Puliyodharai is always better than Pizza !!

I had my first pizza after joining work. I started having loads of chocolates , brownies, cakes after college. I have had chocolates before that but they were limited. These days even if I hear the word chocolate or pizza I start feeling hungry. When pizza and chocolates are close to my stomach,there is a separate list which is very close to my heart. The temple Prasadhams 🙂

Sakkarai Pongal:-

When I was a kid there was a small Ganapathi temple close to my home. Every week there will be some pooja and all the kids from my street assemble there. We sing bhajans (needs another special post) and at the end prasadham will be distributed to everyone. Mostly it will be some sundal or sakkarai pongal. As kids we had given some job. There was a small tree which has broad leaves in front of the temple. Our job was to collect the leaves and prasadham was distributed in those leaves. Sakkarai Pongal would reach temple even before the pooja starts and it was not kept in some hot pack n all. It was just kept in a normal stainless steel pathram. But at the end when they distribute it one leaf was never enough to hold it. It would be so hot.  One side your hands will be juggling the leaf unable to bear the heat. On the other side taste buds will be craving for the sakkarai pongal. All our eyes would grow so big and for that ten minutes no other thought had room in our brain 🙂 That sakkarai pongal never had any cashews or ghee floating on top. But still its the BEST!! 😀

Puliyodharai (tamarind rice) :-

My all time favourite is puliyodharai. I remember going to srirangam temple many times when I was studying and I never came back without a visit to prasadham stall. The vada in srirangam temple are awesome too. Sometimes my prayer included “God there should be puliodharai today in the prasadham stall” 🙂 . We used to go to Oppuliappan kovil(Balaji temple) in kumbakonam and I LOVE the puliodharai there. In this temple all food offerings are saltless.But still the puliyodharai prasadham- nothing can match it! **Eyes getting bigger now **.

Thayir sadham (curd rice) :-

Seriously someone has to tell me the secret.Amma makes yummy curd rice , but still there is something special when it comes hot hot straight from Hanuman temple !!

Tirupathi Laddu:-

No explanation needed for this. I went with my cousins (when we were small) and that time the laddu was really big and they gave three laddus for each ticket I think. When coming back the laddu bag was handed over to the kids. When the bus reached the base of the hill, the laddu bag was empty:D

Temple visits are never complete without eating prasadham 😀 After all the prayers and poojas , the whole family/friends assemble in front of prasadham stall. Each one will shout one one name and atlast every single item kept there will reach our hands and in 10minutes the plate/leaf will be so clean 😀


Lucky or unlucky?

Do I believe in Luck?? Hmm..lets see

Amma :- wow look at K, she has scored centum in 4 subjects !!
Me:- She worked really very hard! 🙂

Friend:- You know J missed medical college seat by just 0.5 mark, Thats so sad 😦
Me:- She worked very hard. But I think sometimes its just bad luck! 😦

In my school days, my idea about luck was very simple. Success = Hardwork, Failure = bad Luck. I would argue with my mom if she praised someone as lucky. I would give her thousand reasons like hope, hardwork,perseverance, good heart etc etc but would never agree that it is just plain good luck!At the same time, I found it cruel to tell someone that he/she didnot succeed because he/she didnot work hard. I used luck’s name to console people.

In college and after college I started changing my mind. I started to believe that success needs some good luck too. Some incidents in office made me believe in luck. But still I trust more in hardwork than luck.

Yesterday I was coming back to home, got down from bus walked towards home.On the way I saw an old lady selling roasted corn.I walked past her and then turned back and bought one from her. When I gave her the money she smiled and told me that I am the first one to buy corn from her today.What does it mean? Her business today depends on my luck isn’t it? I was restless for sometime thinking about her .Will she have a good business today ? Will she blame me if it doesnot go well?  Will she not give me corn next time I ask?. Anyway after sometime I forgot the whole thing and got busy with eating.This is not the first time. I have faced this before when buying flowers from small shops or purchasing goods from small small shops and even some auto wallas have asked for 5 rs more giving this as reason. And I have paid them without any argument!! I smile at them but at the end I get confused and scared. These are the times I totally believe in luck.



So the result is Sometimes Yes!! 🙂

Ho! Ho! Ho! Smiley Merry Christmas my dear friends !! Smiley May this season be filled with Love, Joy and loads of Plum cakes !!! Smiley

Smileys from http://www.freesmileys.org

Randomness – II

➡ My mother saw some cooking show yesterday and she made an awesome sambhar/kozhambu today called “Aranmanai kozhambu”. It was too good but I decided to call it as “Aranmanai rasam”.

➡ The bus conductor was very nice today , he gave me the exact change without any argument.

➡ It is cold here. I decided to take out my new fancy sweater and wear it today and the sun came out early and was laughing at me. Grrr..

➡ I had a weird dream yesterday and in the sleep I decided to blog about it. But now I don’t remember anything about the dream and I am not sure if the blogging idea was part of the dream or real.

➡ I cooked a lot last weekend. I made RD’s rajma. It came out good 🙂 And then I made garlic vatha kozhambu and white sauce pasta. Thats lot for me ..Good progress !

➡ Lot of work these days and as expected my brain stopped functioning.

➡ There is one guy (X) who often visits another guy in my cubicle. This X is so tall and walks so fast that everytime when he crosses me a huge volume of cold air attacks me. I named him “the fan guy”. No I don’t have a crush on him. Its just some law of physics!!

➡ I am so lost these days. I searched for my seat in wrong floor, missed my cubicle and went somewhere else in the same floor twice.

➡ My mind is in a confused state today. ** stares at the ceiling for some time and hits publish button**

Be Prepared !!

If you travel by bus everyday, continue reading

1. Observe the conductor. If he is in a happy mood, he will definitely give you change. If he seems to be irritated , he might give you change but will take some time. If he is already fighting with the driver Smiley , Keep the change ready.No second thoughts in that.

2.When the conductor hands over the ticket , grab it quickly and carefully. Otherwise it will just fly away through the window and throughout the journey you will end up scanning each person boarding the bus to find out if he is ticket checker Smiley. Very stressful believe me !

3. When finding a seat (if there are options), select to sit next to a person who does not have a phone.I always end up sitting next to a person who will be talking LOUD on phone for full 40 mins Smiley. I think the other end never gets a chance to talk.

4. If you are carrying huge bags, you better use your own vehicle Smiley

5. If it is a rainy day, please please carry a plastic bag to fold and keep your WET umbrella/rain coat. Nobody likes to go and sit in AC wet.

6. If you are standing , please do not keep rotating your head Smiley. Remember there is a person standing behind you and he or she has to do a lot of neck rotation exercise just to protect his or her face from your open hair/bun/pony tail.

7. If you had done some really good things in your previous life, you might get a seat in a crowded bus. But make sure you never bend forward, always rest your back firmly against the back rest.Otherwise the person standing near you will end up using your seat’s back rest, and you will be sitting in awkward position, result-> backpain. It is a crowded bus, it is no one’s fault.You just need to be prepared.

8. You cannot hold someone’s bag for support. Remember there is a rod above for support?

9. It is OK to fall on someone’s lap. Just get up say sorry, smile Smiley and never look at his face again.

10. Please offer to hold his/her bag if you are sitting Smiley.

Have a super duper week ahead !! Smiley

Smileys from http://www.freesmileys.org

Where did you go ?

Every night when I go to bed, as soon as I lie down, you come from nowhere and give attendance. Even though its very dark, you never fail to find me. You come and stay close to my ears and start singing. Even if I turn sides in my sleep, you quickly find a way to reach my ears and continue your singing. I must say that you are a pathetic singer. Really! Even if I shoo you away with my blanket or with any other object in sight , you are so persistent you come back and start from where you left. Nothing can stop you from singing eh?

Some days just to test how long you could go or when I am in nothing-can-irritate-me mode, I just stay silent listening to you. But you get all this headweight that you are such a great singer and all  🙄 , you start singing louder and louder testing my patience .I am telling you instead of coming and singing at 10 PM every night, if you could do that everyday at 6 AM I am sure you would be the most effective alarm clock of this world 🙂

But yesterday was different. There were some million thoughts in my mind, totally different from each other, wandering here and there. I struggled to get some sleep.I was waiting for some distraction.I was waiting for you to come and sing for me . I even turned off Good knight and All Out machines. You never came !

Did you find a new ‘friend’  ? Not many people are as patient as me. If you try to show off your singing skills to such people you might just die , OK 👿


Weekend updates..

Actually this post is not about what I DID this weekend, its about what I did EAT during this weekend..

1) It started with Awesome sev puri

2) Garama garam samosa chaat

3) Brownie fudge sundae – 3 scoops of vanilla icecream with brownies and fresh hot chocolate with crushed nuts in top (kindly wait a minute.. I am going in flashback mode.. it was just… amazinggggg )

4) Masala vadai (no idea how many went it)

5) Vella Adai

6) Sambhar, rice etc etc (normal meals)

7) Pori urundai – 2 types

8 ) Triple cheese pizza – with Paneer toppings ( flashback again..wait a min plz)

9) Pasta with white sauce and olivessss 🙂

10) Venpongal + coconut chutney

11) Schezwan noodles

12) Onion Adai

Tea , coffee, biscuits inbetween

I don’t remember what else I did during weekend!!! 😛

Have a good week ahead !! 🙂 🙂 🙂



Wanted – karate Master !

I get scared when I see an excessively drunk person. In the bus,  if I see such a person I become restless. My mind starts thinking about all the things that could go wrong. Things like ‘what if he falls on someone’, ‘what if he fights with someone for no reason and uses bad language’ ,’ what if he pukes on someone’ . I don’t know why my mind goes crazy  and you know most of the time that person will be standing close to me. I wait for him to get down,only then my mind comes back to normal.

There were two incidents that happened recently which scared me like anything.

One night it was around 8 PM, I was coming back to my home. A man followed me and asked me how to go to xyz place. First I didnot realize that he was drunk. I showed him the bus stop and started walking. Again he came close and asked how much time it takes to reach that place. I told him 45 mins and started walking fast. He started asking more and more questions and cracked some silly jokes like he can go to another city in 45 mins , is xyz another city. Some stupid questions  they were , and I didnot answer. The he asked how much time it will take to go by walk. I was really scared by that time and no one around to help me. I told him that it will take only 10 minutes by walk and asked him to walk fast. This answer satisfied him big time I think and he walked fast and disappeared. I thanked God and ran to my home.

Around 7 PM one day I was at the bus stop . It was raining heavily. I was holding an umbrella and waiting for the bus. A man came near me and asked me to share my umbrella with him. He was super drunk!. I got scared and started moving here and there. Then he got angry and started snatching my umbrella shouting ‘I want unbrella I want umbrella ‘. I was terrified. There were so many people waiting for bus but no one came down to help me. May be they didnot notice because of the heavy rain. A bus came , by God’s Grace , and that guy got into it. I didnot want to get into the same bus. I waited and took the next one.There were so many people and umbrellas there. I don’t know why he picked me. Sigh!

Its time to learn Karate, I think !!! Eeeeee…Yaahhhh !!! 🙂

Fun Sunday !

Garima and Seema already have already written about our bloggers meet. But hey I want to write too 🙂 🙂 and here it is.

If you want to know how to cook awesome food , and do some wonderful craft work, but still be able to look calm and composed – contact Seema

If you want to know how to attract and make friendship with kids within 2 minutes of meeting them – contact Garima

If you want to know how to be slim, cool and be a super figure – contact RS

If you want to learn fusion dance , a mix of bhangra, salsa and few more styles , not missing a single beat – contact Tammu

If you want to learn street dance (vernacular dance – the one where people lie down rise their legs and rotate, rest just one hand on ground and rotate – yeah that cool stuff !) – contact Mannu

If you want to learn how to drive a car inside your kitchen and stay cool always – contact Chutku the smarty

We also conduct classes on developing self-confidence – by teaching things like how to handle a big plate of chips or a plate of rusks in one hand .

If you want to learn how to be sweet and cool – contact Abbas and chutku’s  dad

If you want lessons on eating brownie-  here it is – Wait till oven finishes it work. When it sends out the ‘beep’ beep’ sound,forget about the fact that you are a guest, just call everyone at home to inform that the brownie is ready . When it is ready and kept outside on kitchen platform, select a place to sit such that the brownie is clearly visible to you. When the distribution starts, snatch (gracefully) the plate from distributor’s hand and finish it off in 1.5 seconds. Now you will feel like having one more plate. This is the difficult part.You need to work carefully.Three ways to get an extra plate

1. You can directly go and ask for more  (Not suitable for first time visitors)

2. You can wait till the host goes near the cake, once she is nearby just go and tell her ‘I love you’.

3. Wait near the cake , leaning on the kitchen platform for few mins occassionally staring at the cake (act cool ok). Again when the host comes near , ask her secretly for one more plate.

I totally enjoyed the bloggers meet on sunday 🙂 🙂 🙂 . When I gave the brownie and dahi vada to amma, she finished it in 2 mins. I told her the list of items that Seema made for us and she was surprised.

Thankoo ppl!!


Pune Memoirs

During the first few days in Pune I didnot know a single person there. Few months later my mother joined me. We stayed there for 2 years. We had a very pleasant stay. We got to know so many nice people .Whenever I think about this city, it brings back lot of sweet memories. Some of them here,

  • The nicest house that we stayed in. It was on the banks of a river, surrounded by so many trees . My morning alarm used to be the beautiful songs by the countless birds living in those trees(Seriously they never allowed us to sleep after 530 AM). Our house was built in such a way such that from every window we could see the river. On rainy days, we spent more time watching the river than the TV or anything else. Everyone who visited our house instantly fell in love with the scenery.
  • The sweetest house owner. I totally respect them. There was no trouble, no trouble at all.  Both the uncle and aunty are very very sweet. On the last day when we vacated, they came  to our house ,helped us and then uncle ran outside and brought an auto for us. How many people would do that ? And they are still in touch.
  • Those long evening/night walks that my amma and I used to go , around the apartment, enjoying the cool breeze from the river , talking about each and every single thing in this world, sometimes just listening to songs, watching the kids playing 🙂
  • Those 4 buffaloes which lived on the way to our house from bus stop . Everytime I saw them I asked my amma how they have such a shiny skin 😛
  • Those 6 rupees vadapavs from road side shops and samosas and kachoris. We used to have them atleast thrice a week 🙂
  • The calm, beautiful, ever smiling Ganapathy on the main road.
  • Those small small outings we planned and executed, completely with the help of google maps , thagara dabba buses and auto wallahs.
  • Shopping in lakshmi road. We always noted down the street names and landmarks so that we could  locate our fav shop next time easily, but  managed to take the wrong route every single time we visited.We were always lost 🙂 and as a result we discovered new  shops everytime.
  • Watching tamizh movies in  theatres . The max number of audience never crossed 20 🙂 but still we enjoyed.

There are so many other things which comes into my mind. This city taught me so many things and sometimes I learnt them the hard way. But I enjoyed those transitions. It made me a better person.

I love this city. It will always be close to my heart 🙂


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