TV Time

When we are really bored, Amma and I watch TV together or just go out for a walk!! About walking I will write later.

My mother most of the time needs a company to watch TV/movies on TV. Even if it is a comedy movie she feels good only if she has a company to watch it. If she is alone she watches for sometime and turns it off saying its boring. But this is not applicable if its a Sivaji Ganesan/Karthik/Surya movie Smiley

Somedays when I go back to home I see her all puffy eyed. I get worried and ask her if someone called, if something bad happened. She would say ” No No I just watched a really sad Sivaji Ganesan movie ” . And she will say it with a sad face!! 🙄

She gets irritated when I watch Friends over and over again. Sometimes she just comes and sits with me asking totally random questions. She creates a story of her own and attaches with the current scene and asks questions .It will be like “Why is she doing this? Is it because this happened? ” Smiley

One day she just came and watched friends for 2 mins and asked me “Where is my fav character?” I was like “YOUR fav character? Now who is that? ” She waited for sometime and pointed Ross . She doesnot even know his name ok. But it seems she likes Ross the most 🙄

One day I was really bored and started watching Hollow man. She came and watched it with me for 10 mins and was totally in it. When I tried to change the channel, she did not allow me to Smiley.She grabbed the remote saying that the movie was very interesting and she watched the full movie with some interesting questions like “Will he come alive? Will he come alive again? Will he come alive AGAIN?” zzzzzz

I watch Castle. She is super impressed with Detective Beckett. She has given her a nick name “Bucket” . As soon as I turn it on, she will come and ask “where is bucket? ” 🙂

She can watch any movie which has Sivaji/Karthik/Surya in it. I mean even if its like a dabba/flop/mokkai-est movie!! If I talk anything wrong about these people she rolls up her sleeves and starts an argument Smiley. Just to irritate her, I pretend to hate Surya and Karthik 😀  Sometime I call her jollu and she blushes!! 😀

We both praise Rajini when we watch his movies Smiley

me: “Amma he looks so nice in this movie la?”

Amma: “Look at his style. This was the best period in his acting career! All his movies in this period were super hit”

me: “Amma, watte ishtyle!!!!”

Amma: “Look at his hair, he looks reallllllly good”

And it goes on and on.

If its a sad movie, I give her enough warnings in the beginning itself. Still she cries at the end Smiley! And She thinks I never notice it !

Somedays we just maintain silence by listening to Kishore Kumar, P.B.Sreenivas and T.M.Soundararajan songs Smiley

If someone appears in TV with a violin, that’s it I am gone. She immediately asks me to practise it. But but when I start playing, this happens Smiley . She still believes that one day..ONE day some “music” will come out of my violin.

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  1. you know makes me laugh out loud saying this , my mother she will not leave any Rajnikanth’s movie .. dont know what that man has got .. and exactly same answers i get toooo …

    regards to your mum … ah blessssssssss so how is your practise going on … hey we can arrange a bloggers meet and all and you can play for all of us tooo … what say … IDEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..

  2. ha ha ha.. TV time sounds like fun time.. Add me to amma’s list in crying buckets while watching movie.. I get so into the movie that some movies have haunted me for days and weeks… I am saying this again and again ss your relationship with amma reminds me of mine with my amma during my spinster days.. good old days that both of us will not get back.. but we speak about those days very often over phone.. so enjoy this beautiful period of your life lady.. amma’s are the best in this world..

  3. hahahaha! I had an aunt who would cry during every movie..gosh it was crazy…I remember seeing Hum Aapke Hain Kaun in the theatre with her and she cried so much that her whole face was RED (And she was very fair as well!)

    your mom is a sweetheart…

    She likes Ross is it…I think I will go with Phoebe 🙂

    and my parents also talk about how Shivaji Ganesan was like one of the best stars of Tamizh…Well I start giggling when I see him in Black and White with the funny moochi of his…however sad the scene be 🙂

    1. hehe.. yeah I remember watching movies with friends and one of them cried so bad sooo bad 🙂

      Thanks RM 🙂

      Yayyyy me too anytime Phoebe.. regina phalange 😛 🙂

      I know that too with weird wigs.. I will only laugh which irritates my mother even more 😛

  4. ‘ No No I just watched a really sad Sivaji Ganesan movie’ – Sivaji padam paatha azhugai dhaan varum! 😀 😀

    What is this disconnected-combination? – Sivaji/Karthik/Surya??!! 😛

    You know what? Everytime I read your post, it makes me feel like a child. It has so much of innocence in it. No. Seriously!

    1. correctu – Ana adha 10th time pathutum azhara Theevira rasigai dan en amma 😛

      Sivaji- old is gold
      Karthik – Mouna ragam Karthik.. Sivaji ku apo hero chance ila so karthik
      Surya- latest “youth” hero 😛

      Seriously??? Na edho loose mari ezhudaren SnS.. may be that is why 😛
      Ana I should thank you, na evlo kevalama ezhudinalum ninga nalladha dhan comment panringa 🙂 Ungaluku romba periyyya manasu 🙂

  5. Heheh. This reminds me of the times I used to sit and watch all the kannada/hindi serials with my Grandmom.One day I miss seeing it, she would watch it alone and then update the story to me 🙂

  6. you cracked me up 🙂 hehehe oh and I need company too to watch tele but on the other hand I don’t need company to watch movies in theaters 🙂 I can watch them alone 🙂

  7. 😆 your mum is sweet 🙂
    I can watch movies an TV alone but I enjoy it more in company 🙂
    Rajni movies are thorough doubt about it 😀

  8. Your Amma is too cute re… It’s great that she takes interest and watches with you and gets involved too.

    You call her Jollu??? ROFL

    Next time when we have blogger’s meet, please bring her along na? Would love to meet her 🙂

  9. aww thats so cute the way amma watches TV.She fully gets engrossed in it 🙂
    And yes yes adding to what Seema said when is the next blog meet we all would love to meet amma..

  10. Ur mom is really Cute!! And yes I too love wathicn movies with my mom.. Infact me n Mom had watched DCH together in a Theathre.. At home we watch a lot of serials together.. My dad joins the band too (most of the times)… Lovely post SS… Now I miss watching all the TV with my parents regularly….. 😥

  11. Husssh… I have cried buckets for Ahzagi, Mahanadi, Kannathil muthamittal 😦

    The rest, i laugh at the serious-st of scenes.. TV time is bonding time for this amma and daughter then?:-)

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