Sickness and brain function

I am not well. It all started with a headache last wednesday. Slowly my eyes started burning, running nose, fever and tiredness. Somehow my body fought very bravely and tried to maintain its temperature close to normal, but I am still tired. Yesterday I took sick leave and slept at home the whole day. I am not well not because of this fever or cold , its something else. For the past 3-4 days my brain is not functioning normally. It is not listening to me. Few incidents below.

I ate normally all 4 days. Its not that I am weak. Just my brain thinks I am weak. If  I want to move left, my brain interprets the message in a wrong way and it moves my body towards  right. I am hitting on the walls of my own room.

Only my left side is affected. Left nostril  is blocked and left eye has been watering. Ever since I found that,  my brain is commanding me to self test  my eyes . For the past 2-3 days, every object I see, first I see it with both eyes then with right eye alone then with left eye alone. I look like a person with some serious winking disorder Smiley

My brain is  ordering me to count my hair to check if I am ok but I am sternly refusing to do this testSmiley

Saturday night I could not sleep at all. My nose refused to do its work. I was able to breathe normally only while standing straight. I was roaming in the hall till 2 o clock in the night/morning along with the ghosts of our area.  I got bored , switched on TV and watched a show about supernatural powers ! If I had been normal, I would have left the TV and ran away to the room to sleep Smiley  .  But I sat and watched and was not scared at all . Seriously some problem with my brain Smiley

This is the most important part. I have been having unusual dreams. All these 3-4 days I have been having dreams and they are totally different from the ones I usually have. One day it was something like I am going in search of some wooden box and I go to each and every mall and search for that box in the parking area. I don’t know what the box has , who is that for, why am I searching but I am searching . The highlight is I am not alone I am with a ghost. I didnot like the dream much and got up half way.

In one dream , I was just hitting the “enter ” key continuously  in a computer . It went on for 1.5-2 hours . I am not seeing any monitor or mouse or any human being around. I am frantically hitting the enter key non stop without raising my head Smiley. This is most disturbing dream till date. Coz I like the space bar more than the enter key 😦

In yesterday’s dream, I was searching for my violin. It looks like my school building and I am searching for my violin in each and every room.My violin teacher gives me another violin and tries to console me. But I tell him that this new violin will not match with my bow (?!?) and so I go on searching searching and after a long time I find it under a coconut tree !!!

Anyway, I am back to work today. Took medicines. Fit and Fine. Till now both eyes working. Lost few hair strands during  the morning hair fall session. Fingers not going anywhere close to the ‘enter’ key. Already thought of what I should dream about tonight. So I am all set people. Have a rocking week ahead !


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18 thoughts on “Sickness and brain function

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    1. 🙂 weird na 🙂
      Violin classes I have just started.Initially it was difficult to handle it.It took sometime.Now its slightly better.Even today my violin master laughs at the way my fingers look when I play it 😀
      Thankoo. to read your blog? Can I read it?

  1. Take care, lady. Did you go to the doctor? Medicines ozhunga sapdunga okay!

    Even I get such weird dreams during my illness. Generally, when the body is not well, the mind goes into such insane thoughts which reflects in the form of dreams thinks Mata Sri SnSaanandamayee! 😀

  2. I know how much being sick hurts, I am glad you are feeling much better by now 🙂
    As far the dreams, I must say you get real variety of dreams for I rarely dream and when I do I am usually stuck with the happenings of the day (such boring dreams 😥 )
    Take care dear….get well soon 😀

    1. Thanks My Era.I am totally fine today 🙂 About dreams , mine too picks up things from daily happenings only but it magnifies it 1000 times and the final product becomes totally unrelated 😛

  3. so manydreams that sure is the sign the brain is working perfectly fine .// maybe in Sleep 🙂 he he he 🙂

    Too much overdose of computers i think stay away fro mthem and relaxx take a couple of days off and sleeeppp 🙂

    Hope you are doing much better now take care .. and get well sooon

  4. oh no.. take care ss.. illness everywhere 😦 hope you will feel a lot better soon.. Reg. the dreams I have such weird ones too but planning a dream **this is the first time am hearing about it** you are seriously on a dream roll… 🙂
    take care

    1. Its been raining here ani. thats why cold cough everywhere. Thanks Ani I am completely ok now. Hope Adi kutti is also doing good.

      You too have weird dreams? Yay to us 🙂 🙂

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