Small things that made my day

* Few beautiful things I noticed last week *


I want to be that bicycle man who always comes out of my office just when I enter, in his bicycle singing so loud that every laptop carrying human being around him turn their head and smile.

I want to be that tired cleaner who irrespective of how bumpy the ride is, ties a bed sheet across the two ends of his lorry , builds a swing and enjoys his journey.

I want to be that small kid who is busy checking out the toys hanging out of a nearby shop when others in the bus are complaining about the never ending traffic jam.

I want to be that little puppy and will never allow anyone to mess with my master.

I want to be the first few drops of rain , whenever I fall I will make sure that people turn off their TV and come out with a smiling face.

I want to be the bright moon,  even if dark clouds cover me up completely I will come out soon without any stain.

I want to be a flower on a tall tree so that even when I die and fall off, I will fall on someone’s head and scare him/her for a milli-second and have fun 👿

I want to fold my legs, spread my hands out, look up, feel light and fly high!!









I thought I loved Geography!!!

We were in chennai that time .My amma and my chithi had gone to attend a wedding.They left on sunday itself . I could not take a long leave, so I started on tuesday morning. Since my friends kept teasing me that I had put on lot of weight I decided to walk till the mandap. The wedding was on wednesday.

I started walking and reached some place. My subconscious mind told me that I have landed in a wrong place.There were so many people around me but I didnot understand a word they spoke. I got scared.I called my mother and chithi and asked them where they were. Their reply shocked me.

Amma: Where are you da?

Me: Amma I don’t know. It looks Gujarat!

Amma: oh *worried* Why did you go there. The wedding is in Madhya Pradesh.

Me: ohhh.. Amma I think I took a wrong turn and landed up here. what shall I do now?

Amma : OK baby, You must be tired now. Go to a hotel and stay there tonight, morning you can come here.

I sat in the hotel lobby thinking about how to reach MP in the morning. In my mind I imagined India map. And I imagined it wrong. In the map Gujarat was in the MP’s place and MP was in Gujarat!!

* So in my dream I realize that my geography knowledge is so bad so so bad . It disturbs me a lot and I get scared, but the dream is not over yet. To reassure me, my real sub conscious mind sends my cousin into the dream *

Hotel room is booked  and I am so relieved to see my cousin there in the same hotel. We  talked for a long time,went to a nearby restaurant and had dinner together. The food was awesome, super awesome but it was so costly. We paid Rs. 10,000 just for food and left the restaurant.

I could not believe that I had paid 10,000 rupees for a dinner. It was too much.On the way back to our hotel room , I told my cousin,

Me: What ya.. the food is so costly here. Just for a two day trip I have spent so much money. You know what, I am going to make this trip worth for the money. Tomorrow as soon as we reach MP,first thing, I am going to Ranthambore National Park and  going to have fun!!!!

*** I wake up from my dream. Ranthambore National park in MP????? Man… How the hell did I score 85% in 10th std Geography??? With this level of knowledge I should have never passed it!!! ***

*** In the scene where I tell amma that I am in Gujarat, I remember RM’s name came up, but I don’t remember much of it ***

*** This was yesterday’s dream, writing this masterpiece down before I forget ***

*** As I am typing this, I have our own India map open in another window. I am still shocked about my Geography General knowledge you see ***

*** So people never ask me for direction, b’coz you know the truth now ***


Do not complain when you are sleepy!!

Afternoon around 3 o clock,I am super frustrated..I ping a friend in office chat tool..

Me: Hoiii.. You there?

F: Yep

Me: I am exhausted.. I don’t know how to do this..its eating my brain.. I am getting headache!! I want to sleep.. Arggggg..

(no reply from friend.. instead I receive a call)

Me: hello

Other end : Hellooo SS! what happened??

Me: !!!! hello … TL? what? mm nothing happened!! just working..why asking?

Other end : No you just said that you are frustrated!!!

Me: (in mind) what !!! Hw did he know that I am not happy? Did my friend tell him? No way…..With all these thoughts I take a look at my chat window and realize that I pinged my TL , not my friend!!!!! 😯 😯 😯

Me: (on phone) ah.mmm no no TL ..this task.. mmm..I just I just thought that it was my friend!!

Other end: **Loud Laugh**


Have a happy weekend!!! 😀

Random Ranganayaki!

* I am alive and I am ok. hu ha.. Thankoo and love you!!

* I went to my hometown last week and it rained like anything. I am lucky! 😀

* The night train journey was too good, peeping through the window ,watching grey sky, lonely trees in the paddy fields, cooool breeze.. Bliss!

* I meet atleast one “peter” person during each train journey. Once one paati  was singing  her son’s puranam.How good he is, how great his college is, what a big company he is working for, how pretty her anklets are!!! mudiyala..  She didnot stop. She kept on singing.. I asked amma “Why me? why should I know all these? Am I going to marry him or what?” Amma just laughed.

* This time I met another peter party who was trying to show off that she knows 5 languages and she can sing in 3 languages.Her daughter was sleeping at upper berth but this lady was looking at me and singing. I really didnot know how to react. Again mudiyala. why why why..Its a short 10 hr journey and in those 10 hrs 8 hrs we are going to sleep. Then why put so much scene for 2 hrs! Its not about what they talk, its about how they talk, how their tone changes when you say you travelled by bus not by a car.

*Amma and I had an amazing 3 hour train journey. The full seat was ours and we had brought so much to eat and drink. We both had kalkiyin siru kathaigal book vol 1 and vol 2 in hand, reading laughing enjoying the rain. Fun fun!

* In train, a girl told me that she was born in Kolkata. Two people came to my mind immediately – RM and Seema 😀

* I met one of my distantttt relative’s son – 12 years old and in one day we became so close that he refused to eat without me . Cute na!

* I met Srirangam Ranganathar after a long time. Yeah yeah he is absolootely doing fine, sleeping taking rest!!! Bought 3 plates of puliodharai, 2 – I ate and the last one I shared a portion with amma as she was staring at me the whole time(to avoid unnecessary stomach pain you see!).

* Friends came to my home, ordered pizza, ate laughed so much so so much.

* These days I am watching all scary movies only. My amma is now scared of me.

* When I told amma that there is a new train from her hometown to coimbatore, she asked “Does  it start from my hometown?” I said yes and she started smiling big time .FYI, we don’t know a single person in coimbatore. Then why this big smile you ask? because now there is a train to coimbatore from HER place! I am telling you age is just a number you write in application forms. It has no other significance!

* We had our own TN “parota” after a long time.

* Today a bus driver scolded me for asking if that bus goes to xyz place. I smiled big time because I didnot understand a single word he spoke! Only Advantage of not knowing a language 😛


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