School life and sparrows

I was born and brought up in a small town

-> where there were no big apartments or no big shopping malls.

-> where the houses were small, independent  and no two houses shared a common wall

-> where each and every house had a small garden with atleast one mullai and malli chedi (jasmine plant), few types of hibiscus plants,  minimum two coconut trees and one banana tree . I can never sit at one place and study. I always carry the huge book in hand and go round and round  in the garden and study. We had a mullai poo chedi (jasmine) , 2 small coconut trees, so many hibiscus plants, 2 banana trees. During my exam times, my mother  cleans the garden and keeps it ready so that I can ‘walk’ and study. And I remember explaining so many physics principles and mathematical theorems to that big hibiscus plant in our house. You can go and ask her,she knows almost all the theorems in XII std Maths. 🙂

-> Where you allow the neighbours to pluck flowers from your favourite plants but if they accidentally break a stem or even a leaf you will get very very angry.

-> Where if you just leave 10 – 15 grains of rice on the verandah floor ,  in a minute you can see some 20 sparrows happily talking and feasting  🙂 Where are the sparrows now?

-> Where your morning exercise was just to fetch water using the hand pump.

-> Where you will come to know that its raining just by hearing the sound of small drops of water falling on the big banana leaves  and by the sweet scent of wet soil.

->Where you could find a pond (with water ! ) in each and every temple and wash your feet there. I am so scared of fishes. Either I use a cup to take water from the pond to wash my feet or someone has to bring water for me from the pond.

We had a very small but a beautiful garden. I don’t like tomatoes but when I was a kid I used to gulp full tomatoes just because it was from our own garden 🙂 .

We had yellow, pink and rose rose plants.There will be atleast 5-6 roses everyday during season.

Everyday morning some 15-20 minutes will be spent on plucking flowers for that day.

During Ganesh chaturthi my grandpa used to make Ganpathi idols using the clay in our garden.

For summer hols, when we go to our grand ma’s house , she used to make vadaams. Her biggest trouble was to protect those vadaams  not  from the crows but from us  🙂

I used to go to school everyday by cycle. My school was 3 kms away from my house and we enjoyed those trips like anything. Riding bicycles in rain was ultimate fun ! 🙂

2 girls, 3 boys from the neighbourhood , myself and my two cousins- we used to be a big gang. Every evening we used to play together.We have fought a lot. We are still in touch and the only topic which comes up when we all meet is about our childhood. And even though we have talked about it  like a million times , its still an interesting and our fav topic.

Once during rainy season (during some long holiday) , a banana tree fell down in our neighbours house. They distributed all the raw bananas. We had Vazhaikkai (raw banana) curry that day.The next day again another tree fell down in their house and they distributed the bananas again. We had the same curry again. And next day a tree fell down in our house and same things continued. So that full week I had only vazhaikkai curry. Next day when holidays were over my friends looked at me and told me that I looked ‘shiny’ 😛

We bought a small  plant few days back and it has a small pink flower (first) today 🙂

Have a good day !








Fun Friday :D

Yippieee !!! Its a friday !! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here are some of my fav quotes . Enjoy !!!

From movie – Madagascar 2 – Escape to Africa:-

skipper the penguin :- This is your captain speaking. I have a good news and a bad news. The good news is we are landing immediately.

[clap clap clap]

skipper the penguin:- The bad news is we are crash landing

🙂 🙂 🙂


Dilbert- famous quotes :-

Engineers like to solve problems.If there are no problems handily available, they like to create new problems

Mondays are not part of the productive work week.

Its not hard to meet expenses,they are everywhere.

The light at the end of the tunnel may be an incoming train.

Most problems would just go away if you just wait long enough.It might look like I am standing motionless but I am actively waiting for our problems to go away.I don’t know why this works but it does.

Marriage is one of the chief causes of divorce.

Life is unsure .Always eat your dessert first.

If you keep your feet firmly on the ground you will have trouble putting on your pants.

The guy who invented the first wheel is an idiot.The guy who invented the other three is a genius.

In a country of free speech, why are there phone bills.

Beat the 5 o clock rush.Leave work at noon.

Its not the fall that kills you.Its the sudden stop at the end.

If you can’t convince them ,confuse them 🙂

Whenever I find the key to success, someone changes the lock.

In order to get a loan, you first have to prove that you don’t need it.

The trouble with being punctual is that no one is there to appreciate it.

Smile.It makes people wonder what you are thinking.


Last year Diwali. In chennai. We (my cousins , myself and my BIL (new  maapillai- imagine the respect for him at house)) were having nice grand lunch . We were sitting  in two lines facing each other.My BIL was sitting opposite to me.

Me: Athims (BIL) , I saw a poster about ‘crazy Mohan’s ‘ stage drama. Its tomorrow I think. Shall we go?

BIL: Yes yes. What time is it and where?

Me: I think its in the evening. But I don’t remember the place. I saw the poster while coming from central station in bus.

BIL and cousin in chorus :- Do you know where you saw the poster?

Me: I don’t know the place. It was near some signal, near some blah blah board.

BIL:  (In an attempt to find the bus route and take a guess from that ) OK .Tell me , How was the bus coming?

(Actual words in tamil : Bus  epdi ma vandhudhu?)

Me : ( after a pause ) durrrrrrrrrrrrr.. paam paaam paaam..durrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Everyone starts laughing ..Food goes up into his nose. Amma glares at me . I am busy finishing up the 3 and a half vadais in my plate.

(OK its a joke. you should laugh now. come on try “hahahahaha”)

Happy weekend ! And wishing you all a very very happy, sweet and safe Diwali ! 🙂 🙂 🙂







Inner Peace

This post is not an “advice” post. This post is just for me .I am writing this just to make me feel good when I am depressed, sad, angry or worried   .

1. Do you remember the time when you landed in pune just after college to join work? Your mom left you in a PG and went home to TN (you dont know how many sleepless nights she spent worrying about you). You were ALONE in a new place . No friends or relatives nearby.Yours words were limited since you were not able to speak that language fluently. First day in PG in the evening you wandered in that street searching for an “affordable” restaurant for dinner. You walked 3-4 times and found nothing .Worried you stood in front of your PG. No one to ask. Then you heard a voice, you looked up , a girl of your age was standing in the second floor .She din’t know you or your name.You had no idea that she was also in that same PG.She must have seen your worried face, she asked what happened. You replied and that night she shared her dabba with you. Then for the next 3 months you both shared the same PG and same dabba. Just remember this  ” Its not necessary for Angels to have a halo and wings. Angels come in disguise ! ”

2. Spend some time with your pets. I know you don’t have a puppy or a kitten. But you can just sit next to a line of marching ants, drop two three crystals of sugar and watch them carrying it. First they struggle but they never give up. Do you remember how your maami had a pet squirrel? Everyday when the cooker whistles, the squirrel would come and stand near the kitchen window and maami extends her hand with a ball of cooked rice outside the window bar. The squirrel finishes her meal happily and goes away. Do you also remember how many times you and cousin G tried to feed her but she never trusted anyone except your maami’s hand. “There is always someone (your mom or your friends) who trusts you . Think about them”

3. “Any time is good time to say sorry” . You will not become one inch shorter if you say Sorry first. Actually being one inch shorter is far far better than sitting alone and worrying.

4.”Force yourself to do something you like” . Cook your favorite food , listen to music , sing , play an instrument, dance like a duck, take a long walk and have a sizzling brownie. Do SOMETHING  for ‘an idle mind is a devil’s workshop’.

5. “Talk”. Talk to a person whom you trust. Talk to a person who does not judge you. Talk to your mother or a friend . Just vent it out.

Remember this famous quote ” Everything heals with time. Give time some Time ”


Masala Popcorn

My first ever movie in theatre was “Maine  Pyar kiya” 😛 .I was only 3 or 4 years old then I think. But I still remember the story. During interval my cousin R , then 6 or 7 years old fainted seeing the crowd. Thats why I remember the movie so clearly.

My first English movie in theatre was “Dunston Checks in” with my cousins in Trichy. It was a super cute movie. When we were buying the tickets in the counter, they gave us free labels.I was so fascinated by the labels that I took the labels and walked away leaving the tickets in the counter 😛 . With the sound effect and my cousins the movie was just one awesome experience.

I have one maami.If you can watch one full movie with her I will give you an award. 🙂 She has one hundred thousand questions and opinions abouta movie and she keeps asking you non stop until you answer her.I watch the movies once without her and just to have fun watch the same movie again with her. She is very very expressive and it will be super fun to see her expressions.

I have one mama.He laughs like a thunder. I went with him to watch “Sami”. After each joke, for 5 mins all that you can hear is “huhahahahahahahaahahah huahhahaahahahahahahah”. No movie dialogues nothing.Only his loud laugh for 5 longgg minutes. But it was fun too.Even today my cousins and I talk about it and laugh.

I watch a lot of movies with my mother. if its some sad movie I give her a little extra warning and prepare her for the movie. 😛

The best ones are the ones I watched with friends during college. Every semester, in our hostel they take us to a movie and mostly it will be in trichy “kalai arangam” and it is always a night show at 10PM. Our seniors have an upper hand in selecting the movie and its their job to select one of the least ‘mokkai’ (boring) movie among the ones running then. Out of the 8 movies (hostel trips ) 6 were super flop movies.But we enjoyed each and everyone of them. Once we went to ‘Udaya’ . Most of us slept off in the first 10 mins and the few brave ones who survived the full movie woke us up at the end and we went back to hostel. 🙂 🙂

The bus journey from hostel to theatre and back to hostel would be the best part. Poor driver he had to withstand 20000 decibels – mainly us singing songs in our kaakaa  kural(crow’s voice).There will be dance sessions too. I should say he is a very talented driver 😛

Ghajini and Jillunu oru kadhal were the best movies out of the eight. Watching Ghajini was awesome. We were so much into that movie. There is one scene na were Asin tries to escape from villains in her apartment,Surya comes there and calls her, her phone rings..villain finds her out ..blah blah.. We got so involved that we started shouting in theatre asking Asin to put her mobile in silent mode.what ! we were only trying to save her.General people  who were sitting in front of us got bugged and told ” Amma padatha padam mari paarunga ” meaning ” this is just a movie .watch it like a movie ma” . We ignored them and continued to save Asin.When watching “pokiri” we were singing “pokiri Gumbal pokiri gumbal” in chorus. :P. People in that theatre did not like us at all 😛

One of our hostel movies was “Unnale Unnale” . Our batch boys were smart. They would book the same theatre same show with us in bulk and used to watch the movies with us. This movie was too good because in this , the hero and heroine keeps fighting throughout .The hero keeps telling “girls are like this only” and heroine keeps telling “ah boys are always like that” . There will be hooting from our side when boys are insulted in the movie and same from that side when girls are insulted. We laughed so much.

Apart from these official hostel trips , we go out with friends too. 5-6 of us went for ‘Vettaiyadu vilaiyadu’ .I was watching the full movie through the gap between my fingers. 🙂 . We went to watch Anniyan as a big gang. It was tooo good.

Worst one was ‘7G rainbow colony’. That was the time when we were not aware of IndiaGlitz or rediff to read about movie reviews. We just went (a group of boys and girls). Horrible it was. We were restless. We wanted to run away from the theatre.

I have to talk about Rajni movies. I am a big big Rajni fan. I went with my cousins and uncle aunt to watch  “Ejaman”. We danced in the theatre for “raaku muthu raaku” song. Seeing us they played the song once again at the end of the movie. We danced again. Note: I am a shy reserved person,but I am a different person altogether while watching a rajni movie .For joining work after college I had to go to pune. I told my mother that I will not cross TamilNadu border without watching ‘Sivaji the boss’. I watched and then only joined work 🙂

Enthiran- Robot  I watched thrice in a single week. First time in Trichy with my uncle aunt. I am telling you Rajni movies are best when watched in TN ,only in TN. You will get the full effect only when you watch it with Tamil audience. There has to be hooting, dancing during the intro scene and full claps and hooting during each and every punch dialogue.These elements are a must for a Rajni movie and you can experience these only in TN. Having said that my enthiran experience in trichy is unforgettable. I came back to Bangalore and then went with my mom and next day with my uncle aunt in the same theatre same show 🙂 I enjoyed all the 3 times.

There are so many other movie watching incidents where we enjoyed, had fun, teased each other, whistled , danced ,cried , slept . Those memories will always be cherished.

BTW, can someone please tell me how to add those cute big emoticons here? And also please tell me how to apply eye liner. I can do it ‘chandramukhi ‘ style. But not the normal way. Please help ! 😉 😉 😉

About me !

Warning : This post is just about me and it is a boring post. If you want to read the shorter version, its posted here 😉

1.I like to be punctual. I have no problem coming early to a place for some work or to meet people/friends. I get tensed when I am late. In bus,I get ready and stand near the door when the bus starts moving from the previous stop itself. My mother scolds me that one day driver is going to apply sudden brake and I am going to break the windshield and fall infront of the bus (like vadivelu).I keep the change ready before reaching the destination in auto.

2.I don’t like bananas and tomatoes.I like tomato ketchup and soup though.

3.I get up early.I cannot sleep till 10/11 AM. Max I have achieved is sleep till 930 AM.
Till my XII standard I had never been awake after 9 PM.

4.I believe in Newton’s law- Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. For all the bad things happening to me I try to find an equally bad thing I had done in the past !! (I am in mid twenties only OK not 60 plus)

5.My friends call me ‘childish’. All my friends’ moms call me ‘matured’. 😀

6.I sometimes accept the truth even if its self-deprecating.

7.Only one person in this world (my friend’s mom) has called me ‘matured and responsible’ so far all my lives 😉

8.I have the power to change my bad ending dreams to good ending. 😎

9.In my dreams I am a  very good singer , a very tall person who has the ability to ‘talk’ to all animals and birds and of course a Super Hero 😀

10.I like it when people call me tall. In fact I believe that I am still growing everyday (what I drink complan ) and I will become 5′ 11″ one day.

11.When people tell me that my eyes look like my father’s or my character or a specific mannerism reminds them of my father, I get extremely proud. I keep smiling the whole day.Even if they compare my anger to my dad’s , I get proud. Best one so far: once while walking on the road I saw an old man selling palak.I asked my mother to buy one bunch even though I don’t like it much as he looked very old and ‘pavam’ . My mother later told me that my dad does the same.He stops and buys veg from old ladies and also while buying he starts a casual conversation with them .

12.I am 50 % good 50 % evil 😈

13.My friends call me I am witty. But it depends. Once I feel that the person likes me I cannot close my mouth.I talk non stop. But if I find out that they are not comfortable, my mind goes blank. I can never find a topic to talk about.

14.There is short curcuit between my anger (gland?) and tear gland. I cry when I am angry. I can never ever shout.When I am angry on my mother, I pour a glass of water on the floor and run away and I did that yesterday.

15.I like the smell of petrol, diesel, kerosene, paint, nail polish , brand new dress ..the list is endless.

16.I can eat paneer and chocolate in any form at any time.

17.For a long time I believed that all Kaakaa s (crows) are male and all kuruvi s (other small birds) are female.

18.I cannot fill ink in a fountain pen (hero pen) by myself. In school my mother helped me.In college my friend A helped me -all 4 years.

PS. WordPress just called me ‘Brilliant’ you know . I am ‘Brilliant’ huhahah ! 😎 😎 😎

Words from wordpress:- “This is your 5th published post. Brilliant! This post has 582 words.”

Chacha Chaudhary,Calvin,Dill,Lio and Popeye

I read a lot of comic books. When I was a kid my shelf was filled with comic books like ‘Chacha Chaudhary’ , ‘Pinki’ and others. Chacha Chaudhary (CC) was my favourite. I used to have a biggg collection of CC comics. I have read them like 100 times.We were in kolkata till I was 7 years old. Everytime Kolkata to chennai was a long journey, CC was my companion in that 2 days train journey. When we shifted I lost the entire collection 😦 😦 Even today if I have to travel a long distance, I prefer buying tinkle to other books 😉

Till I was 15, we used to live as a joint family.Myself and my cousin brothers S and B – we used to fight a lot. We fight for everything everytime except morning 7-8. It is the time when we all assemble in front of the TV and watch ‘Popeye Show’ and ‘Tom and Jerry’ together ( I watch these cartoons even today ) . Popeye show was our all time favourite. We watched even the repeats without any noise. You can say ‘Popeye’ was responsible for maintaining peace in the house 😀 Even during exam times we plan the breakfast/dinner timings to coincide with the Popeye Show. Later programmes changed , popeye became a modern guy and we stopped watching that show (I have the old ones in my laptop and watch it ).

In college, I got introduced to ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ . After joining work , I got introduced to reading comics online.Everyday after logging in the first thing I do is read the daily comic strips and some of my fav blogs.

This site is one of the best sites to read comics online . I start with ‘Calvin and Hobbes’. You can read it like 1000 times. You will never ever get bored.I love ‘Cul de Sac’ and ‘Lio’  too. Cul de sac talks about the adventures of a 4 year old girl Alice and her pre-school friends – Dill, Beny , Kevin and others. This one will definitely bring a smile on your face.My personal fav character is ‘Dill’ 🙂 And ‘Lio’ – it describes the adventures of a small kid Lio who is friends with monsters, aliens etc. His pets are a cobra (!), a spider, a cat and a giant squid. Best part is there is no dialogue in this comic strip. The author Mark tatulli is simpley a genius.

Here I am attaching few of my fav strips. Do read and enjoy !!!

Calvin and Hobbes

Cul de Sac

Cul de Sac 2


Lio 2

Lio 3

P.S:- Sorry I could not directly embed the image here. I could only attach them as links. Read them when you are relaxed a bit or when you want to relax 🙂

Have a super duper week ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Vada poche ..

When I joined work in pune, I used to go to office in shared autos everyday since the buses in that route were not very frequent.About shared auto I dont have to explain much, they will just a make a chutney out of you and throw you out! Looking at me struggling everyday my mom decided to get me a bike. I was super happy and went out with a friend to do test drive and all. 😀 Obviously he didnot know about my driving skills he agreed to come with me. We took the bike and the showroom guy showed me the BIG MAIN road and asked me to drive there 😯 I was shocked but wanted to buy a bike very badly.I agreed and  when I started it a lorry came in front of me and I started dancing with the bike , my friend sitting behind me started shouting in Marathi for his dear life (Moral: People talk in mother tongue when they are in extreme danger) .Somehow we escaped ! After that he never came with me for test drives 😦 Do you remember this comedy scene in a Tamil movie where Goundamani has night blindness and asks his wife to direct him? This situation was almost similar.

Goundamani:- Na kanna moodikittae vandi ottuvenam.Ni veedu varekkum vazhi solluviyam

Wife :- paakalama?

Goundamani:- paaka mudiyathe!

Anyway, then we shifted to Bangalore and temporarily dropped the plan of buying a bike.Few days back my mom asked me again if I am confident enough to ride a bike n all. I said a very big YES :grin:. She asked me to notice and learn how people drive in Bangalore traffic.During my travel to office I started noticing each and every bike on road . This raised a lot of questions on my ability to drive. Few are here :

❓  Will I be able to drive through that small gap between those 2 cars without damaging them?

❓   Will that traffic signal change from green to red just when I am about to cross it?

❓   Will I be able to find the difference between brake and accelerator ,left and right indicator while riding in front of that ever honking car?

❓   What if that bus driver spits on me when I try to overtake him or what if I get drenched when crossing the water tanker?

❓   Will I lose all the 4 strands of hair that I have  while removing the helmet?

❓   Will I be able to take a U-turn?

❓   Will I be able to handle the ‘stress’ when a lorry driver scolds me (‘vootla sollitu vandutiya’ )?

But then driving a bike is a cool stuff na? So I kept all my questions aside and decided to buy one.My mom was kinda ok.

One week back, when I was coming back from a grocery store with my mom , a lady asked me which way to go for the nearest bus stop.

Me: Go straight and take first left

Lady : left?

Me: yes left

Lady : left or right?

Me : Lefffttt

Lady: goes away with a confused look.

My mother : You were saying LEFT LEFT while showing ‘RIGHT’ with your hand .Your direction sense is pathetic.No bike for you now.

Me: Vada poche ! 😦 😦

(sad music in the background – “to to to to toinggggg ” )



I am a super hero ..

…. in my dreams :D. Yes! In most of my dreams I act like a super hero and do some heroic act. Like one time in my dream I was playing with my cousins in my grand ma’s house . We were playing throw catch and suddenly someone throws the ball away. My cousin goes to pick it up  but she gets caught by a crocodile ! (No I did not watch discovery channel that day ) . Then the super hero part of my brain gets activated and I save my cousin. 😀 :D. There are many more such dreams. But most of them I donot remember completely.

Some people say dreams are black and white. Some say it will be in colors. I see red and yellow colors often in my dreams. One time there was some snake I think , yellow colored with red spots.It was trying to catch me and I ran very fast and got into a mini bus and escaped. Again the bus was in red and yellow.

Two dreams I can never forget because there was a collision between dream and reality. One time I was sleeping and my mother was next to me. That evening we heard stories about theft n all in that area. Since we were alone we checked the house twice and then went to sleep. In my dream I am playing with my cousin in the hall.Suddenly there comes a big frog -red and yellow. We both are scared and try to run away. But the frog is too quick and in one jump it sits on my stomach. Exactly at the same moment, my mother put her hand around my waist 😯 😯  “veeeee !! ” I shouted and got up .  (If the dream had continued I would have somehow escaped from the frog ok because I am a Super Hero !  😎 ) My mother got scared ,she gave me some water and asked me what happened. She was expecting some really scary story from me but then when I told about that scary red and yellow frog she turned red with anger. I think she likes frogs 😕

Another time I was sleeping next to a window and that window has horizontal bars .In my dream my aunt is trying to open a door early in the morning.She pulls it so hard but its not opening. Then the super hero (me me me) gives an entry and without much effort grabs the handle and tries to open the door. I woke up and realized that I have been pulling the window bar !!! dream and reality mix up you see 😀

There is also one more thing about my dreams. If there is something negative happening in my dream, I wake up and then again consciously continue my dream, rewrite the climax and make it as a happy ending 😎

I have a friend who says he never had any dream !! Is that possible ?

Sweet dreams folks !

Credits :- The above cartoons were created  using


First things first.. I started reading blogs recently. I have been following many interesting blogs like RM , SnS , Tharani and many more. There was a teeny tiny desire at one corner of my brain to start my own blog.But then I know about me, I can’t even talk 4-5 meaningful sentences continuously. I think like 17 times before posting a comment!!! I didnot have the confidence to start a blog of my own. But with Tharani’s help I have successfully started one . Thanks a lot Tharani for the encouragement 🙂

When I sat down today evening thinking what should be my first post, a friend of mine called me for snacks.I logged out and went with her , had sev puri and when I came back it was time ,so I packed everything and went home. Then I logged in again from home to start the blog, my mother called me.She wanted to buy some stuff for pooja tomorrow, I went with her to the market .I came back and opened the blog again and ‘tock’ the power goes off.

Too many things against me starting a blog I say! I spent so much time giving a name for my blog and much much more time to create a “strong” password 😛 .I didnot want these small things to stop me :P. To neutralise all these negative signs, I thought of starting with a “managalakaramana” post.I thought for some 30-40 mins and then this video came into my mind.This video is going rounds in facebook these days and I liked it.It talks about how to teach small kids about ‘bad touch’.

And Yay!! My first post is ready !!!  😀

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