Mood :- Frustrated.Even a smallest thing could irritate me now.

What’s in this post :- Nothing good. Feel free to skip it. I tried so hard to write a happy or a normal post. But things are going wrong in every possible way in my life. So I decided to write down whatever good things I saw/heard/happened to me in the last 4-5 days .

I had gone to my hometown and I thought I would be all happy and cheerful as some of my cousins were also coming. At the last minute every one got engaged with some work and I was the only one going. All my happiness vanished. So many things happened which were not so good.The trip was not a total failure.There were some small/big good things.

* When I reached my relatives place I started feeling lonely. I went to their garden and spent 10 minutes there.The garden had some hibiscus plants and banana trees. My mind relaxed imeediately. When I was young, our house always had a good garden with these type of plants . These plants have the power to calm me down.

* ThoughΒ  my cousin brothers could not make it, cousin S called me several times in those 4 days and made sure that I was not bored.

*My cousin B who had actually gone out with his friends , took a break for 2 days and stayed with me. It was a surprise. And the happines could not be measured. He came early in the morning, I was sleeping. He started singing songs from ‘nanban’ and I woke up listening to it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :). Cousins S, B are very close to me πŸ™‚

*There is a vacant ground opposite to my uncle’s house. There is one lady around 50 years,she brings her cow and a goat and waits there till they finish their breakfast/lunch/snacks . Since its very hot there she comes and sits at out house. She was telling me about her cow. She had one cow before and it met with an accident and the poor thing struggled for so many days and died one day. I could see how much she lovedΒ  her cow/goat.

* When coming back we had to go to another town T to catch bus to come back. On the way to T I asked the conductor where xyz buses stop. He gave me some direction. Once we reached the town , Amma and I got down and started walking. After some 5 minutes the bus conductor shouted “Not that way , this way this way!!”. He made sure that we reached the correct place.

*After a really long time I saw a frog and I managed to escape from it πŸ˜€

*I was learning to drive two wheeler with my uncle’s scooty.When I was struggling to take a U -turn, one uncle came from a nearby house and instructed me on how to take U-turn πŸ™‚

OK. That’s all I could think of now. Hope things get better soon!



Stress Buster!!!

Why am I stressed ??

1. Work is hectic

2. My hair is falling like anything.

3. Life is confusing. Why confusing you ask? I visited a doc as I am having excessive hairfall. She did some regular tests and everything seemed to be okay. So she said it is probably due to stress. I thought hair fall is the reason for my stress. But she says stress is causing hairfall. So I am confused.

Before you get worried, I am under control. This is just normal stress that everyone undergoes once in a while.

I recently found this amazing stress buster activity. I will give you a step by step guide.

Things required (in hand):- fresh milk, curd , coriander powder, chilli powder, salt, chaat masala powder , ghee, tawa, gas stove and other general stuff needed for cooking.

Things required (in mind):- “The cause” for your stress – may be an object or person (most likely) , some nice thoughts (like imagining eating softttt paneer or an amazing bar of chocolate)

Now lets start cooking πŸ˜€

1. Steal a packet of milk from your fridge.

(why steal?- My mother plans the daily milk requirement and buys 2-3 packets in the morning itself because our fav brand of milk gets over by 10 o clock in the nearby shop. By the time I decide to try this activity, there will be just one packet of milk left over which is actually for my amma’s tea.

Also the words “I am making paneer” scares her out because it means 1 packet of milk and 300 ml of her precious curd will be emptied in the process )

2. Boil the milk and add some curd and make fresh paneer.

3. Now take a knife and start cutting the paneer in all different shapes possible. To help you in this activity , try imagingΒ  “the cause of your stress” . ..chathak chathak chathak… done.

4. Add all the powders mentioned above plus little curd with the paneer and start mixing it slowly. At this time you should be filled only with nice thoughts .Remember home made paneer is very soft .

5. Take a tawa, add some ghee, place all the paneer carefully, shallow fry for few minutes.

Now paneer is ready , add little tomato-chilly ketchup, take a fork and a knife ,again imagine the “cause” and start eating. You will start feeling better!!!! πŸ˜€


Have a super duper week!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


My first Award !!!

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You Deepsi and RM for this Award!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

The Rules for the Versatile Blogger Award says:
Nominate 15 fellow Bloggers –
Share 7 Random things about yourself –
Thank the Blogger who nominated you
Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your Blog Post

Nomination:- All the bloggers I know are already nominated I think, so skipping this part !!

Share 7 random things about yourself :-

1. Whenever I see a person eating on T.V, I feel hungry.

2. I cannot fill ink in a fountain pen.Its always my amma or my friends who do it for me.

3. I get a lot of dreams most of them are weird.Latest one – yesterday a ghost tried to wake me up from my sleep, and the shape of that ghost was like aΒ  “light bulb with a piece of wire attched to it”. And I got SCARED and got up 😦

4. I need encouragement in everything I do. I thank everyone who read my blog and leave a comment here.It means a lot to me.

5. Threading my eyebrows isΒ  really a painful job. I postpone it everytime as much as I can .

6. My favourite actors keep changing with every movie except RAJINI πŸ˜€

7. If I am angry or upset with you, it is very very easy to pacify me..I think.


Wishing you all a very very happy weekend!!!


How a mouse saved me!!

Last sunday, as per my amma’s orders I was practising violin. One of the lines was very difficult and I was not getting it at all.Everytime I reached that line my mother would start screaming “That is why you should practise everyday” ,”this is wrong” ,”no its not like that”, “arggggg”. Varaveena.. varuvena nu ore paduthal . I was waiting for an excuse to escape from the practice. Ta..daaa..a baby mouse came to my rescue !!

So this baby mouse lost its track and came into our home. But I believe it should have got attracted by the sweet music of my violin and entered our home. πŸ˜€

I was in the room with the violin,suddenly I saw something moving fast.First I thought it was just a cockroach. Then after few minutes again that creature ran fast into the kitchen. This time I noticed it was a mouse. I called my amma and she came with a torch and a broom.It was too small and she could not find it. I took the torch and basically rolled on the floor trying to find it.At last I found it sitting close to the cylinder, throwing the torch on my mother I ran away to the hall and did an emergency landing on a chair which was kept ready .

I heard my amma talking to the baby mouse “kannamma, we won’t hurt you, run away the same way you came in. po da kannamma po po po” .Too much no she calls me a donkey/buffalo and a mouse is her KANNAMMA, grrrrrrr.

She lost track of the mouse and said “Ok I think its gone for now, tomorrow I will clean everything once, lets go , sleep now”. I did not agree, living with a mouse? No way. I said I will find it for her.

Gathering all my courage I went into the kitchen, arranged a row of containers in front of me so that mouse cannot attack me directly. Then started rolling on the floor again searching for it. Found it , dropped the torch and did emergency landing again. Amma spoke with all loveΒ  and slowly helped the mouse to find its way out!!!!

It took more or less an hour and we both were tired. So no more practice !! we slept off immediately.


Credits :- All cartoons were created usingΒ  http://www.toondoo.com


The story of a bowl

45+ years ago when my amma was a small kid ..

My grandma took a bowl (of sheekakai I think) inside the bathroom and she forgot to bring it back into the kitchen. My amma noticed it and since she was very small she could not talk. The conversation between my grandma and amma went like this.

Amma : Ammmma..mmmm.. **pointing to bathroom**

G: What ma? bathroom ??

Amma: ..mmmm.. ** pointing to bathroom again**

Grandma took her and went near the bathroom.

Amma: ..mmmm.. ** now pointing to the bowl**

Grandma : Bowl ah?

Amma : ..mmmm..

And this mmmm continued till my grandma took the bowl and kept it inside the kitchen!!


I took a bowl and left it in the bathroom.Amma notices it .

Amma: How many timesΒ  have I told you to keep things at their own place? Look at the bathroom, look how bad it looks

Me: ..mmm..

Amma :- Are you <insert any animal name here> to leaveΒ  things everywhere? I am repeating this for the nth time ,still you are doing the same mistake again and again.

Me: ..mmmm..

Amma: These habits should come from very beginning. If you don’t follow this you will only waste time later trying to find things in your own house.

Me: ..mmmm..

And this mmmm continues till amma takes the bowl and keeps it inside the kitchen.

πŸ˜€Β  πŸ˜€Β  πŸ˜€

It disturbs me..

..to know that someone doesnot like me.I cannot handle when my good/close friends are upset with me. CAN NOT. Some days back I made a mistake and my friend X was angry with me. She shouted at me, I said sorry and then for sometime we didnot talk. After a couple of hours I tried to start a conversation but the response from the other side were not normal. I understood that she was still upset so I decided to give some time. Next day again when I tried to start a conversation the same thing happened I left it at that point.

AfterΒ  3 days, we were talking about something else.Though I got prompt replies , the talk was very formal.Β  I was thinking so hard to find out how big my mistake was. It was NOT that big, really. All the 4 days the same thought was running in my mind again and again and again.I was expecting her to forgive me and was ready to ask sorry as many times required . I was thinking why it takes so much time for some people to forgive things .I was also thinking like ‘ok the mistake I did might not be big for me but for her it might have hurt her a big time’ .

In college I was surrounded with people who could very easily forgive or atleast forget things and be normal. All my close friends in college they won’t take even a day to come out the ‘angry’ phase. May be I am so tuned to it that now I cannot handle people getting angry on me.

My mind never stops thinking about it/her/him till that person gets normal and talks to me properly. My mind refuses to accept certain things like

-> We cannot expect every single person in this world to love us.

-> Not all people can forgive and forget within a couple of hours, no matter how small/big the issue is. Some people take more time. You have to be patient.

-> At any time there will be someone who may not like you. No matter what you do, they will not be pleased.

-> You will still be okay even if someone hates you.

I saw a TIGER..

at the zoo. OKAY . I have the right to get excited because the last time I went to a zoo with such cute animals was when I was not even 5 years old. OK. I do not remember a thing. My mother told me that they took me to a zoo.According to my poor little memory this is the first zoo visit with so many animals.

My cousin sister , BIL and their 1 year kidΒ  had come here. We all took a cab and went to mysore and coorg this weekend. We visited the mysore zoo. Its bigg. I saw 2 bengal tigers , one of it was a cub and one super cute white tiger. They did not look scary at all. Each one was walking in one one direction .It looked like they are going for a casual evening walk. Its kind of open space only. After 530 PM tigers are sent to the cage. Till then they are allowed to walk in their own territory πŸ™‚ The tigers reminded me of the poem by William Blake

Tiger Tiger. burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
What immortal hand or eye.
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?


I was sooo excited looking at the tigers that I started shouting Look!! Bengal tiger!! oh!! Look white tiger!!. The other “adults” around me gave me a questionable look. But who cares . There are only 1500~ tigers in India and now I have seen 3 of them πŸ˜€ . My mother was more excited to see some pink flowers .She refused to move away from them. I was literally shouting asking her to come near me and watch the tigers. It was a scene!!

Amma: Looks like you are super excited today.

Me: Yes Yes I donot remember seeing a tiger face to face so close!! πŸ˜€

Amma:You walked the walk πŸ™‚

Me: ???

Amma: You have special kind of walk when you get excited.And you did that now.

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Then we went to the Bird park. There were some big cages with so many kinds of parrots and other birds. The best part was they were all singing. And it was not like some random singing.It looked like they were actually talking to each other.One bird would shout and then the other and then the third. My niece ,according to her, there are only 2 birds in the world one is kaka(crow) and others are kaka illa(not a crow).Also two types of animals Ambaa(cow), ambaa illa(not a cow). Everytime I showed her a new bird or animal even if its an elephant she would say kaka illa, ambaa illa πŸ™‚ so cute she is πŸ™‚

Finally we saw two crows in the zoo and madam got all excited running behind them shouting kaka baaa… kaka baaa… (crow..come..)

We saw elephants both Asian and African and so many other new animals.It was fun!! πŸ™‚

To be true.. I am telling you I was more excited than that kid!! πŸ˜€

TV Time

When we are really bored, Amma and I watch TV together or just go out for a walk!! About walking I will write later.

My mother most of the time needs a company to watch TV/movies on TV. Even if it is a comedy movie she feels good only if she has a company to watch it. If she is alone she watches for sometime and turns it off saying its boring. But this is not applicable if its a Sivaji Ganesan/Karthik/Surya movie Smiley

Somedays when I go back to home I see her all puffy eyed. I get worried and ask her if someone called, if something bad happened. She would say ” No No I just watched a really sad Sivaji Ganesan movie ” . And she will say it with a sad face!! πŸ™„

She gets irritated when I watch Friends over and over again. Sometimes she just comes and sits with me asking totally random questions. She creates a story of her own and attaches with the current scene and asks questions .It will be like “Why is she doing this? Is it because this happened? ” Smiley

One day she just came and watched friends for 2 mins and asked me “Where is my fav character?” I was like “YOUR fav character? Now who is that? ” She waited for sometime and pointed Ross . She doesnot even know his name ok. But it seems she likes Ross the most πŸ™„

One day I was really bored and started watching Hollow man. She came and watched it with me for 10 mins and was totally in it. When I tried to change the channel, she did not allow me to Smiley.She grabbed the remote saying that the movie was very interesting and she watched the full movie with some interesting questions like “Will he come alive? Will he come alive again? Will he come alive AGAIN?” zzzzzz

I watch Castle. She is super impressed with Detective Beckett. She has given her a nick name “Bucket” . As soon as I turn it on, she will come and ask “where is bucket? ” πŸ™‚

She can watch any movie which has Sivaji/Karthik/Surya in it. I mean even if its like a dabba/flop/mokkai-est movie!! If I talk anything wrong about these people she rolls up her sleeves and starts an argument Smiley. Just to irritate her, I pretend to hate Surya and Karthik πŸ˜€Β  Sometime I call her jollu and she blushes!! πŸ˜€

We both praise Rajini when we watch his movies Smiley

me: “Amma he looks so nice in this movie la?”

Amma: “Look at his style. This was the best period in his acting career! All his movies in this period were super hit”

me: “Amma, watte ishtyle!!!!”

Amma: “Look at his hair, he looks reallllllly good”

And it goes on and on.

If its a sad movie, I give her enough warnings in the beginning itself. Still she cries at the end Smiley! And She thinks I never notice it !

Somedays we just maintain silence by listening to Kishore Kumar, P.B.Sreenivas and T.M.Soundararajan songs Smiley

If someone appears in TV with a violin, that’s it I am gone. She immediately asks me to practise it. But but when I start playing, this happens Smiley . She still believes that one day..ONE day some “music” will come out of my violin.

Smileys from http://www.freesmileys.org

Hello 2012 !!

Wishing You All a very very Happy New Year!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Yesterday I decided to stay awake till midnight but slept at 0930 PM itself , later at midnight all the crackers’ sound woke me up. I checked the time it was 12:05 , I heard people shouting Happy New year in my street. But I was too sleepy and went back to sleep. Morning when I got up I checked my phone , saw missed calls and the time of call was 12:08. I was awake at 12:05, in just 3 minutes I went into such a deep sleep πŸ˜€

Morning when I woke up I heard subrapatham from one side and kolaveri on the other side. Got up, took bath and went to nearby Hanuman temple . I do not have any resolutions this year. I just have a to-do list for GOD. So went to the temple, read the to-do list, explained some points (Hope He understood everything properly!!) and had hot pongal prasadham. On the way back, went to a nearby restaurant had khara bath and rava idli .Finished everything in 5 minutes!!

There are some small streets on the way to the temple. Every other house in those streets had a nice colorful rangoli with aΒ  “Happy New Year” message.There were 2 boys standing in front of a house , must be 15-16 years old. They were discussing about the rangoli and one guy told the other that he only wrote the new year message . Those rangoli made me so happy that I was grinning all the way to the temple.

After temple trip and breakfast, I practised violin for sometime and went to violin class. There was a major confusion, I could not identify which one is my index/middle/ring finger. Sir lost patience and asked me to practise fingering 10 times πŸ˜›

Then came back had goooood lunch, watched TBBT back to back and now.. writing this πŸ˜€

Its monday tomorrow,work is getting hectic. There are lot of things to be done in the next few weeks. Hope everything goes well.

May this New Year bring you a lot of happiness and all your wishes come true!! Have fun and keep smiling!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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