I am Joule, volt’s sister. I am three months old. Since my mom could not come up with a proper post I decided to take things in my own hand and introduce myself. Here we go.

When I was in my mom’s belly, she had super awesome dreams. She thought second born babies are easy like you just say ‘ to go sleep’ and they sleep. What..are we amazon echo or what !! She thought that second born babies simply grow on their own like some grass. Well I shattered all those dreams.

I don’t like to sleep. Period. If you force me , may be I will sleep for max 20 minutes. I want to be carried and held all the time. All The Time. My mom was waiting for the cradle ceremony. She thought I will be comfortable in my thooli and sleep peacefully. Yeah I am comfortable in my thooli. I use it as my exclusive personal toilet. In fact my sister volt was the first to understand that. She calls my thooli as “Joule’s toilet”. There I broke another dream of hers.

Even though its been 3 months since my entry, my mom still roams around like a zombie, sometimes due to lack of sleep but mostly due to over-eating. When I say over-eating I am not exaggerating. She buys a brand new battery for her weighing scale and in two days it runs out of battery. Such ‘heavy’ work it does. Someone should lockdown our kitchen I guess.

I have to tell you about my sister. She loves me a lot. She is super duper helpful. She runs and gets sheets, diapers, napkins whenever I need. She even fell down once while running to get me a nappy.Poor girl. Sometimes when my mom is super confused, she helps her (‘ Amma, you have to feed from the other side, last time you did it from this side’) .

My mom was explaining to my akka what breastfeeding is..etc etc with lot of effort. After listening to the whole thing, she simply said ‘ so basically you are her milk bottle. ‘

Smart! Just like me!

What I really like about her is, sometimes, by mistake, if I sleep for more than 15 minutes, she will come running and hug me and wake me up! You should see our mom’s face then!! Funny girl! hahahahaha..

OK. More about us in upcoming posts.. Until then..take care!!



When Kamal and Rajni cried for me..

Of course…. in my dreamand this is how it goes…

I am an experienced actor and I am acting in a movie. I am also kinda little depressed and want to quit. So one fine day I goto my maths teacher (go figure ! )who is Aranthangi Nisha a popular TV host btw, and tell her that I am quitting.

She is in shock and asks me why. I tell her that I am pregnant and my delivery date is due in a month. She keeps quiet but I know what she is thinking.

As expected the next day she informs Kamal and Rajni who are in same class as mine. I can see them going into shock as they hear the news, talking and arguing in one corner of the class. Rajni walking from one end to another in his usual style in utter shock, kamal standing against a wall and crying .

Later they both come to me and we talk ( I don’t remember much of this part) ..but they end up convincing me to stay. Rashmika Mandanna is also in my class by the way.

The next day in shooting spot I am talking to Kamal and our costume guy walks in. He looks exactly like Kamal. I make my decision then. When the costume guy comes to me to hand over the dresses I ask him if he knows how to act. He says yes. I ask him to come tomorrow .

I turn and see tears running down kamal’s cheeks. He knows that I have made up my mind to quit and the costume guy will be my replacement in the movie.

B came and woke me up at this time. When I was brushing I realised a major flaw in my dream ( mind voice : there is only one major flaw huh???)anyways.. The flaw is that if the costume designer is a kamal look alike how can he replace ME!!.. Also kamal should have thought that the doppelganger is his replacement not mine..

How did my hippocampus miss this ! Cha..

Stories around the solar system – II

Mars and Jupiter being close friends were walking and talking about the universal events. Suddenly Mars stopped on his track and listened carefully.

Jupiter : What ra?

Mars : I hear some strange sound. Trying to figure it out

Jupiter : oh is it? Let me try.

Mars: Jupi, looks like someone is crying. Do you hear that?

Jupiter. Yes yes I do. Who could that be?

Mars: I dont know. Lets do one thing. You wait here. I will go and check all the planets on this side.., I will start with Earth. Usually he is the one who creates mess.

Jupiter: OK. I will wait here.

So Mars travelled towards Earth and found the blue planet on track

Mars: Earth, Are you ok?

Earth: Totally baby 😎 , why?

Mars: I hear someone crying..and you look very…mm.. green..You sure ok?

Earth: Never better. Something strange is going on. Things are quiet at my place.. I feel really Gooooood.

Mars: Oh Good to know. Enjoy. Let me check with Venus.

Mars spotted Venus in sometime. Venus looked weird. It was shaking with its eyes closed tight

Mars: Hey Venu, Oh My GOd, What happened?

Venus: What what?

Mars: You are shivering!

Venus: Yeah I learnt a new dance move from Ceres. How cool is that? I am practising it with full concentration.. Avva..avaa..avvavaa..Avva va va va

Mars: Huh. OK bye..have fun

… Mars then spotted Mercury. Mercury was staring somewhere , lost in thoughts

Mars: Merc, what happened? You seem lost

Mercury: Yeah dude.. I am kinda lost. Need your help

Mars: Sure.. Is that why you were crying?

Mercury: Me crying? No. I am just lost. I forgot which way to travel around sun. Is it left or right?

Mars lost his cool. He was genuinely trying to help a friend and all he found was dancing or careless planets.

Mars: I don’t know. Go up North or something…grrr! 😡

Mercury (mind voice): Why is he so angry? hmm ..May be he also lost his direction!! Poor fellow..

Mars came back to Jupiter.

Mars: Hey I could not find.. Everyone seems to be ok on this side. You want to check on your side?

Jupiter: Sure.. Wait here.. While you wait, if ceres crosses us, ask him to reduce his guitar volume. My ears are bleeding and IAM LOSING PATIENCE 😡

Mars: OK ok. chill

Jupiter started walking towards Saturn, After a while he saw something strange.. He spotted Saturn but something big was standing close to it.

Jupiter: Hmm..what is that? Is it Saturn’s new moon or something? Looks huge.. Lets go near and ask Saturn itself.

Jupiter: Hey Satty… What is… Oh my GOd..You are crying..You are the one crying..What happened

Saturn: Hey Jupi.. *crying continues ** 😥

Jupiter: Oh my God ,is that Uranus next to you?

Uranus: Jupi..yes… Help!!

Saturn: Jupi.. We heard ceres playing his guitar…We both loved the music and were kinda lost in it. We both were dancing and we somehow lost our tracks..In all that dance we both got too close to each other and our rings got tangled. Now we are interlocked. We can’t get it out!!! And he is too cold!

Uranus : And you are too WINDY!!! 😡  😥  * wahhhhh*

Jupiter: Let me think Let me think.. Ok tell me what steps you did before getting too close.

Saturn showed him the four steps he did..

Saturn: ah 1  a wave movement like this, ah 2 another wave movement like this, ah 3 rotate, ah 4 Jump and wave again

Jupiter: OK. Uranus..you stay still. Saturn I want you to repeat the steps but in reverse order. 4..3..2..1 like that

Saturn: Hmm.. ok call ceres

Jupiter: Why?

Saturn : Obviously I need music, otherwise I will look stupid just doing some wave movement

Jupiter: Satty, How do you think you guys look now? I cant go get ceres now.. That guy must be breaking someone’s eardrum with his guitar now.. Please do as I said

Saturn: OK

Saturn did the steps in reverse order as Jupiter told and the rings thankfully came out of Uranus’ rings

Uranus : Free Free Free at last.. Thanks Jupi baby..

Saturn: Thanks dear friend… I could feel my body warming up again.. Thank you


This is the lockdown story that volt enjoys listening every. single. day. I am not allowed to change anything in the story. Both lockdown and this story seem to be going on forever!



Patience is the key

and I seem to have misplaced it somewhere.

My mom always says that I reserve all my patience for volt. Lately I am struggling to maintain calm and be patient with anyone.

So far the damage is only internal. I thankfully have not reacted badly ..I guess. But in my head it is a mess. So much kept inside such a tiny place. Not good for me.

So this year I need to develop patience. What I also need is some plan. I am not a great planner and all. But I want to have simple plans and celebrate when I achieve it. Not a 5 year plan, 10 year plan. Day to day plans like “Eat no more than 6 meals a day”.

I am considering this blogathon as an achievement for the month of Jan. I took 2 days sick leave. Otherwise it was good. Now that it is over, I am going to use those neurons for other purposes like developing patience and making small plans. Good luck darling neurons!

I know you all will take a break now. Please do come back and post something like once a month atleast. I love you . And I love reading about you. So please try. I will also try.

Take care.. Tata..



If only our thoughts..

…could generate power

I can run a washing machine..my mom can light up a 3BHK apartment

…could be turned into water

2 people can take a shower with mine, my mom’s could bathe an elephant just out of a mud bath.

…could be converted to a book

mine will be the size of a dictionary, my mom’s would be the size of whole Game of throne series books + the upcoming (will it ever?) parts.

…could be converted to calories

my BMI will be in the largest 3 digits, my mom’s BMI machine will run for years trying to arrive at a value beating the famous Deep Thought

…could be converted to alcohol

mine will fill many many barrels while my mom’s will make TASMAC run out of business.

Yes, I think too much unnecessarily. She worries too much unnecessarily.






Volt: “on the verge of crying” Why should I go to school?

Me: To learn new things, to make friends

Volt: Why should I go to school?

Me: You love to learn about planets and stuff right. Who taught you about planets, you got to know in school only right?

Volt: Why should I go to school?

Me: Ok you tell me why you don’t want to go

Volt: Silent tears

Me: Did anyone hurt you?

Did anyone scold you?

Your friends? teachers?

Are you bored?

Do you want to sit and play at home?

Is it because I am working from home today?

Are you not well?

Volt : No (for every question)

Me: OK think and tell me. I will help you

Volt: There is nothing.


Volt: Why should I go to school?

By the time we reach school and she goes in with a sad face

On the way back to home

ME: Why does she not want to go to school?

Do I have to talk to teacher?

Why does she not want to go to school?

Did anything happen?

Why does she not want to go to school?

Is she not well?

Why does she not want to go to school?



Welcome to…


Volt’s new country. She figured this out even before Nithyanandha found his Island country.

Facts :- 

Country : Jemnaa

Language: NaaNaa (official)

Population : 15

Food : Pongal .. all 3 times

How to reach : By Air: Close your eyes, jump three times, open your eyes, turn, close your eyes again, jump once. “Welcome to Jemnaa”

More facts:

Jemnaa people love pongal so much that it is consumed all 3 times a day.

Though their official language is NaaNaa they can talk and understand Tamil, malayalam, Kannada, telugu, Bengali and Punjabi.

They like Frozen songs.

They are so well versed in other languages that they can sing the English songs in Tamil, malayalam, Kannada, telugu, Bengali and Punjabi. Go figure.

There has been a discussion going on to rename the country to either “Orissa” or “Tanjore”. Waiting for results.

Pongal will remain the National Food.

Language search is going on.

They celebrate birthdays throughout the year.

No citizenship. All are welcome.


We need more idiots

There are two kinds of idiots. I. Plain idiots II. The idiots you love , who are a big part of your life, who make you laugh at the most unexpected times, idiots who are sensible !

I am talking about the 2nd variety here. Life keeps throwing challenges at us, some under control, some may not be. Simple or not we have to go through it to come out of it. These type II idiots make the passage easier. They have the ability to help us get through sometimes just by talking.

B is one of my idiots. He says the most unexpected stuff at the inappropriate time that we both end up laughing.

One of my friend belonging to this type II idiot category, during her wedding  was in full tension. When we gave her our gift envelope , all she said was “Hope this is not your credit card bill” . A little bit of tension evaporated at that moment.

My mom had to undergo parathyroid surgery few years back. Just before surgery the doctor came and read all the clauses of surgery form. It was mentioned there that since the operation site is too close to vocal chord, there may be a change in her voice. She was super tensed after hearing this. She thought she would lose her voice . She stared at my tensed face speechless. I took a deep breath and told her ” Oh God what if you wake up after surgery and start talking like shreya ghoshal ! “. We could see some tension lifting off. I am her idiot and happy to be so.

I have a number of idiot friends who know what not to say and say it. I am blessed to have such people in my life.

God Bless these type II idiots. Intentional stressing on the type II part.


Characteristics of a Foodie

I would like to call myself a foodie. Well atleast quantity wise I am one. I can eat twice the amount of what an average person eats, every meal. Quality wise I don’t fare well as I am picky. My inspiration are those who wipe their banana leaf clean in a wedding that you get confused whether they are just starting or whether they are done!

Anyways for research purpose lets bring all the foodies (quantitative and qualitative) under one umbrella on one banana leaf and list down their characteristics.

This research was done by me and my fellow foodies in office on one fine day after a nice lunch.

  • Foodies are very easy to please. All they need is food. Sorry Thank you and all secondary.
  • They are very easy going. They forgive and forget easily.
  • They get inspired easily. A person eating in TV, a smell, a person uttering a dish name or what sounds like a dish name. tada..they are hungry.
  • They become hungry when they want to eat.
  • They have large hearts (also stomach but that is obvious)
  • They are good in remembering stuff (Directions : Take a left after Sultan hotel!,  Day: the day we ate pizza with double cheese !,  Vengeance : Because you ate my lunch that day! People: The guy whose farewell we attended! )
  • Cook or not, when they make food, it tastes good. It’s some deiveega (divine) connection between brain, hands and taste buds
  • They can switch from a diet to no diet before you can pronounce the word diet
  • They are very caring especially when your lunch box looks yum
  • They never say insensitive things like “Hey I am full, dude”

In short they make this planet a happy place!


Random ranganayagi S2 e2

I had 3-4 thoughts to write about today but felt all of them incomplete. So decided to do this.

Slept during the day and had a bad dream. I can’t sleep during day ,I will definitely get a bad dream. My bad dreams are very idiotic ,I mean I am never a super woman in my bad dream. Sigh ! I woke up feeling tired.

One of B’s mama sent me a box of aavin milk khoa. I adore this mama. He is extremely sweet considerate, sensible, good natured. Also he makes sure that he buys something I like everytime he visits.

I had an awesomatic aromatic Pongal prasadham in a nearby lakshmi Narayan temple. I ate twice. I needed more blessings.

I really liked the way how Tharani had set her goals in her blog. One goal per month makes it almost believable to achieve. I want to try it. I badly need goals. I am stuck.

I love Olaf the most in frozen. I want to be like Olaf and I think I can do it