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Building character using vim liquid !

Background : Unless you were in a summer hibernation, by this time you should have known that most part of the city is undergoing water crisis. Especially those who rely on tankers. Price hike, water scarcity and no sense regarding our environment has resulted in a sink full of dirty vessels at my home.

Oh! Our maid is on leave today. So on a sunday morning myself and B kept an alarm and woke up to finish all water related chores before everyone else wakes up. He ran and loaded the washing machine, filled all the buckets in the bathrooms while I attended the sink full of vessels. It was full o full. I had to use minimum water for the truck load of vessels. I tried to be as careful as I can , the result was it took an hour to finish. B made coffee meanwhile to refill our energy resource.

I love to wash vessels (thanks to liquid soaps, it is easier). I love to arrange them , clean them batch by batch, stack them up and finally keep them for drying. It’s an art!

< pause > my mom just read the last sentence and her reaction…


< resume >…

Anyway..where did I leave !! Haan it is an art. But you know what! it builds your character too.

My mom is very very particular about few things.

  1. Wash your plate once before you drop it in sink. Her point isΒ  that ‘Nobody wants to see your finger prints on the plate and clean the leftovers. Treat a person with dignity’ . If I see my mom’s kitchen, I always have this doubt of whether the vessels in the sink have already been washed or not. It is that clean.
  2. Fill the cooking vessels with water so that when maid comes to clean it, it should be easy enough, she need not sit on it and scrub it. Be considerate.
  3. Use vessels judiciously ! You don’t have to throw the entire kitchen into the sink.

Needless to say my mom and maid have very good relationship. I don’t know how much I follow these but I really want volt to learn these. We don’t need big dramatic events to teach us these simple lessons, it is all there in the smallest of the things that we do.

So yeah, we are building character using vim liquid !! πŸ˜€


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The one where the conversation stops abruptly…

Me: What’s the date today volt?

Volt: *without even looking up* It is 46 !

Me : *pin drop silence*  😐 😐


Me: What’s the time volt? *Yes, I have not learnt my lesson yet *

Volt: *without even looking up* It is 14: 67 !

Me : *pin drop silence*  😐 😐

*I will come and hit you if you tell me that it was probably military time that she was talking about*


Me: Volt, Please clean up the toys, it is lying all over the place

volt: Why ma

Me: * Wears adult cape * Because if you don’t clean up, we might step on it ..

volt: What will happen if you step on it?

Me: It will break.

volt: Then what will happen?

Mind voice: * ugh OK just five more minutes, Please gather all your strength and continue to be an adult for just 5 more mins *

Me: You will become sad or angry.

Volt: oh no,Β  Why am I sad amma? * and actually becomes sad as if I broke her toy *

Me: *pin drop silence *

Mind voice : screaming * I would have cleaned it up atleast 5 times by now * and realizingΒ * if I try to act like an adult people become sad *

😐 😐

Me: What did you do in school today?

Volt: umm I forgot

Me : *pin drop silence *

Mind voice : *pin drop silence *

😐 😐


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Two lives.

I lead two lives. One in my head. Other outside. .The life in head is not always rosy or greeny, multicolored it is. Both the lives have their own peaceful and chaotic moments. The only difference is in one of them I have total control.

The two lives live in harmony most times.. Problem is only when they come to a merging point.. The point where things resemble each other in both lives.. Result is nuclear explosion. Things don’t meet expectations and some sadness will be there for sometime.

I can get lost inside my head at any time. When I am travelling, even if it is with very talkative people. This is one reason I don’t get that irritated with traffic jam unless there is really an emergency. Because half the time I won’t even be stuck in that jam.

This is the reason I love walking to bus stops, taking buses where I know nobody is going to talk to me except the conductor. I escape into my other life. This is the reason I don’t know half the places here which are in the same route I travel daily, twice. I don’t pay attention.

This is the reason sometimes I miss bus stops, my cubicle, my house, washroom.. I don’t know if its normal to live in your head. But boss no matter how terrifying this sounds, I am not going to search in Google about this. Because Google always tells me that I have a deadly disease. No matter what I ask.

Search for grey hair.. Google says

Sorry your grey cells in brain are dying


Search for eating too much for the past 25 years.. Google says

Sorry your stomach is suffering from black hole cavities.. (Plural mmkum.) 1 in 100000 million gets this.. Congrats!


Search for how to talk to your manager when you miss a deadline to fix a defect

Google says sorry you are suffering from defect deadline hernia.. No. Medicines found yet.. Lifestyle change recommended πŸ™„

So the point is I am not going to Google about it. If I have to, I will do it inside my head…

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Sin q / cos q

Thanks for reading..

Thanks for taking time to comment.

Special thanks to two of my dear friends who said that they look forward for my posts everyday and they appreciated it everyday without fail. You were my motivation.

Some People say they write for their own satisfaction. But the likes comments and offline comments are the ones which motivates me. So a very big thanks for motivating me.

My mind is filled with so many thoughts today. Since morning I wanted to write about those feelings but then I don’t want to write also. A category 2 storm in my head and I know it’s just man made.

I have to find a way to calm down. I will.

Wishing you all again a very happy and healthy year.

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Girl crush

This is what I am watching these days on YouTube..

1. Please try to notice Dhanush too in this song.. May be you will succeed after 100th time.. Coz Sai Pallavi totally steals the screen

2. Sai Pallavi again and a beautiful song

3. Volt and I watch this together. The kid here is super talented, choreography is simple and best, the location too.

Have a good day!

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Early risers

Most days I start early, around 7:15 to 7:30. Somedays I take bus , on somedays cab. Starting this early has its perks. The road stories are very interesting during this time.

I see …a father and daughter waiting for her school bus in front of my apartment. The girl must be in her teens and the father would be asking her to relax (probably exam time) and making her comfortable.

A group of moms and dads talking while the kids will be playing around the nearby tree, waiting for bus.

A parent carrying their laptop bag, lunch bag,kid’s school bag and lunch bag while the little one jaywalks with his hands in pockets.

A mom struggling to keep up with her kid while he drives in his tricycle to school on the footpath everyday..everyday.

Countless flying kisses from parents as the young kids board their buses.

A dad always always carrying his daughter on his shoulders while waiting for bus. On some days the kid would be sleeping sitting on his shoulder , resting her head on his head.. The dad won’t even move inspite of his neck bent like a hair pin bend.

A school playground where young kids will be running around before their prayer starts, elder ones holding books and discussing probably not about their lessons πŸ˜€

Sports day practice where the first row does perfect dumbbells and last row stumbles.

Group of kids who have hearing loss , walking to their school chitchatting and laughing in their own style while I wait at a big traffic signal. You know that they are laughing out loud but you cannot hear them and before you realize you start smiling too.

Sometimes you feel that the traffic is not that bad !

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Monday murmur

Today is going to be a day full of meetings. I am already lagging behind my schedule in this sprint’s work. So it is going to be a tight week I guess. I hope I manage well.

I thought of doing some homework during weekend. But you know how my Saturday went.. That post was longer than my actual Saturday. And Sunday… Err was there a Sunday? .** squints eyes ** . Blurrrr.. I did nothing.

During day time my confidence level is little higher. But at night, Esp early mornings are super scary for me if I lag behind my plan. Exam times early mornings I would be super scared. So today morning I woke up really scared. Deep breath.. Deep breath..

Let’s hope that we all have a good week.

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Republic day.. Continuation

Yesterday I got this incredible opportunity to attend a violin concert by padmashri A. Kanya kumari.

I am a carnatic music illiterate. Honestly I didn’t know about her. I grew up with kunnakudi vaidyanathan. Any function or festival, the day starts with him. For me violin is equal to big kumkuma pottu and his ever smiling face. I miss him.

When I told my mom about this concert a few days back, she was ecstatic. But I maintained a low key. There is a reason why, you will get to know at the end of this post.

We went there. Myself, mom and volt. Volt slept of for an hour in between. It was one of the most fulfilling two hours. The audience were great. Then towards the end she played Raghu pathi ragava rajaram, govindha, and harivarasanam, chinnanjiru kiliye. All these songs she started slowly and increased the tempo towards the end. We all sang together. We were clapping, she was smiling. I had tears in my eyes.

Volt woke up at this part. While I was patting her on her thigh according to the tempo, she started patting on my chest. She changed her speed exactly matching the tempo. When she wakes up in an unknown place, she usually is grumpy for sometime. But seeing her enjoying and understanding the music made me even more emotional. Tears welled up again.

I had a simple childhood. In spite of all the difficulties she faced, my mom gave me an excellent education. Music and books were luxury for me. Had I asked she would have given me those for sure. I never asked. I don’t know if volt would want to learn all these. But seeing her enjoy it is itself a lot for me. Explains my tears right?

One of my dear friends who sings awesome BTW, took a pic with her and shared it. He told me that we could take another pic with kanya kumari ma’am when we meet in the evening for the concert. Now I am an carnatic music illiterate. Taking a pic with her n all is too much for me. Its like a mosquito wishing to take a picture with a blood bank owner. Listening to her play was more than enough for me.

The reason I didn’t write about this concert yesterday was because you see everytime I wish for something, my fate makes sure that it won’t happen. Not exaggerating. Ask b. Even if I want a panipuri from my fav shop, that day he would have run out of gas or the Puris would not have enough air in it, or it would not be a potato season at all. I know sounds impossible, but my luck would take care of it. Even potatoes would be seasonal. B warns me when I ask for something the second time. He will ask me to keep my emotions controlled, not to give any hints to Mr. Jinxy luck. So yesterday till the event started I just pretended to be at the wrong place and kept giving puzzled looks. But after the show, I was jumping like an excited electron.

Now that my Saturday was great, I am kinda sure that tomorrow will not be just a regular Monday blues, it would be Monday dark blues. I will worry about it tomorrow.

Sorry for the long post. It’s just that I have never attended a violin concert before. Thanks for reading.

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Random Ranganayaki – Republic day special

Yesterday my kid’s teacher taught her about soldiers i think, because since last evening she is repeating the word “soldiers”. “Amma tomorrow soldiers are coming”, “soldiers are coming tomorrow amma” , “soldiers ma, tomorrow”, comes really close to my face and says “SOOOLLLLDIERS ammaaaa”

Morning we assembled near TV and watched the parade. “Who are they”, “Why is he saluting” , pointing at other person now “Why is HE saluting”, another one – “who are they”, another- “who are THEY”, another –Β  “Why is he saluting”, anotherrrr-“Why is He saluting” ..this went on for a whileΒ  πŸ™„

After a super quick breakfast, we went to “Purandara Dasa and Tyagaraja Music and Dance Festival” . It’s very very rare that I get a chance to attend such events. This year I was fortunate to attend this. Volt and I went there. She was mesmerized by the performance of the students. She had like just 500 questions.Anyways, she loved it. I loved the fact that she loved it.

We did it. We did the cloth cleaning activity finally (with the help of 90s A R Rahman). Took 3 hours to clean all our stuff. But we did it. I opened my cupboard 10 times in last 3 minutes b’coz I can’t believe how clean it is !! Now I don’t have to worry about messy cupboard till my nextΒ bath ! Bliss!

To be continued ….