Computer and health -Free advice !

Recent illness resulted in brain malfunction which in turn resulted in an eye check up (self test).Since I was affected by this rapid winking disorder for the past few days my mother got worried  and wants to take me for a real eye check up. I recently started wearing specs. Till college I had no eye complaints. After 2 years of work  lot of things got added to my ‘bio’ data. Things like back pain, cylindrical power (eye) , slipper bites ,hair loss , weight gain..wait not slipper bites but others. Last time when I went for eye check up the doctor gave me some tips. Today being friday and me being a good soul , will share those tips with you. I have modified the tips given by doc at some places you know just to make it  practical.

1.  Take a break and go for a short walk every one hour. Generally we tend to forget this once we start working. If there are some big issues or deadlines we get glued to our seat and we hardly move. One suggestion for that is to buy some of your favorite snacks and stack it up at your friends place which is atleast 10 steps away from yours so that every 30 mins you will walk till her place eat some snacks and come back. That way you will notice a tremendous increase in your walking activity.

Problems:- Your friend might finish off half of your stacked up snacks. Just keep telling her/him that he/she has put on weight recently.She will not touch it then. But some people (hey dont look at meee )don’t get discouraged by these threats. For those buy and keep a separate stack.

Again some people might finish off the whole thing in one go. Here your friends skill plays an important role.He/She should hide agood amount of snacks and release one at a time.

2. We hardly do any exercise during work. One option is to keep all the items that you use frequently in the lower most drawer. That way you need to bend each time and it will be a good exercise for your hip. For eg: keep things like pen pencil, papers, documents ,no not your computer,paper clips in the lower most drawer.

I have gone one step forward and stuck some papers in the drawer from behind. Now I have to pull/push really hard to open or close the drawer. Good exercise for arms.

3. Afternoon time after a heavy lunch, it will be almost impossible to concentrate on work. This is the most difficult time. Even if you plan to work, the keys in your keyboard will re-arrange themselves to look like  S.L.E.E.P , P.I.L.L.O.W or N.A.P T.I.M.E . There is an exercise for this. First you should remove your specs. All first bench obedient students should remove their contact lens too and keep it safe then do this.   Donot stop do it continuously for 5 minutes. You will be refreshed. If someone catches you doing this, make a fist and hit on the desk two times. They will think that you are working on some big issue and go away.

4. Most important organ affected by computer work – eyes. After every 20 minutes you should look at an object 15-20 feet away from you. This is the most common relaxation technique. Now first you have to fix a target. If you fix the exit board or a light bulb as a target you will never be motivated to check it every 20 minutes. So my suggestion is to select a good looking person you like or a food item you like as a target.Every 20 minutes you can check if the food item is still there or not.

5. NowMr.Sangi Mangi will teach you some simple exercises . First prayer MySpace . Then do these exercises one by one,each 10 times . Ready? MySpace , MySpace , MySpace , MySpace.

Have a happy weekend MySpace


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  1. All your explanations and all wokay – why did eye doctor talk about snack-box hiding and bending down exercises?! Vilangalaye! 😛

    Any ways, keep doing all the exercises, be fit and have a happy weekend! 😀

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