Super Hero Returns…

Some days are gloomy.You get angry for silly things.You feel depressed.Problems look bigger.Anything could irritate you.You will be lost in your thoughts, worrying.But a mail/call from your friends  will cheer you up.You don’t have to explain your problems but they are there to listen.You don’t have to know about them sometimes not even their names but they are ready to help.No matter which part of the world they are in, they are ready to support you.You read and re-read their emails and feel that you are blessed.

Slowly you start forgetting about your worries, your heart gets filled with fresh hope. All your ‘super hero’ cells  wake up with tremendous energy and you go home straight from work and jump into the kitchen and scare your mom.

Me: Amma, What are you doing? You need any help?Shall I do this? Shall I clean that? Shall we make this??

Amma: Please go out and wait. Do not trouble me.That itself is a BIGGGG help.

Me: Oops!! All my energy is getting wasted.

Me: OK, I will stay out.But give me something interesting to eat

Amma: ok. Indha Apple.

Me: agh…Appleee..Noooooo

Amma: Do you want rava upma?

Me: agh..noooo

Amma:Arisi upma (rice upma)?

Me: noooooo

Amma: thayir aval (poha with curd) ?

Me: noooooo

Amma: Vellam pottu aval (sweet poha)?

Me: nooooooooooooo.. I want something interesting!

Amma: hmmm..corn flakes?


Amma: ***getting irritated.. ** chow chow kootu?


Amma: GO AWAY!!!

Me: ok give me nei chakkarai**!!

Peace restored!!!!!!

**My mother buys butter from shop and makes ghee at home.When we(me+cousins) were kids, whenever amma makes ghee she takes the brown sediment from the ghee vessel and mixes little bit sugar and rice flour. We enjoy and eat it.We call it nei chakkarai.Nei=ghee,chakkarai=sugar.

Amma says as a kid I never troubled her, never asked for anything no tantrums nothing.And all those things which I didn’t do during my childhood, I am doing it now  👿 👿 👿


16 thoughts on “Super Hero Returns…

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  1. and wait, so YOU ARE THE ONE..who secretly told R about nei chakkari..didnt you….confess NOW!!!

    I love the way you take efforts to get the toon thing and all that yaar…you are too good 🙂

    Errr…I am with you, upma, not happening at all..nei chakkarai…super 🙂

    hugs to you

    1. hehehehehe 😀 YESSSSSS.. 😛

      Its simple RM..They( have so many characters and for each character there are some 4-5 expressions. You can select the one you want and also select background etc. 🙂

      Hugs dear 🙂

  2. You’ve grown up? You are still a child and hence eligible to torture your mom! 😉 😉

    Your mom offered ‘Chow-chow kootu’! Sigh. We are a chow-chow-hater-family! 😀 😀

    I want nei-chakkarai NOW! I want. I want.

    P.S – The super hero is a fat-super-hero I guess! But with eating so much, I guess he ought to be one. No?! 😉

    1. I am 7 kazhudhai vayasu old SnS 🙂

      Chow chow koottu kuda ok..but this vaazhai thandu kootu..romba kashtam 😦 😦 😦

      Hehe.. fortunately its very simple to make..go home and have 🙂

      Exactly!!!!.. Do not expect size zero from this super hero!!! 😛

    1. Finally Summer script is back with a bang!! Its so nice to see u narrate simple incidents in ur life wiht the help of cartoons n stuff.. Keep up SS.. I too want nei chakkarai now…. My mouth is watering now.. :*(

  3. nei chakkarai.. that was what Adi asked for her dinner yesterday and the day before.. dosa with nei chakkarai is her favorite.. you are still a kid ss..
    Btw I have got the similar comment from amma.. She used to say “Porakkumbodhu kuda nee ennai ivvalavu kashta paduthala dee” he he heee… we exist to trouble amma no?

    1. hehe 🙂 sapadu nu vandutta no partiality..right from milk powder,nei chakkarai we eat anything and everything 😛
      Exactly..namma paduthaama yaaru padutha pora..troubling her is also an experience for her no?

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