Frog story..true story

In the previous post I had mentioned ‘meeting’ a frog after a long time is the full story

I went to my hometown, stayed at my relative’s place. It is a very calm place with houses here and there. So frogs, snakes , cows, goats, dogs , rats, lizards are regular visitors !!During the 4 days stay, my mother had to go to her hometown for some work. I did not go as my youngest cousin had come.

One evening, I took some biscuits and kara sev from the kitchen. When I turned back I noticed a frog staring at me . It was giving a “huh I can jump on you any moment, Run for your life!! 1! 2! 3!..” look. I froze for a moment and called my aunt for rescue. She took a broom and slowly moved the frog out of the kitchen. When the frog tried to enter the room, I ran ,came to the hall and did ‘stand up on the bench’ . At that moment I thought the bench in the hall is the safest place on this planet 🙄 . Now if I think about it I was so stupid. Any frog could easily jump and reach that bench . Anyway I think the frog was equally stupid and went out without checking the bench. I escaped !!(I didnot allow my aunt to open the front door till next day fearing that it would come back)

My mother came back from her hometownthe next day and I explained the whole story with so much hype and drama. For few minutes she did not show any reaction. Then slowly she tells me this

“Yesterday when folding one of the clothes , I saw something falling on the floor.But because of all the things going on at home  and also I was in a hurry na to catch a bus to hometown I failed to notice it. I think I think it was a frogqqq”

Now tell me …tell me who is irresponsible!!!!

We both looked at each other for few seconds without uttering a word and started laughing!!!!


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    1. I was expecting “You are a good girl SS, you are responsible!! ” kind of comments. You all seem to support only my mom!! 😛
      Frog prince got scared of me and ran away!!!

  1. That cracked me up big time!! 🙂 🙂

    Okay ss.. Look at it this way.. Had your mom not folded the clothes, the frog would have stayed on the clothing itself. It could have been your dress and imagine what would have happened, had you worn it without noticing!? You wearing a frog-dress!! 😀 😀

    Now tell me.. How could your mom be irresponsible?! 😀 😀

    1. Glad to know that SnS! 🙂

      Room pottu yosipingalo??? 😀 Chance-eh ila!!! 🙂
      Frog-dress!!! LOL

      En tholvi ya othukren!! She is not irresponsible!!! 😀

      You know once I took my bicycle to a shop to fill air and a frog was sitting on it.I noticed it only after reaching the shop!!

  2. I just wanna meet your Amma. She is the cutest 😀

    Next time we have bloggers’ meet, even if you can’t come that’s okay. Please ask her to join us. 😆

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