**This happened long back. My mother is totally fine now**

We had gone out on a two day trip and came back on a saturday. We were (me and my mother) fine till saturday evening , later that day we both had mild stomach ache and then diarrhea started. We took some medicines and had a light dinner and slept off. While I was OK the next morning , my mother was not. She started vomitting. Water/milk/curd nothing helped.Everything came out even before reaching her stomach. And the diarrhea didnot stop. It was getting worse. My mother is very stubborn , she always tries some hom remedies first before going to hospital. She was doing the same that day.

Since her stomach was empty, I tried to give her some plain curd rice. One spoon she had and again vomitting continued. She was totally exhausted, dehydrated and because of this continuous vomitting her throat and stomach started hurting. It was very painful to watch her. She had no strength to sit straight, literally was rolling on the floor. It was high time to see a doctor. I called my uncle for help.

Me: Mama, Amma is not well (something blocked my throat, i could not talk)

Mama, What happened da? serious problem? Shall I come?

Me: mmmm

Mama: I will be there in 30 minutes, can you manage till then?

Me: mmmmm

My ‘answers’ clearly told him how serious the situation was.

I could not see her suffering in pain,Β  I decided to take her to the hospital by myself and ask mama to come there directly. Asked my mother to sit in the hall for 10 minutes so that I can go and catch an auto from main road.

I quickly changed to some jeans tshirt, ran to the main road. Looked both sides no sign of any auto. Something was still blocking my throat. Finally one auto wala came, I stopped him and asked him to come to xyz hospital nearby. He simply refused and left.

I was not sure whether I was angry or sad.There were too many thoughts on my mind…what are these autos for , why arent they helping during emergency.When people ask for a ride to a hospital, that means its an emargency only na, why dont they understand… andΒ  many other things/questions on mind.

There was no sign of any auto.The tears which were blocking my throat till then had reached my eyes.My subconscious mind kept telling me “Don’t cry, it will be fine, you will get an auto. She will be fine soon. Wait for some more time. Don’t cry. You can handle this” . I didnot blink , held my tears in my eyes thinking my eyes would just absorb it back. I thought of running to other connecting roads to search for an auto . But my mother was alone at home .Few minutes later one more auto came that way, I asked himΒ  and he agreed. I ran back to my house, slowly we got into it and reached the hospital.

I thanked the auto driver thrice while he was handing over the change to me and a million times after he left !


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  1. glad to know that she is fine now.. why didn’t you put that P.S on top? you want your readers to be worried till they reach the end???..
    its horrible to be alone with no help esp. during emergencies like this.. hugs to you and amma SS..

  2. glad that your mom is fine SS….
    yeah it is very frustrating not to get any auto for the hospital…I can understand how hard it must have been for you….it sucks to be in such situations…

    take care

  3. Aiyo hugs hugs hugs…read the first line that aunty is fine…its pretty scary eh? these auto walas are such a pain at times na…but then good ones do come along

  4. Thank God, mom is fine now. I know how difficult it is to handle the pain of seeing close people suffer. Take proper care of Amma, okay!

    These auto guys – What do I say? I remember my paati being in an unconscious state and not one auto guy stopped by to take her to the nearby hospital. I can relate to the frustration, ss. Really really glad some good souls still exist!

  5. God! Sometimes I wonder if autos are driven by human beings or some programmed machines. But ofcourse there are good ones among the lot.

    Glad that aunty is fine now. Can understand what you might have gone through. Moms are always caring about others and when they are sick, it gets really hard for others.

  6. We cant complain enough about autowalas. either they are rude, think they are on a race track competeing with schumaker or maybe that the auto is some kind of airplane for the rates they charge! But sometimes you are lucky to find good ones and glad that your mom is allright:)

  7. Ya i can so very well understand your agony with auto drivers especially when such emergencies occur.But as RM said yest there are still good people and the rick driver who took you indeed was one of them.God bless him.And am so glad to know that your mum is fine now πŸ™‚

  8. You know i found that autos or taxi dont want to take you if it will be less money.
    I book a cab to take me from whitefield to mg road .. for 4pm and at 3:50 I got a txt saying that sorry there has been a problem and they cant make it ..

    if it was UK I would have thrashed them .. No one bothers there

    and the auto guys charged me so much this time, i thought i was ok but friends told me i was paying to much and THEY are A CHEAT.. I can swear on two occasions they told me it will cost 250/- but when we reached he said no 350/- bola tha..

    did not have good experience paid 400 from mg road to whitefield πŸ™‚

    but then good people are there ..god bless the auto guy who took you and your mum ..

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