Chacha Chaudhary,Calvin,Dill,Lio and Popeye

I read a lot of comic books. When I was a kid my shelf was filled with comic books like ‘Chacha Chaudhary’ , ‘Pinki’ and others. Chacha Chaudhary (CC) was my favourite. I used to have a biggg collection of CC comics. I have read them like 100 times.We were in kolkata till I was 7 years old. Everytime Kolkata to chennai was a long journey, CC was my companion in that 2 days train journey. When we shifted I lost the entire collection 😦 😦 Even today if I have to travel a long distance, I prefer buying tinkle to other books 😉

Till I was 15, we used to live as a joint family.Myself and my cousin brothers S and B – we used to fight a lot. We fight for everything everytime except morning 7-8. It is the time when we all assemble in front of the TV and watch ‘Popeye Show’ and ‘Tom and Jerry’ together ( I watch these cartoons even today ) . Popeye show was our all time favourite. We watched even the repeats without any noise. You can say ‘Popeye’ was responsible for maintaining peace in the house 😀 Even during exam times we plan the breakfast/dinner timings to coincide with the Popeye Show. Later programmes changed , popeye became a modern guy and we stopped watching that show (I have the old ones in my laptop and watch it ).

In college, I got introduced to ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ . After joining work , I got introduced to reading comics online.Everyday after logging in the first thing I do is read the daily comic strips and some of my fav blogs.

This site is one of the best sites to read comics online . I start with ‘Calvin and Hobbes’. You can read it like 1000 times. You will never ever get bored.I love ‘Cul de Sac’ and ‘Lio’  too. Cul de sac talks about the adventures of a 4 year old girl Alice and her pre-school friends – Dill, Beny , Kevin and others. This one will definitely bring a smile on your face.My personal fav character is ‘Dill’ 🙂 And ‘Lio’ – it describes the adventures of a small kid Lio who is friends with monsters, aliens etc. His pets are a cobra (!), a spider, a cat and a giant squid. Best part is there is no dialogue in this comic strip. The author Mark tatulli is simpley a genius.

Here I am attaching few of my fav strips. Do read and enjoy !!!

Calvin and Hobbes

Cul de Sac

Cul de Sac 2


Lio 2

Lio 3

P.S:- Sorry I could not directly embed the image here. I could only attach them as links. Read them when you are relaxed a bit or when you want to relax 🙂

Have a super duper week ! 🙂 🙂 🙂


6 thoughts on “Chacha Chaudhary,Calvin,Dill,Lio and Popeye

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  1. I loved CC and C&H as cousins gifted appa a C&H collection (yes yes my dad he is still a kid in many ways) I cajoled him into ‘sharing’ it with his granddaughter *Insert evil grin*

  2. I like Popeye and Tom & Jerry too! Like you said, the older versions of Popeye and not the newer ones. And Dink, the Dinosaur on Cartoon Network was a favourite to my bro and me! 🙂 🙂
    Even today, when I switch on Pogo or CT for the kids, I look out for these. But then, most of the times, it is Chota Beam and Ninja Hatori, both of which I hate… 😦

    1. yeah.. I wonder if channels like pogo CN are still kids channel !! There is so much dialogue , so much action and lots of animation. We used to enjoy T&J and Popeye without dialogue with minimum animation . The new shows are boring.

  3. I can watch Tom and Jerry too – Love it! I put it on and say its for Chutku but I am the one watching it while he is busy playing (and thats good too!) 😀

    C&H – I had the entire collection online and read it whenever I have a few mins. Love it… Ams slowly collecting the complete collection too…

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