School life and sparrows

I was born and brought up in a small town

-> where there were no big apartments or no big shopping malls.

-> where the houses were small, independent  and no two houses shared a common wall

-> where each and every house had a small garden with atleast one mullai and malli chedi (jasmine plant), few types of hibiscus plants,  minimum two coconut trees and one banana tree . I can never sit at one place and study. I always carry the huge book in hand and go round and round  in the garden and study. We had a mullai poo chedi (jasmine) , 2 small coconut trees, so many hibiscus plants, 2 banana trees. During my exam times, my mother  cleans the garden and keeps it ready so that I can ‘walk’ and study. And I remember explaining so many physics principles and mathematical theorems to that big hibiscus plant in our house. You can go and ask her,she knows almost all the theorems in XII std Maths. 🙂

-> Where you allow the neighbours to pluck flowers from your favourite plants but if they accidentally break a stem or even a leaf you will get very very angry.

-> Where if you just leave 10 – 15 grains of rice on the verandah floor ,  in a minute you can see some 20 sparrows happily talking and feasting  🙂 Where are the sparrows now?

-> Where your morning exercise was just to fetch water using the hand pump.

-> Where you will come to know that its raining just by hearing the sound of small drops of water falling on the big banana leaves  and by the sweet scent of wet soil.

->Where you could find a pond (with water ! ) in each and every temple and wash your feet there. I am so scared of fishes. Either I use a cup to take water from the pond to wash my feet or someone has to bring water for me from the pond.

We had a very small but a beautiful garden. I don’t like tomatoes but when I was a kid I used to gulp full tomatoes just because it was from our own garden 🙂 .

We had yellow, pink and rose rose plants.There will be atleast 5-6 roses everyday during season.

Everyday morning some 15-20 minutes will be spent on plucking flowers for that day.

During Ganesh chaturthi my grandpa used to make Ganpathi idols using the clay in our garden.

For summer hols, when we go to our grand ma’s house , she used to make vadaams. Her biggest trouble was to protect those vadaams  not  from the crows but from us  🙂

I used to go to school everyday by cycle. My school was 3 kms away from my house and we enjoyed those trips like anything. Riding bicycles in rain was ultimate fun ! 🙂

2 girls, 3 boys from the neighbourhood , myself and my two cousins- we used to be a big gang. Every evening we used to play together.We have fought a lot. We are still in touch and the only topic which comes up when we all meet is about our childhood. And even though we have talked about it  like a million times , its still an interesting and our fav topic.

Once during rainy season (during some long holiday) , a banana tree fell down in our neighbours house. They distributed all the raw bananas. We had Vazhaikkai (raw banana) curry that day.The next day again another tree fell down in their house and they distributed the bananas again. We had the same curry again. And next day a tree fell down in our house and same things continued. So that full week I had only vazhaikkai curry. Next day when holidays were over my friends looked at me and told me that I looked ‘shiny’ 😛

We bought a small  plant few days back and it has a small pink flower (first) today 🙂

Have a good day !








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  1. So much memories attached to that post! Just so much! 😀 Should I say I loved it. Really.
    Although I am from Madras, I was in the suburban areas for a long time during my school days. Our house had a garden too and I used to study there! What memories those are.. Seriously!
    For Keer and Kau’s second b’day, our gift to them was 2 pots of rose plants. They water them daily and there are like dozens of roses blooming! I so love it! 😛
    You too have a wonderful day and a super Diwali week ahead, Snowdrop.

  2. You too used to study in garden ?? Wow 🙂 🙂

    Wow.. what a lovely gift 🙂 I feel growing plants make you responsible and when they start blooming ,that feeling is wonderful !!

    Happy Diwali 🙂

  3. Wow.. Loved this post.We don’t have a big garden here (Mom loves gardening, but with 4 dogs that home, its very difficult to maintain you see)
    My grandma’s place in trichi had a big garden with lots of gauva trees. Me and my sis were always found on the top of the tree. What a innocent and lovely childhood we have making friends with trees and plants..

  4. so true “Her biggest trouble was to protect those vadaams not from the crows but from us..” my mom will make myself and my cousins sit in mottai maadi to save vadams from the kakaa’s but we used to take turns in gobbling them up and put the blame on the pity crows :).. i had my own garden during school days too and my fav. spot to do morning study is the mottai maadi steps from where i can have a glimpse of my garden… I will sit on one padi and keep the book on padi above (obviously most of the time will be spent in counting the cycles and bikes crossing the street :)).. my street friends staying at opposite house used to get earful from their dad as I mock like studying here… “andha ponnu paaruda evlo poruppa kalai-layae ezhundhu padikara..” god only knows that I am counting cycles and scribbling on my papers here 😀 and later the day I will get earful from my friends.. “en di onakku padikka vera idamae illaya?”… aahhh blissful days. let me stop here..:) have a happy and safe diwali..

    1. aww..thank you for such a sweet comment Ani 🙂
      mottai maadi steps to study – me too me too you said half the time will go in ‘paraaku paathing’ hehe 🙂

      Happy Diwali Ani! Have fun! 🙂

  5. Nostalgic one…..

    undoubtedly now when most of us are forced to live in the jungle of concrete, we do miss all those lush green lawns and beautiful gardens…..

    well written… 🙂

  6. What a delightful read….loved the sweet childhood stories and couldn’t help getting nostalgic about how I too used to love our garden and flowers 😀
    Have a fantastic Diwali buddy 🙂

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