

Wind is still blowing.. The trees take me back to my childhood. I can see myself with my cousins at my Paati (grandma)’s house. We are playing in the eucalyptus ‘forest’. We are too short that we cannot see where the tree top is. We are busy picking up leaves. We tear the leaves and enjoy the smell.Its addictive. We collect a huge bunch, come home. Hot water is ready, the leaves are put in. The scent is too strong. One bath in this water and all our body pain vanish.

I come back to present. Wind stopped. Playlist ended. Trees are standstill. My heart sinks. I sit down, sad, lost in some thought. I don’t like being lost now.

Ahhh!There is wind again, I Spring up, turn towards the trees. I smile and start the music again. And we start our gentle dance from beginning..swaying..slowly..gently!






My amma has one younger sister and two brothers. Whenever we go to my chithi’s (amma’s sister) house, these two ladies just grab every chance they get and go out and talk about all possible things in this world. I know all sisters are like that. My amma and chithi are two different personalities . My chithi is very brave. Amma is scared of everything but sometimes she comes out of her shell with so much strength you can’t even imagine!! But generally she is very paavam type.

When guests (not all but if some high profile people visit us) come to our home, my amma will welcome them, make them feel comfortable and then next thing she will do is run into the kitchen and prepare food for them. She gets little nervous and shy and will find it slightly difficult to start casual talk. My chithi is just the opposite, she will pull a chair sit with them and talk about all possible things, laugh and have fun.They both are cute in their own ways.

Once one of my office friend’s parents had come to stay in our house.They are from Hyderabad so language problem was there. My amma took good care but when it comes to talking there was a block. She was not very confident about her English and they din’t know hindi. First day they managed with their Telugu-Tamil milk shake but I found amma most of the times inside the kitchen only. She was shy . The first and foremost hurdle she faces when it comes to talking to new people is “what if I say something wrong”. Anyway first day went with amma fully in kitchen. Later that day when the guests had gone out for some shopping I gave amma “Boost is the secret of my energy”  talk. Next day to my surprise instead of using me as a pigeon/postman she directly went and asked the guests what they wanted. “Sir you want tea or coffee,  tiffin you want?, Hot water ok? Shopping over? ” I was doing some office work ,when I heard her talking I dropped everything and came running. The smile on her face – just like a kid who had  accomplished reciting all the rhymes you taught him without any mistake in front of a huge crowd – was chanceless (OK,All of you run and grab the cubicle partition or restroom door and knock vigorously shouting touchwood touchwood )

My chithi is a rockstar. We had just shifted to Pune. Amma knows broken Hindi. Chithi  has never spoken hindi before.We went for shopping bought some utensils there and Guess who did the bargaining!! My darling chithi ! “Price evalo(how much) hai”,Price jaasthi hai” 😛 😛 😛 . And guess who ran and  answered the door every single time? My one and only chithi. She is like- Language what language I will keep talking, one day you will just get a hang of it and will start following me!!! Till then Nanri(thanks) hai for listening!! 😀 (Run again pls)  😉

When my amma sends me in a bike and prays to God till I return home safe, my chithi kicks my cousin out asking her to learn bike by herself, its ok to fall while learning.

Both my chithi and amma have seen lot of things, bad things in life.They have suffered a lot. When amma has problem, my chithi would pep her up and similarly when chithi has something bothering her mind, she has to talk to amma(Break that restroon door I say) .

Amma is slowly trying to act brave. She needs someone to boost her confidence. I know she is trying hard. Few days back Amma was travelling alone in train.She said a 50 something man was sitting opposite to her and kept staring. It made her very uncomfortable. But you know what she did?When her station came she took her bag and “accidentally” 😛 dropped it on his foot. When she told me this, she was so proud ,she said ‘you know it was atleast 3-5 kgs.I dropped it on purpose and best part is I din’t even say sorry!’ She sounded very childish but she never mentioned that she was scared, all she said was she felt uncomfortable and angry and in her own way she punished him! 🙂

Brave or childish, shy or straightforward these sisters have one thing in common. They love their daughters endlessly. They can handle any problem coming against them, but they will never let anyone hurt their daughters.Their biggest weak point is seeing their daughters cry!They want their daughters to be brave. They want their daughters to face the problems with courage and solve them!




Sense of Humour – Limited Edition!

Last night I was simply looking at the ceiling and thinking about..err..myself , you know about the good qualities bad qualities…I was thinking about the greatest “bulb” moments of my life and during this recap session, one incident came into my mind.It happened long back in college. A very few innocent people in my college used to call me witty and in order to maintain that “image” I used to repeat the same jokes again and again to many people.One day it went little too much and I got caught!!

One thing led to another and suddenly my mind was filled with so many such incidents where I had to repeat the same joke multiple times just to maintain the image . On further investigation I found that these kind of events happened mostly under these two circumstances.

Sense of Humour- when it is limited at the giving end:-

You are talking to a friend, suddenly you crack a joke and the friend (culprit!) praises you (too much!)

Everything gets into your head and you get into repeat-mode

With every new compliment,you end up telling the same joke again and again to each and every person and it reaches a saturation point

Sense of Humour – when it is limited extreme – at the receiving end

First time:

Modulation(in which you tell the joke): Similar to a small kid who is reciting rhymes in full mood

3rd,4th time:-

Modulation: Similar to a small kid who is reciting rhymes in a slightly cranky mood

After a couple of times:-

Modulation : Similar to announcements made in railway station

Saturation Point:

Modulation : Similar to a child reciting 958th thirukkural in a “Reciting all 1330 thirukkural” competition

As I was buried deep in my investigation thoughts (still staring at the ceiling), my amma came and turned off the lights. I switched off my brain and went into snoozeland!!!



Credits :- All cartoons were created using  http://www.toondoo.com

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