Sorry, Wrong number !

I have a problem. I cannot handle wrong numbers . I get tensed easily or I cut the phone abruptly.

**Some calls which I got in the last few days**

Tring Tring #2

Me: Hello

X: Hello,  Chandru irukara ? (Is chandru there?)

Me: Sorry. I think you dialled the wrong number.

X: oh ok. Sorry ma.

Phone disconnected . After few seconds tring tring again from same number.

Me: Hello (this time tensed )

X: Hello,  Chandru irukara ?

Me: No. Again wrong number.

X:oh sorry sorry.

Me: Thats ok.

Phone disconnected . After few seconds tring tring again from same number and I don’t pick up this time. It stops after sometime.


Tring Tring #3

Me: Hello

Y: Hello (starts talking something)

Me: Sorry I think you dialled the wrong number.

Y: No! What’s your number?

Me: ??? .. Which number you want?

Y: Tell me your number.

Me: Wrong number. Phone disconnected

Y tries again and again and I never pick up.


Tring Tring #4

Me: Hello

Z: Hello , Selvi kita kudu phone ah ( Give the phone to Selvi)

Me: Sorry wrong number

Z: Selvi kitta kudu maaa

Me: Sorrrry Wronggg numberrr

Z: Enna wrong number oh ! Sigh! (Waaat wrong number ! Sigh! )

Me: !!!  **disconnects the call**

He called me twice after that. I picked up and there was no change in the conversation. Finally fourth time I asked my mother to answer. This time he agreed that he had dialled the number wrong!


Mostly, I do not wait for a reply from the other end. I just tell them that its a wrong number and disconnect it. And when they call me back  and if someone is around I ask them to answer it for me. The reason for my ‘wrong number mania’ is

Tring Tring #1

Me: Hello

XYZ : Hello, Guess who this is !

Me: **Argggg! I hate this game**  I am in bus. Please tell me who you are!

XYZ : How are you?

Me: I am fine  ** hmm..the voice sounds familiar**

XYZ: So how is work n all?

Me: Everything fine **definitely it must be one of my cousin, playing with me**

XYZ: What time you come back from office?

Me: Is this ‘P’ anna(brother)? **bigg smile on my face *

XYZ: he..he. Are you in bus now?

Me: he..hee yeah.. how are you? longg time..


Conversation continues for 15 minutes. All questions were general and I answer them happily. XYZ suddenly asks some question which doesnot fit into my life. I think for 2 mins and then finally FINALLY I realize that its a WRONG NUMBER. I get tensed. All I could think is ‘I had been talking to some random person for 15 minutes !!! ‘. I cut the call immediately not knowing what else to do.

I kept getting calls from that same number for one full month and he called me exactly between 1 – 3 AM !!!! I had to put my phone on silent mode every night. I tried to make my friends talk to him , scare him. But nothing worked. I kept ignoring him for some days and that worked (He must have got bored).


Have a happy week ahead ! 🙂 🙂 🙂





17 thoughts on “Sorry, Wrong number !

Add yours

  1. I HATE it when people get into that guess who mode…I cant guess my own mother’s or husband’s voice for Heaven’s has happened to me so often that I call RD on the mobile and start giving him gaalis only to realise that his friend has picked up the phone since RD is driving…!!!

    Gosh that last one was scary yaar…be careful..

    I would prefer to be called a worthless fool for not remembering voices than talk randomly 🙂

  2. I know these worng number are so bugging na.And when these callers call up at odd times (late at night) it really irritates.
    Anways on other note lets plan to meet up some time na,what say?

  3. and the worst is they call and ask who is it .. Areee you have called , you have dialled the number you should know who you calling.. duhhhhhhhhhhhh

    and NOW I find more people in bangalore .. I guess they did not wantto meet me hmmmmm See i knew it … 🙂

    1. I know. Some people dial a wrong number and just keep asking questions !!! I just abruptly disconnect such calls.

      Heyy.. no no nothing like that. Next time you come here we will definitely meet OK.

  4. hmm so you girls are meeting up .. have fun
    abt these wrong numbers annoying I say.. I have had similar experience when I was in college.. we used to get this anonymous call to our land line every night from 12am to 4am.. we used to keep the receiver down.. any moment my dad puts the receiver back in its place the phone will ring.. sighhh.. terrible times those were…
    glad that you are not bothered anymore.. be careful ss..

    1. I dont know why do they select such odd times to disturb people and I really dont know from where do they get money for making all these calls !!

      You tell me when you come to India OK, would love to meet you and Adi darling! 🙂

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