Randomness – II

➡ My mother saw some cooking show yesterday and she made an awesome sambhar/kozhambu today called “Aranmanai kozhambu”. It was too good but I decided to call it as “Aranmanai rasam”.

➡ The bus conductor was very nice today , he gave me the exact change without any argument.

➡ It is cold here. I decided to take out my new fancy sweater and wear it today and the sun came out early and was laughing at me. Grrr..

➡ I had a weird dream yesterday and in the sleep I decided to blog about it. But now I don’t remember anything about the dream and I am not sure if the blogging idea was part of the dream or real.

➡ I cooked a lot last weekend. I made RD’s rajma. It came out good 🙂 And then I made garlic vatha kozhambu and white sauce pasta. Thats lot for me ..Good progress !

➡ Lot of work these days and as expected my brain stopped functioning.

➡ There is one guy (X) who often visits another guy in my cubicle. This X is so tall and walks so fast that everytime when he crosses me a huge volume of cold air attacks me. I named him “the fan guy”. No I don’t have a crush on him. Its just some law of physics!!

➡ I am so lost these days. I searched for my seat in wrong floor, missed my cubicle and went somewhere else in the same floor twice.

➡ My mind is in a confused state today. ** stares at the ceiling for some time and hits publish button**


21 thoughts on “Randomness – II

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  1. you made RD’s rajma…thats like the 10th person who made it..good good…glad you made progress…

    My sambhar is like rasam..and RD often tells me I dont know the difference…*Pssst…I really dont!*

    Fan guy eh??? *wink wink*

      1. Lonng call eh?? 😦 Even I have long calls these days, sometime I fall asleep in between and when they ask me questions – yes or no type, I say no without understanding. Done it twice !! 😀

  2. In the last but one bullet point by any chance did you search for your cubicle near the guy X’s cubicle?…
    I would not have thought about it if you have not raised your hand with those cashew nut words “no I don’t have a crush on him”.. makes me think that probably you have ;)…
    white sauce pasta – sounds cool.. send me the receipe ok?.. Heyy that reminds me something where is the photo?

    1. No No No crush.. and no I don’t even know where he sits. 🙂

      Recipe ? hehe OK I will try 😀 – I never thought someone will ask me a recipe * wipes happy tears*

      Photo – tonight for sure 🙂 Be prepared for the horror!!

      1. ok ss.. I trust you.. be a good girl ok? no crush and all at this age.. focus on work like a good girl..
        first thing tomorrow morning am checking my mail.. can’t wait to see those beautiful eyes 🙂
        ok gal good night.. going to bed now..

  3. I think I will have to meet you to get all the information about this guy.No wonder you are all lost these days ,your mind seems to be preoccupied… 🙂
    Daal mein kuch kala hai 🙂

  4. Okay.. I need the recipes of ‘Aranmanai kozhambu’ (or rasam!), white sauce pasta and garlic vatha kozhambu! Now! 😀

    Tell me.. tell me.. How does the ‘fan guy’ look?!

    Confused, lost – Go take a vacation!

  5. I was actually fumbling to find the comment form when I saw the link with the question in my mind 😀

    You cooked a lot. Great progress indeed. *Pats your back*

    How can you be so lost? Howcome being lost comes right after the pointer about ‘the fan guy’ *Sings the song – Hawa hawa aye hawa*

  6. RD’s Rajma..Hmmm… ACtually I forgot to tell RM this – Ever since I showed it to Hubby he has been asking meto make it – must do it sometime soon…

    nd Im wearing a fancy pull over to work today and its HOT! 😦 people are giving me stares…

  7. yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I love sambhar..
    and good of the conductor..

    cold .. its in minus here 🙂 hopefully white christmas 🙂

    Thanks for the tip on law of physics 🙂

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