Lucky or unlucky?

Do I believe in Luck?? Hmm..lets see

Amma :- wow look at K, she has scored centum in 4 subjects !!
Me:- She worked really very hard! 🙂

Friend:- You know J missed medical college seat by just 0.5 mark, Thats so sad 😦
Me:- She worked very hard. But I think sometimes its just bad luck! 😦

In my school days, my idea about luck was very simple. Success = Hardwork, Failure = bad Luck. I would argue with my mom if she praised someone as lucky. I would give her thousand reasons like hope, hardwork,perseverance, good heart etc etc but would never agree that it is just plain good luck!At the same time, I found it cruel to tell someone that he/she didnot succeed because he/she didnot work hard. I used luck’s name to console people.

In college and after college I started changing my mind. I started to believe that success needs some good luck too. Some incidents in office made me believe in luck. But still I trust more in hardwork than luck.

Yesterday I was coming back to home, got down from bus walked towards home.On the way I saw an old lady selling roasted corn.I walked past her and then turned back and bought one from her. When I gave her the money she smiled and told me that I am the first one to buy corn from her today.What does it mean? Her business today depends on my luck isn’t it? I was restless for sometime thinking about her .Will she have a good business today ? Will she blame me if it doesnot go well?  Will she not give me corn next time I ask?. Anyway after sometime I forgot the whole thing and got busy with eating.This is not the first time. I have faced this before when buying flowers from small shops or purchasing goods from small small shops and even some auto wallas have asked for 5 rs more giving this as reason. And I have paid them without any argument!! I smile at them but at the end I get confused and scared. These are the times I totally believe in luck.



So the result is Sometimes Yes!! 🙂

Ho! Ho! Ho! Smiley Merry Christmas my dear friends !! Smiley May this season be filled with Love, Joy and loads of Plum cakes !!! Smiley

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20 thoughts on “Lucky or unlucky?

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  1. This is something which always confuses me hard work v/s good luck .Anyways in this festive season lets celebrate.Thinking part we will do later 🙂
    Merry Christmas to you and aunty…

  2. Oh God! Give that head of yours a rest this holiday season 🙂 And yes, as you get into the corporate world we all start thinking about luck 🙂

    Merry Christmas to your mom and you…

  3. We make our own luck .. God only shows the way we got to walk the WALK … I beleive that we make our luck .. good or bad we dont know till the end ..

    MErry christmas to you and everyone around you 🙂 take care

  4. I don’t know about luck…yes life is unfair and takes unexpected turns…it happens with everyone and every person has faced problems or were deprived of their wish..
    yes some people do have a difficult life….I don’t know who is to be blamed for them….
    you got me thinking….

    enjoy the holiday season..merry christmas…

  5. lucky or unlucky? by the way why do you want to confuse people with this thought provoking post on a holiday season?
    My brain lost the power of thinking too much now and its that time of the year to give complete rest to brain..

    ho ho hoooo merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you and your family ss…

    1. Yesterday morning I heard Sugi Sivam saying “Keep trying, success(and luck) will be yours”.
      Lets believe what he said and put an end to this confusion! OK?

      My work load is very high now, its gonna keep increasing- so my brain decided to turn off the power of thinking! 😛

      Happy holidays Ani! 🙂

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