Mood :- Frustrated.Even a smallest thing could irritate me now.

What’s in this post :- Nothing good. Feel free to skip it. I tried so hard to write a happy or a normal post. But things are going wrong in every possible way in my life. So I decided to write down whatever good things I saw/heard/happened to me in the last 4-5 days .

I had gone to my hometown and I thought I would be all happy and cheerful as some of my cousins were also coming. At the last minute every one got engaged with some work and I was the only one going. All my happiness vanished. So many things happened which were not so good.The trip was not a total failure.There were some small/big good things.

* When I reached my relatives place I started feeling lonely. I went to their garden and spent 10 minutes there.The garden had some hibiscus plants and banana trees. My mind relaxed imeediately. When I was young, our house always had a good garden with these type of plants . These plants have the power to calm me down.

* ThoughΒ  my cousin brothers could not make it, cousin S called me several times in those 4 days and made sure that I was not bored.

*My cousin B who had actually gone out with his friends , took a break for 2 days and stayed with me. It was a surprise. And the happines could not be measured. He came early in the morning, I was sleeping. He started singing songs from ‘nanban’ and I woke up listening to it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :). Cousins S, B are very close to me πŸ™‚

*There is a vacant ground opposite to my uncle’s house. There is one lady around 50 years,she brings her cow and a goat and waits there till they finish their breakfast/lunch/snacks . Since its very hot there she comes and sits at out house. She was telling me about her cow. She had one cow before and it met with an accident and the poor thing struggled for so many days and died one day. I could see how much she lovedΒ  her cow/goat.

* When coming back we had to go to another town T to catch bus to come back. On the way to T I asked the conductor where xyz buses stop. He gave me some direction. Once we reached the town , Amma and I got down and started walking. After some 5 minutes the bus conductor shouted “Not that way , this way this way!!”. He made sure that we reached the correct place.

*After a really long time I saw a frog and I managed to escape from it πŸ˜€

*I was learning to drive two wheeler with my uncle’s scooty.When I was struggling to take a U -turn, one uncle came from a nearby house and instructed me on how to take U-turn πŸ™‚

OK. That’s all I could think of now. Hope things get better soon!



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  1. but but but…I had a smile when I finished the post…seriously πŸ™‚

    I guess when plans dont turn out as we expect, its so frustrating 😦

    Hugs darling..and perk up now

  2. hmm well as u said small and big good things happened..

    The escaping from the frog made me smile too and the uncle instructing how to do a u turn.. so did you manage to do it then πŸ™‚

    take care

  3. I see so you are afraid of frogs?? glad that you escaped from one πŸ˜€

    Hope you are already feeling heaps better….this post brought a smile to my face πŸ™‚

    Hugs dear….take care

  4. a beeeg hug ss.. I am sure that I cannot think of so many positive things when I am in a frustrated state.. hugs again girl.. hope things will turn around soon for you.. take care

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