Inner Peace

This post is not an “advice” post. This post is just for me .I am writing this just to make me feel good when I am depressed, sad, angry or worried   .

1. Do you remember the time when you landed in pune just after college to join work? Your mom left you in a PG and went home to TN (you dont know how many sleepless nights she spent worrying about you). You were ALONE in a new place . No friends or relatives nearby.Yours words were limited since you were not able to speak that language fluently. First day in PG in the evening you wandered in that street searching for an “affordable” restaurant for dinner. You walked 3-4 times and found nothing .Worried you stood in front of your PG. No one to ask. Then you heard a voice, you looked up , a girl of your age was standing in the second floor .She din’t know you or your name.You had no idea that she was also in that same PG.She must have seen your worried face, she asked what happened. You replied and that night she shared her dabba with you. Then for the next 3 months you both shared the same PG and same dabba. Just remember this  ” Its not necessary for Angels to have a halo and wings. Angels come in disguise ! ”

2. Spend some time with your pets. I know you don’t have a puppy or a kitten. But you can just sit next to a line of marching ants, drop two three crystals of sugar and watch them carrying it. First they struggle but they never give up. Do you remember how your maami had a pet squirrel? Everyday when the cooker whistles, the squirrel would come and stand near the kitchen window and maami extends her hand with a ball of cooked rice outside the window bar. The squirrel finishes her meal happily and goes away. Do you also remember how many times you and cousin G tried to feed her but she never trusted anyone except your maami’s hand. “There is always someone (your mom or your friends) who trusts you . Think about them”

3. “Any time is good time to say sorry” . You will not become one inch shorter if you say Sorry first. Actually being one inch shorter is far far better than sitting alone and worrying.

4.”Force yourself to do something you like” . Cook your favorite food , listen to music , sing , play an instrument, dance like a duck, take a long walk and have a sizzling brownie. Do SOMETHING  for ‘an idle mind is a devil’s workshop’.

5. “Talk”. Talk to a person whom you trust. Talk to a person who does not judge you. Talk to your mother or a friend . Just vent it out.

Remember this famous quote ” Everything heals with time. Give time some Time ”



13 thoughts on “Inner Peace

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  1. This one is a very true heartfelt post. I know it sounds like one ‘teacher’s remarks’ on some English-composition-book, but that’s okay.. It really is! 😀

    I have so much to say on all of these. Will do sometime okay! 😀

  2. Can I take all these advises .. They are lovely. I never talk to my inner-self like this. I keep fighting with it 😦
    BTW you okay? If not, here are my hugs 🙂

  3. I beleive in point 3.. always a good time to say sorry … no matter who is wrong ..

    also its always good to own up, put ur hand up and accept and say sorry : )

    and nothing can beat Talking .. Talk to people who care for you and you care for ..

    excellent points

  4. Liked the points. especially the 4 th one – force yourself to do something you love.. sometimes when things are dragging its very difficult to do anything. but at least you feel better and when you look back you realize you dint waste your time.

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