Weekend updates..

Actually this post is not about what I DID this weekend, its about what I did EAT during this weekend..

1) It started with Awesome sev puri

2) Garama garam samosa chaat

3) Brownie fudge sundae – 3 scoops of vanilla icecream with brownies and fresh hot chocolate with crushed nuts in top (kindly wait a minute.. I am going in flashback mode.. it was just… amazinggggg )

4) Masala vadai (no idea how many went it)

5) Vella Adai

6) Sambhar, rice etc etc (normal meals)

7) Pori urundai – 2 types

8 ) Triple cheese pizza – with Paneer toppings ( flashback again..wait a min plz)

9) Pasta with white sauce and olivessss 🙂

10) Venpongal + coconut chutney

11) Schezwan noodles

12) Onion Adai

Tea , coffee, biscuits inbetween

I don’t remember what else I did during weekend!!! 😛

Have a good week ahead !! 🙂 🙂 🙂




16 thoughts on “Weekend updates..

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  1. I also had Puri unde 😀 2 types – thnks to the numerous weddings my parents attended 🙂

    Lady DID YOU Go TO CORNER HOUSE for the Brownie fudge sundae? Gaawwwwdd!!! Im soo Jealous of you now…bah! Next time dont go without me!

  2. AND you had to write all this to make me JEALOUs how fair is that tell me now ..

    one shud share always especially with blogger friends and especailly with the one who is in uk …

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