Small things that made my day

* Few beautiful things I noticed last week *


I want to be that bicycle man who always comes out of my office just when I enter, in his bicycle singing so loud that every laptop carrying human being around him turn their head and smile.

I want to be that tired cleaner who irrespective of how bumpy the ride is, ties a bed sheet across the two ends of his lorry , builds a swing and enjoys his journey.

I want to be that small kid who is busy checking out the toys hanging out of a nearby shop when others in the bus are complaining about the never ending traffic jam.

I want to be that little puppy and will never allow anyone to mess with my master.

I want to be the first few drops of rain , whenever I fall I will make sure that people turn off their TV and come out with a smiling face.

I want to be the bright moon,  even if dark clouds cover me up completely I will come out soon without any stain.

I want to be a flower on a tall tree so that even when I die and fall off, I will fall on someone’s head and scare him/her for a milli-second and have fun 👿

I want to fold my legs, spread my hands out, look up, feel light and fly high!!









26 thoughts on “Small things that made my day

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  1. Awwww…. small things are the one and onlys that makes our day right 🙂
    Amma always says she can easily pacify me with a hug or kiss than a diamond stud 🙂

    I am all for these little cute pleasures of life.. Ensoy..

  2. I want to be that baby Tree, which I can see growing on another roof top of a building opposite to my office. It’s alone and away from everyone but yet is safe and can enjoy the view of the world. It fascinates me, how this little tree managed to grow about 12 inches on a 12 story high building opposite to our offices (here in the UK).

    Every morning, when I sit at my office, I envy the position of this tree, as it relaxes and enjoys all the buzz around it.

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