Wanted – karate Master !

I get scared when I see an excessively drunk person. In the bus,  if I see such a person I become restless. My mind starts thinking about all the things that could go wrong. Things like ‘what if he falls on someone’, ‘what if he fights with someone for no reason and uses bad language’ ,’ what if he pukes on someone’ . I don’t know why my mind goes crazy  and you know most of the time that person will be standing close to me. I wait for him to get down,only then my mind comes back to normal.

There were two incidents that happened recently which scared me like anything.

One night it was around 8 PM, I was coming back to my home. A man followed me and asked me how to go to xyz place. First I didnot realize that he was drunk. I showed him the bus stop and started walking. Again he came close and asked how much time it takes to reach that place. I told him 45 mins and started walking fast. He started asking more and more questions and cracked some silly jokes like he can go to another city in 45 mins , is xyz another city. Some stupid questions  they were , and I didnot answer. The he asked how much time it will take to go by walk. I was really scared by that time and no one around to help me. I told him that it will take only 10 minutes by walk and asked him to walk fast. This answer satisfied him big time I think and he walked fast and disappeared. I thanked God and ran to my home.

Around 7 PM one day I was at the bus stop . It was raining heavily. I was holding an umbrella and waiting for the bus. A man came near me and asked me to share my umbrella with him. He was super drunk!. I got scared and started moving here and there. Then he got angry and started snatching my umbrella shouting ‘I want unbrella I want umbrella ‘. I was terrified. There were so many people waiting for bus but no one came down to help me. May be they didnot notice because of the heavy rain. A bus came , by God’s Grace , and that guy got into it. I didnot want to get into the same bus. I waited and took the next one.There were so many people and umbrellas there. I don’t know why he picked me. Sigh!

Its time to learn Karate, I think !!! Eeeeee…Yaahhhh !!! 🙂


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  1. Both scenarios were scary re… You know in the evenings when I take auto back home with Mannu Tammu, there are times when I realize that the driver is drunk only after getting in. I get so scare, thinking what if the person takes me somewhere else, should I sms the auto number to Abbas, what is the hardest thing I have in the bag to bang his head and so many such thoughts! Baap re….

    But you be careful. Till you learn Karate, keep a Pepper spray or something sharp in your bag. Just in case….

  2. Karate wont help what you need is some sort of spray.. Pepper spray or those personal alarms have them on you anytime you feel threatened use them.
    Also I know easier said then done be a bit brave someone who see’s a scared person wants to scarw them more basic human tendency. So act strong
    another way is to shout out loud loudddd it scares the other believe me plus if people are nearby they can hear too and maybe someone will be man enough to help… Shout loudly.. Teasers- harassers – drunks dont expect that.. So most of the time they will back offf…

    If nothing works pick a brick and hit them… They deserve it…

  3. Oh gosh what scary situations.Did these two scenarios happened at the same place?If yes then dear plz be carefull while crossing that area,ok?And btw how come nobody helped you in second situation,thats really sad 😦

  4. Oh God! A lonely girl is always a target for perverts. HUGS darling 😦 Sad that even people avoid helping in such situations.

    You SHOULD learn karate or any other form of self-defence really….

  5. ohh that’s scary…I agree with Bik, get some pepper or mace spray…. I had sent one to my sis in pune…she also had a bad experience with a drunkard….
    I told her to keep mace always with her…you get them in many disguises such as key chain, bracelets or normal spray…I had placed online order for her and it got delivered on time..

    stay safe and hugs….

  6. this is super scary! especially the second incident 😦

    and me too start imagining wrong things when I see a drunk guy…scares me to death!

    You know my mother wanted me to learn martial arts for this particular reason-self safety / defense but I chucked the idea saying that it’s boring! But now I realize it’s importance…so promised myself that I’ll make my daughter learn them for sure!

    you serious about the classes? please go ahead..it’s never too late!

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