I am a super hero ..

…. in my dreams :D. Yes! In most of my dreams I act like a super hero and do some heroic act. Like one time in my dream I was playing with my cousins in my grand ma’s house . We were playing throw catch and suddenly someone throws the ball away. My cousin goes to pick it upΒ  but she gets caught by a crocodile ! (No I did not watch discovery channel that day ) . Then the super hero part of my brain gets activated and I save my cousin. πŸ˜€ :D. There are many more such dreams. But most of them I donot remember completely.

Some people say dreams are black and white. Some say it will be in colors. I see red and yellow colors often in my dreams. One time there was some snake I think , yellow colored with red spots.It was trying to catch me and I ran very fast and got into a mini bus and escaped. Again the bus was in red and yellow.

Two dreams I can never forget because there was a collision between dream and reality. One time I was sleeping and my mother was next to me. That evening we heard stories about theft n all in that area. Since we were alone we checked the house twice and then went to sleep. In my dream I am playing with my cousin in the hall.Suddenly there comes a big frog -red and yellow. We both are scared and try to run away. But the frog is too quick and in one jump it sits on my stomach. Exactly at the same moment, my mother put her hand around my waist 😯 😯  “veeeee !! ” I shouted and got up .Β  (If the dream had continued I would have somehow escaped from the frog ok because I am a Super Hero !Β  😎 ) My mother got scared ,she gave me some water and asked me what happened. She was expecting some really scary story from me but then when I told about that scary red and yellow frog she turned red with anger. I think she likes frogs πŸ˜•

Another time I was sleeping next to a window and that window has horizontal bars .In my dream my aunt is trying to open a door early in the morning.She pulls it so hard but its not opening. Then the super hero (me me me) gives an entry and without much effort grabs the handle and tries to open the door. I woke up and realized that I have been pulling the window bar !!! dream and reality mix up you see πŸ˜€

There is also one more thing about my dreams. If there is something negative happening in my dream, I wake up and then again consciously continue my dream, rewrite the climax and make it as a happy ending 😎

I have a friend who says he never had any dream !! Is that possible ?

Sweet dreams folks !

Credits :- The above cartoons were createdΒ  using toondoo.com


4 thoughts on “I am a super hero ..

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  1. LOL girl…I get some weird dreams where I would be always running and something (Tiger, lion, cat, man) would be chasing me. Sigh! Next time miss. super hero (yeah you only) come and save me in my dream okie….*(but don’t forget your specs )
    The cartoons are too good. and ROFL at “wear your specs”

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