The story of a bowl

45+ years ago when my amma was a small kid ..

My grandma took a bowl (of sheekakai I think) inside the bathroom and she forgot to bring it back into the kitchen. My amma noticed it and since she was very small she could not talk. The conversation between my grandma and amma went like this.

Amma : Ammmma..mmmm.. **pointing to bathroom**

G: What ma? bathroom ??

Amma: ..mmmm.. ** pointing to bathroom again**

Grandma took her and went near the bathroom.

Amma: ..mmmm.. ** now pointing to the bowl**

Grandma : Bowl ah?

Amma : ..mmmm..

And this mmmm continued till my grandma took the bowl and kept it inside the kitchen!!


I took a bowl and left it in the bathroom.Amma notices it .

Amma: How many timesΒ  have I told you to keep things at their own place? Look at the bathroom, look how bad it looks

Me: ..mmm..

Amma :- Are you <insert any animal name here> to leaveΒ  things everywhere? I am repeating this for the nth time ,still you are doing the same mistake again and again.

Me: ..mmmm..

Amma: These habits should come from very beginning. If you don’t follow this you will only waste time later trying to find things in your own house.

Me: ..mmmm..

And this mmmm continues till amma takes the bowl and keeps it inside the kitchen.

πŸ˜€Β  πŸ˜€Β  πŸ˜€


14 thoughts on “The story of a bowl

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  1. ROFL πŸ˜€

    This post simply cracked me up. In my case, the ‘Now’ has been experienced in two phases. In Past, it was exactly the same, me in place of SS and my Amma in place of SS Amma. Present is Me in Place of SS Amma and Mantam in place of SS.

    But don’t tell Mantam okay? Shhhh 😳

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