Pune Memoirs

During the first few days in Pune I didnot know a single person there. Few months later my mother joined me. We stayed there for 2 years. We had a very pleasant stay. We got to know so many nice people .Whenever I think about this city, it brings back lot of sweet memories. Some of them here,

  • The nicest house that we stayed in. It was on the banks of a river, surrounded by so many trees . My morning alarm used to be the beautiful songs by the countless birds living in those trees(Seriously they never allowed us to sleep after 530 AM). Our house was built in such a way such that from every window we could see the river. On rainy days, we spent more time watching the river than the TV or anything else. Everyone who visited our house instantly fell in love with the scenery.
  • The sweetest house owner. I totally respect them. There was no trouble, no trouble at all.Β  Both the uncle and aunty are very very sweet. On the last day when we vacated, they cameΒ  to our house ,helped us and then uncle ran outside and brought an auto for us. How many people would do that ? And they are still in touch.
  • Those long evening/night walks that my amma and I used to go , around the apartment, enjoying the cool breeze from the river , talking about each and every single thing in this world, sometimes just listening to songs, watching the kids playing πŸ™‚
  • Those 4 buffaloes which lived on the way to our house from bus stop . Everytime I saw them I asked my amma how they have such a shiny skin πŸ˜›
  • Those 6 rupees vadapavs from road side shops and samosas and kachoris. We used to have them atleast thrice a week πŸ™‚
  • The calm, beautiful, ever smiling Ganapathy on the main road.
  • Those small small outings we planned and executed, completely with the help of google maps , thagara dabba buses and auto wallahs.
  • Shopping in lakshmi road. We always noted down the street names and landmarks so that we couldΒ  locate our fav shop next time easily, butΒ  managed to take the wrong route every single time we visited.We were always lost πŸ™‚ and as a result we discovered newΒ  shops everytime.
  • Watching tamizh movies inΒ  theatres . The max number of audience never crossed 20 πŸ™‚ but still we enjoyed.

There are so many other things which comes into my mind. This city taught me so many things and sometimes I learnt them the hard way. But I enjoyed those transitions. It made me a better person.

I love this city. It will always be close to my heart πŸ™‚



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  1. wowww… I wish I live in such a sweet home some day.. on the river side..
    I have lived with my mom during spinster days at chennai.. bliss is the word to describe those 4 years.. even now amma says those were her golden years.. We roamed every where, watched movies, dining out and what not.. For a mother’s day I took her to kumaran silks surprisingly and made her take 4 beautiful sarees.. she loves cotton sarees and I am proud to say that most of her nicest collections are bought by me during those days :).. this amma daughter thingie is beautiful na? I miss her a lottttt…
    Hoping to build the same kind of relationship with Adi.. this is one of the main reason I love daughters..

    Like the airtel ad says about friends I say “Ovvoru ammavukkum oru ponnu thevai machaan”….

    you made me smile with this post ss.. my thoughts are now filled with the good old memories of those beautiful 4 years we spent together…

    1. Wow.. And I loved your comment Ani. That is so so sweet of you to buy her 4 beautiful sarees πŸ™‚
      I am sure you and Adi will make an awesome mom-daughter duo

      Ovvoru ammavukkum oru ponnu thevai machaan” – lovely πŸ™‚
      πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      Again I loved your comment so much πŸ™‚

  2. Aww how sweet is that, the home sounds like a perfect place to live and you had a wonderful owners. Most of the time more than the city the people and other things makes it even more beautiful. πŸ™‚

  3. Seems you have your best friend in your mom πŸ™‚ and living by the river.. wowww.. yummy vada pavs and shiny buffaloes..;-).. you were really lucky to have such sweet owners.

  4. That house sounds like heaven, more so because all I hear these days are cries and Mumma I wants. Can I move there please? Even if it is for a day?

    Wishful thinking and all that πŸ˜€

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