Sorry, Wrong number !

I have a problem. I cannot handle wrong numbers . I get tensed easily or I cut the phone abruptly.

**Some calls which I got in the last few days**

Tring Tring #2

Me: Hello

X: Hello,  Chandru irukara ? (Is chandru there?)

Me: Sorry. I think you dialled the wrong number.

X: oh ok. Sorry ma.

Phone disconnected . After few seconds tring tring again from same number.

Me: Hello (this time tensed )

X: Hello,  Chandru irukara ?

Me: No. Again wrong number.

X:oh sorry sorry.

Me: Thats ok.

Phone disconnected . After few seconds tring tring again from same number and I don’t pick up this time. It stops after sometime.


Tring Tring #3

Me: Hello

Y: Hello (starts talking something)

Me: Sorry I think you dialled the wrong number.

Y: No! What’s your number?

Me: ??? .. Which number you want?

Y: Tell me your number.

Me: Wrong number. Phone disconnected

Y tries again and again and I never pick up.


Tring Tring #4

Me: Hello

Z: Hello , Selvi kita kudu phone ah ( Give the phone to Selvi)

Me: Sorry wrong number

Z: Selvi kitta kudu maaa

Me: Sorrrry Wronggg numberrr

Z: Enna wrong number oh ! Sigh! (Waaat wrong number ! Sigh! )

Me: !!!  **disconnects the call**

He called me twice after that. I picked up and there was no change in the conversation. Finally fourth time I asked my mother to answer. This time he agreed that he had dialled the number wrong!


Mostly, I do not wait for a reply from the other end. I just tell them that its a wrong number and disconnect it. And when they call me back  and if someone is around I ask them to answer it for me. The reason for my ‘wrong number mania’ is

Tring Tring #1

Me: Hello

XYZ : Hello, Guess who this is !

Me: **Argggg! I hate this game**  I am in bus. Please tell me who you are!

XYZ : How are you?

Me: I am fine  ** hmm..the voice sounds familiar**

XYZ: So how is work n all?

Me: Everything fine **definitely it must be one of my cousin, playing with me**

XYZ: What time you come back from office?

Me: Is this ‘P’ anna(brother)? **bigg smile on my face *

XYZ: he..he. Are you in bus now?

Me: he..hee yeah.. how are you? longg time..


Conversation continues for 15 minutes. All questions were general and I answer them happily. XYZ suddenly asks some question which doesnot fit into my life. I think for 2 mins and then finally FINALLY I realize that its a WRONG NUMBER. I get tensed. All I could think is ‘I had been talking to some random person for 15 minutes !!! ‘. I cut the call immediately not knowing what else to do.

I kept getting calls from that same number for one full month and he called me exactly between 1 – 3 AM !!!! I had to put my phone on silent mode every night. I tried to make my friends talk to him , scare him. But nothing worked. I kept ignoring him for some days and that worked (He must have got bored).


Have a happy week ahead ! 🙂 🙂 🙂





Random Post – I

When we were in pune , I had asked the watchman to give us the terrace keys to fix the dish antenna . He said he is not allowed to give the keys to anybody and agreed to come with me. He usually uses ‘Paan’ and his mouth is always busy chewing.We reached the terrace and suddenly he spoke one long sentence simultaneously chewing paan. I didnot understand a word.

Me: Bhaiyya please can you tell me in hindi.I don’t understand Marathi.

Watchman: *shocked* I was talking in Hindi only!

Me : heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀 😀 😀  **Drowned in embarassment I just wanted to jump off from the sixth floor**


Long long ago,One day  I was studying social science  walking in the varendah. Two kids from my street came to me . One was 5 years old, a boy another one 4 a girl. The girl came to me and said ” Akka (sister) , he is telling me that  if I don’t give him this pencil he will rape me” (She did not use the R word  actually, she told me in tamizh  which meant the same). I ran inside my house unable to handle the shock !

**Not sure whether to laugh or cry here **


My cousin B had a huge thoppai (belly) when he was in school. We all used to tease him and one day I asked him to do some exercise and reduce it. His reply below

“Namma chediku thanni oothi valakrom, adha nammale vetti eriya mudiyuma?? Adhu mari dan en thoppai-um. ”

English ( I will just try OK ) He said ” We water the plants, take good care of them and help them grow. Suddenly how could we just cut and throw them off? My belly is also like that.”


Some days you will be happy for no specific reason. Last friday was one such day for me and during such days my mind tries to talk to me (Don’t ask me how is that possible, I don’t know but there will be some conversation going on in my head). These conversations mostly have no meaning, just random things. I was going in bus that day and

Mind Voice :- Look at that girl sitting in front of you, what a silky hair she has no..

Me:-  I know. Some people are just blessed with a naturally thick and silky hair. Look at mine . I have hardly 3-4 strands standing here and there 😦

Mind Voice: I will marry her just for her hair.

Me:*shocked obvioulsy* Excuse meee

Mind Voice: Cha I meant if I were a boy!

Me: * turns off the mind voice as it seems too dangerous *


Today morning in bus stop, I saw a mother carrying her kid in her hip. And about 10 feet apart the kid’s grandma was standing with huge bags, I guess she had just reached Bangalore to see her daughter. Both the mother and grandma were eagerly waiting for the kid to notice his grandma . But the mother didnot force him to look at that particular direction. She was talking very casually and after some 10 mins the kid turned his head and saw his grandma . For a second he showed no expression . Once he understood that it was his grandma, he jumped out of his mom’s hands,  came running towards his Paati with both the hands open and with a wide grin. Paati lifted him and kissed him. It was so beautiful to watch 🙂 🙂




**This happened long back. My mother is totally fine now**

We had gone out on a two day trip and came back on a saturday. We were (me and my mother) fine till saturday evening , later that day we both had mild stomach ache and then diarrhea started. We took some medicines and had a light dinner and slept off. While I was OK the next morning , my mother was not. She started vomitting. Water/milk/curd nothing helped.Everything came out even before reaching her stomach. And the diarrhea didnot stop. It was getting worse. My mother is very stubborn , she always tries some hom remedies first before going to hospital. She was doing the same that day.

Since her stomach was empty, I tried to give her some plain curd rice. One spoon she had and again vomitting continued. She was totally exhausted, dehydrated and because of this continuous vomitting her throat and stomach started hurting. It was very painful to watch her. She had no strength to sit straight, literally was rolling on the floor. It was high time to see a doctor. I called my uncle for help.

Me: Mama, Amma is not well (something blocked my throat, i could not talk)

Mama, What happened da? serious problem? Shall I come?

Me: mmmm

Mama: I will be there in 30 minutes, can you manage till then?

Me: mmmmm

My ‘answers’ clearly told him how serious the situation was.

I could not see her suffering in pain,  I decided to take her to the hospital by myself and ask mama to come there directly. Asked my mother to sit in the hall for 10 minutes so that I can go and catch an auto from main road.

I quickly changed to some jeans tshirt, ran to the main road. Looked both sides no sign of any auto. Something was still blocking my throat. Finally one auto wala came, I stopped him and asked him to come to xyz hospital nearby. He simply refused and left.

I was not sure whether I was angry or sad.There were too many thoughts on my mind…what are these autos for , why arent they helping during emergency.When people ask for a ride to a hospital, that means its an emargency only na, why dont they understand… and  many other things/questions on mind.

There was no sign of any auto.The tears which were blocking my throat till then had reached my eyes.My subconscious mind kept telling me “Don’t cry, it will be fine, you will get an auto. She will be fine soon. Wait for some more time. Don’t cry. You can handle this” . I didnot blink , held my tears in my eyes thinking my eyes would just absorb it back. I thought of running to other connecting roads to search for an auto . But my mother was alone at home .Few minutes later one more auto came that way, I asked him  and he agreed. I ran back to my house, slowly we got into it and reached the hospital.

I thanked the auto driver thrice while he was handing over the change to me and a million times after he left !


A conversation with my friend

Me: oiii do you know I have started blogging 😀

Friend : Whatttt? You ?? Why suddenly?

Me: I started reading some interesting blogs, wanted to try it out . But I was not sure you know. One day one of my blog friends Tharani asked me if I have a blog of my own. I said no. She asked me “Why don’t you try it?” and I created a new blog the same day itself 😀

Friend : Kalakre po!

Me: I am enjoying it and have got some good friends . When I went to chennai during diwali I met Tharani .

Friend: Wow..Tell me the full story.

Me:  Before going to chennai, we exchanged couple of emails planning when and where to meet. Since  she was working on that saturday we decided to meet on sunday at TNagar. On sunday eve I had a reception to attend near T Nagar so we decided to meet for lunch . I called her up on sunday morning and confirmed the plan . She has a very sweet voice! It sounded so familiar to me 🙂  We decided to meet at 230 I started from home at around 1 waited for more than 30 mins but no bus came. Finally at 1.45 pm I got one. I reached there at around 215, she called me and told where to come, but I started walking in the opposite direction and finally when I reached the correct place I was late (I still like to call myself punctual). And She was right on time.

Friend : But how did you find her?

Me: She had sent me her photo sometime back. I had a plan in my mind that as soon as I reach the place I would just call her up and see carefully who is talking on phone nearby, watch them talk and then only go near her and talk to her. But as soon as I reached I saw her ,forgot my plan and we started smiling. I mean it was a non stop “eeeeeee”. She looks like a school girl only , very sweet and pretty 🙂 We both had some chaat in A2B and then went to another hotel to have juice and again walked till pondy bazaar  had a brownie and finger chips.

Friend: What did you talk?

Me: We introduced ourselves , then talked little bit about blogs and bloggers and then about our family. Then a lot about diwali movies. She told me how much she ‘enjoyed’ velayudham 😛 .Then at 4 my friend came and picked me up. It was a very short meet but I liked it a lot .It was fun and I talked a lot I think . This girl , she got me a mini chocolate shop :D. I opened the bag of chocolates she gave and it just kept coming 🙂 🙂

Friend: Kalakita Po, blogging , making new friends, bloggers meet n all. Cool 🙂

Me: 😀 😀 😀




Wishing you a very very Happy Married Life Tharani. May God bless you with lifetime of  Love and Happiness !




Kitchen Tales

Almost every other day this conversation happens at my home.

Amma : Learn to cook. See your a,b, c,..z cousins. They all cook so well.

Me: OK OK I will cook this weekend

Weekend comes and before  I get up everything is ready in the kitchen.

Me: Amma,You wanted me to cook today.Then why did you finish everything.

Amma:You looked so tired while sleeping 😦 I didnot want to disturb you.

Sometime even if I am up early and try to cook, she comes inside kitchen , looks at the way I cook , gets tensed and asks me to get out .

Actually If I remember correctly I started cooking when I was 4 years old I think. Ya one afternoon my mother was sleeping. I went into kitchen and I wanted to ‘cook’ something. I selected ‘sambhar’ . All that I knew was sambhar is a liquid and it is in brownish colour with mustard seeds floating on top. I checked all the shelves which were ‘reachable’ and found Maltova. The only thing that matched sambhar’s brown colour ! I took a small bowl filled with water, added two spoons of maltova and put some mustard seeds. Tadaa!! Sambhar is ready. What a genius ! No not because I made ‘sambhar’ . I am calling myself a genius because I was careful enough not to taste it. I played with it  (continuous stirring) and later threw it away 🙂 But my mother found it out.You ask how? In an attempt to clean the vessel I dropped it inside a pot full of drinking water and the whole thing was smelling of maltova 😀

Years rolled on. I was in school when one day I wanted to make tea for my aunt. It started all nice.At the end I noticed that it was not brown enough . So I added few more tea spoons of tea dust and served it. It was raw but my poor aunt not wanting to disappoint me drank the whole thing. I could not!Not even a sip.

Months passed by. I wanted to eat roasted papad and was alone at home.I took one started roasting and in a second the papad caught fire and all that was left was ash .

Later oneday when my mother had gone to my hometown I was home alone, decided to make sambhar and rice. I made it but for next 2 days I had diarrhea . No not exaggerating. I really had may or may not be connected to my ‘cooking’ though 😛

Again another day I tried sambhar. After all life is all about taking risks no (“Risk edukarthu namaku lam rusk sapdara mathiri). It came out well as in edible but little watery but who cares I finished the whole thing. And no diarrhea 🙂

Few days back  I made panneer paratha and pudina chutney. Accidentally my friend had come that day. He tasted it and said that the pudina chutney was very good. For the next few weeks whichever restaurant I went, my first comment would be “huh my pudina chutney was way better.I make the bestest pudina chutney in the world ! “. My friend got bugged and told me that it could be just a beginners luck, try it again and if it tastes the same I will agree. 😀

Last week I made some parathas and it came out really WELL 🙂 hehehe.I celebrated my success the whole weekend 🙂

The next day  my mother started the above conversation again.

Me: Amma I can now cook nice nice parathas no.Why are you worried?

Amma: Thats not enough. You should learn basic cooking . Like good sambhar, rasam, kootu, poriyal, payasam…etc etc.

Well, I thought payasam, vada and all are advanced cooking !! 🙂 🙂

Happy Weekend guys  and Listen to this song. Its too good.




Find the truth

When we were in college, we used to take part in some activities like going to some ashram and donating old clothes and things like that. There was an ashram near our college, not very close it was actually not accessible via bus or any other public transport. You have to take an auto to reach that place. It was kinda isolated. I dont remember how we got to know about it but somehow we learnt that there is one and we all friends one day carried some clothes took an auto and reached there. That was my first ever ashram visit in life. There were so many young girls and boys, mentally challenged children and adults and the ashram was just a tiled house, very small. It could not have accomodated so many people but still their life was going on some way. There was a small desk at the entrance and a lady was sitting there. We gave her whatever we brought.

She asked us to sit outside in the garden and we all were talking to the people there. There was a small boy who was not well and when he came and sat near me I couldnot control my tears. My friends asked me to control myself and not to cry in front of them. It was really hard to watch . Later it was getting dark and we all came back to hostel. We have gone there more than once. But oneday suddenly a news broke out that there was some police raid in that ashram . It was a shock to all of us. We don’t know what happened after that.(We are still not sure if that news is true and if it is not my sincere apologies)

Last year sometime, when my mother was alone at home an old lady and a young one came to our house. The old one said that she had to do some offerings to God for her daughter to have normal delivery (something I dont rem clearly) and so she is collecting money from every house. My mother gave her some money and they left. After an year the same duo came back and this time they had 3-4 years old girl and the same old lady asked money to do some offerings to God for her grand daughter. My mother had some doubts in mind but she gave some money just to send them away as they were emotionally threatening us .It was like if you do this all good things will happen to your family and so and so. Kind of emotional blackmail.

I am writing all of these because I am confused. How to find out who is true and who is fake? We all have some good intentions while doing these things , but when you have a slightest doubt that it is not being used for the intended purpose, it hurts right?

There are so many occasions where people come and ask for old clothes in our houses saying that this will go for orphanage . If we have some , we all definitely give. They have all sort of receipt books, papers , pictures but are we sure that these things are reaching the right people. I have read in magazines that sometimes these clothes are being washed and sold for lesser amount. Again I am not sure how true is that.

No idea what triggered me to write this. I did not write this post to hurt anyone. There are so many people I know I have seen doing social work. They donot do it for timepass or for a good name or to earn good karma.They all do it with their heart and soul.  A big salute to all of them. But there should be a way to identify the truth from fake so that these good intentions don’t get wasted.

Last weekend one small kid came to our house asking for donation. We gave something and then the kid smiled and said a big thank you to me. Then he heard my mother talking inside the house. He called out loud and said “Aunty, Thank you very much” . It surely made us happy.

Happy Children’s day !

Childhood is the world of miracle or of magic – EUGENE IONESCO

When I was a kid I didnot have great friends at school. But I had a very good set of friends in the street we lived in. It was a long lane. We were a group of eight. We always used to play together. Our list of games is endless. Right from hide and seek, lock and key, badminton, running chasing we played everything together. We used to assemble at one house and watch movies together. One time we played hide and seek in a house and it went on till the end of the day. Sometimes we gather just to talk. we all join hands walk in the street go round and round talking about endless things. I don’t remember a thing that we talked about today. But we enjoyed every bit of it. There used to be some under construction buildings . We used to play in the fresh sand there. Once we went inside someone else’s garden and they literally threw us out 🙂 There was a car shed and we always assemble there and decide what games to play. We forgot sun, sweat, hunger, thirst and enjoyed every moment. Its not like we were always the calm people. We used to fight a lot. We hit each other. Once one of my friend tried to strangle me hehe. But one of the best thing was our parents were never involved in those fights.Our fights never reached our parents. Even if they knew they let us to sort it out ourselves. We used to forget and forgive easily. We are still in touch. If I continue talking about this it will never get over.

There are few more childhood stories which I would like to share today. My uncle when he was a kid never liked his school teacher. My grandpa used to bribe him everyday to make him attend school it seems 🙂 My mother used to tell me that my uncle goes and hides in some relatives place , finishes his dabba and comes back to home on time exactly when his school gets over.

One of my cousin B, when she was 2 years old she was very much fascinated by the music of nadhaswaram and dhol that once she followed the group playing music on street. She was happily clapping her hands according to the music ,shaking her hip followed them till the end of the street. My uncle spotted her on time and dragged her back home.

My another cousin could not pronounce “Ka” for a long time. She used to replace all “ka” with “Ta”. We tease her even today.

When I joined a new school in II std, my class teacher was Miss.Lakshmi. I fell in love with her instantly. In III std when they changed my section, I went straight to Miss Lakshmi’s class (a different section) and sat there saying I don’t like any other teacher 🙂

One time when I was studying III std I guess, I left my school bag at home and went to school only with lunch bag (Genius I am!). I realized it only after the classes started ! My bad luck my teacher asked me for a pencil .I bent down went under the bench , called out the boy sitting in front of me and asked him to lend me his pencil. Then I got up and gave it to my teacher as if it was my pencil. I don’t know how but I thought that I could manage the whole day like that. Right then my grandpa came to my class handed over my bag telling my teacher that I had forgotten it. The look she gave me was priceless!

My youngest cousin K was in Tirupathi for sometime. During summer hols we used to go there. One time when I went she was in school. She was in LKG. I went to her school to pick her up. The kids were standing in line and saying prayer.She noticed me, with one eye closed and one open – still saying prayer she flashed a smile at me. The look on her face was priceless. As soon as the prayer got over, she literally jumped on me. That was too too cute. I can never forget that.

There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.  ~Elizabeth Lawrence

There are a lot of kids whom I have not met in person but came to know about them through the blogs .

R, Keer, Kau , Buzz, Bugz, Chutku , Varun, Vyas , MyEra’s daughter , Adi and so many other kids. Happy Children’s day to all the kids out there ! 🙂 🙂 🙂




Computer and health -Free advice !

Recent illness resulted in brain malfunction which in turn resulted in an eye check up (self test).Since I was affected by this rapid winking disorder for the past few days my mother got worried  and wants to take me for a real eye check up. I recently started wearing specs. Till college I had no eye complaints. After 2 years of work  lot of things got added to my ‘bio’ data. Things like back pain, cylindrical power (eye) , slipper bites ,hair loss , weight gain..wait not slipper bites but others. Last time when I went for eye check up the doctor gave me some tips. Today being friday and me being a good soul , will share those tips with you. I have modified the tips given by doc at some places you know just to make it  practical.

1.  Take a break and go for a short walk every one hour. Generally we tend to forget this once we start working. If there are some big issues or deadlines we get glued to our seat and we hardly move. One suggestion for that is to buy some of your favorite snacks and stack it up at your friends place which is atleast 10 steps away from yours so that every 30 mins you will walk till her place eat some snacks and come back. That way you will notice a tremendous increase in your walking activity.

Problems:- Your friend might finish off half of your stacked up snacks. Just keep telling her/him that he/she has put on weight recently.She will not touch it then. But some people (hey dont look at meee )don’t get discouraged by these threats. For those buy and keep a separate stack.

Again some people might finish off the whole thing in one go. Here your friends skill plays an important role.He/She should hide agood amount of snacks and release one at a time.

2. We hardly do any exercise during work. One option is to keep all the items that you use frequently in the lower most drawer. That way you need to bend each time and it will be a good exercise for your hip. For eg: keep things like pen pencil, papers, documents ,no not your computer,paper clips in the lower most drawer.

I have gone one step forward and stuck some papers in the drawer from behind. Now I have to pull/push really hard to open or close the drawer. Good exercise for arms.

3. Afternoon time after a heavy lunch, it will be almost impossible to concentrate on work. This is the most difficult time. Even if you plan to work, the keys in your keyboard will re-arrange themselves to look like  S.L.E.E.P , P.I.L.L.O.W or N.A.P T.I.M.E . There is an exercise for this. First you should remove your specs. All first bench obedient students should remove their contact lens too and keep it safe then do this.   Donot stop do it continuously for 5 minutes. You will be refreshed. If someone catches you doing this, make a fist and hit on the desk two times. They will think that you are working on some big issue and go away.

4. Most important organ affected by computer work – eyes. After every 20 minutes you should look at an object 15-20 feet away from you. This is the most common relaxation technique. Now first you have to fix a target. If you fix the exit board or a light bulb as a target you will never be motivated to check it every 20 minutes. So my suggestion is to select a good looking person you like or a food item you like as a target.Every 20 minutes you can check if the food item is still there or not.

5. NowMr.Sangi Mangi will teach you some simple exercises . First prayer MySpace . Then do these exercises one by one,each 10 times . Ready? MySpace , MySpace , MySpace , MySpace.

Have a happy weekend MySpace


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Sickness and brain function

I am not well. It all started with a headache last wednesday. Slowly my eyes started burning, running nose, fever and tiredness. Somehow my body fought very bravely and tried to maintain its temperature close to normal, but I am still tired. Yesterday I took sick leave and slept at home the whole day. I am not well not because of this fever or cold , its something else. For the past 3-4 days my brain is not functioning normally. It is not listening to me. Few incidents below.

I ate normally all 4 days. Its not that I am weak. Just my brain thinks I am weak. If  I want to move left, my brain interprets the message in a wrong way and it moves my body towards  right. I am hitting on the walls of my own room.

Only my left side is affected. Left nostril  is blocked and left eye has been watering. Ever since I found that,  my brain is commanding me to self test  my eyes . For the past 2-3 days, every object I see, first I see it with both eyes then with right eye alone then with left eye alone. I look like a person with some serious winking disorder Smiley

My brain is  ordering me to count my hair to check if I am ok but I am sternly refusing to do this testSmiley

Saturday night I could not sleep at all. My nose refused to do its work. I was able to breathe normally only while standing straight. I was roaming in the hall till 2 o clock in the night/morning along with the ghosts of our area.  I got bored , switched on TV and watched a show about supernatural powers ! If I had been normal, I would have left the TV and ran away to the room to sleep Smiley  .  But I sat and watched and was not scared at all . Seriously some problem with my brain Smiley

This is the most important part. I have been having unusual dreams. All these 3-4 days I have been having dreams and they are totally different from the ones I usually have. One day it was something like I am going in search of some wooden box and I go to each and every mall and search for that box in the parking area. I don’t know what the box has , who is that for, why am I searching but I am searching . The highlight is I am not alone I am with a ghost. I didnot like the dream much and got up half way.

In one dream , I was just hitting the “enter ” key continuously  in a computer . It went on for 1.5-2 hours . I am not seeing any monitor or mouse or any human being around. I am frantically hitting the enter key non stop without raising my head Smiley. This is most disturbing dream till date. Coz I like the space bar more than the enter key 😦

In yesterday’s dream, I was searching for my violin. It looks like my school building and I am searching for my violin in each and every room.My violin teacher gives me another violin and tries to console me. But I tell him that this new violin will not match with my bow (?!?) and so I go on searching searching and after a long time I find it under a coconut tree !!!

Anyway, I am back to work today. Took medicines. Fit and Fine. Till now both eyes working. Lost few hair strands during  the morning hair fall session. Fingers not going anywhere close to the ‘enter’ key. Already thought of what I should dream about tonight. So I am all set people. Have a rocking week ahead !


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