Vada poche ..

When I joined work in pune, I used to go to office in shared autos everyday since the buses in that route were not very frequent.About shared auto I dont have to explain much, they will just a make a chutney out of you and throw you out! Looking at me struggling everyday my mom decided to get me a bike. I was super happy and went out with a friend to do test drive and all. πŸ˜€ Obviously he didnot know about my driving skills he agreed to come with me. We took the bike and the showroom guy showed me the BIG MAIN road and asked me to drive there 😯 I was shocked but wanted to buy a bike very badly.I agreed andΒ  when I started it a lorry came in front of me and I started dancing with the bike , my friend sitting behind me started shouting in Marathi for his dear life (Moral: People talk in mother tongue when they are in extreme danger) .Somehow we escaped ! After that he never came with me for test drives 😦 Do you remember this comedy scene in a Tamil movie where Goundamani has night blindness and asks his wife to direct him? This situation was almost similar.

Goundamani:- Na kanna moodikittae vandi ottuvenam.Ni veedu varekkum vazhi solluviyam

Wife :- paakalama?

Goundamani:- paaka mudiyathe!

Anyway, then we shifted to Bangalore and temporarily dropped the plan of buying a bike.Few days back my mom asked me again if I am confident enough to ride a bike n all. I said a very big YES :grin:. She asked me to notice and learn how people drive in Bangalore traffic.During my travel to office I started noticing each and every bike on road . This raised a lot of questions on my ability to drive. Few are here :

❓  Will I be able to drive through that small gap between those 2 cars without damaging them?

❓ Β  Will that traffic signal change from green to red just when I am about to cross it?

❓ Β  Will I be able to find the difference between brake and accelerator ,left and right indicator while riding in front of that ever honking car?

❓   What if that bus driver spits on me when I try to overtake him or what if I get drenched when crossing the water tanker?

❓   Will I lose all the 4 strands of hair that I haveΒ  while removing the helmet?

❓   Will I be able to take a U-turn?

❓   Will I be able to handle the ‘stress’ when a lorry driver scolds me (‘vootla sollitu vandutiya’ )?

But then driving a bike is a cool stuff na? So I kept all my questions aside and decided to buy one.My mom was kinda ok.

One week back, when I was coming back from a grocery store with my mom , a lady asked me which way to go for the nearest bus stop.

Me: Go straight and take first left

Lady : left?

Me: yes left

Lady : left or right?

Me : Lefffttt

Lady: goes away with a confused look.

My mother : You were saying LEFT LEFT while showing ‘RIGHT’ with your hand .Your direction sense is pathetic.No bike for you now.

Me: Vada poche ! 😦 😦

(sad music in the background – “to to to to toinggggg ” )




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  1. hahahahhaha! That has happened to me so many times…RD now asks me just to use my hand….because I STILL get confused between right and left!!! R is better than me..seriously!

    all the best for the two wheeler…its a child’s play honestly to ride one πŸ™‚

  2. I am ROFL girl.. seriously.. I just remembered the Vivek comedy, “nama oorla, right la indicator poduvan, left the kai katuvan ana nera poitae erupan”.. Are you that kind ????

  3. ‘Will that traffic signal change from green to red just when I am about to cross it?’ – Indha doubt enakku vandi ottumbodhe varum!! Idhellam arisiyalla sadharanamappa! Ponga.. Poi modhalla oru vandi vaangi ottunga. All the bestu! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. And all my questions are currently “Can I drive the car in that narrow space? Can I park in a non-existant parking lot/Can I drive through those ditches without hurting the car!…” πŸ™‚

    As for left and right – I have done that to an auto driver – sitting in the auto asking him to take left (there was no left in that dead end) and showing him right. Finally he stopped the auto – asked me – madam – left aa right aa? – left illa madam!!! Then I told him – Im showing you right na! And he says “Madam nange hinde kaNNilla” πŸ˜› Meaning – I dont have eyes at the back 😦

    I’ve there fore been warned not to teach my child – left/right 😦

  5. :).. Reminds me of the time when I took my friends car for a test drive and almost banged it on a lorry head-on.. and I heard all those comments you have mentioned ;0) All your questions are on my mind but replace it with a car.. worst part is I have been to classes twice and proud owner of a car driving license too!

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