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Things we do for love !

   * breathe *

* breathe *

* breathe *

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Privileges, struggles and struggling for your privileges

I take my mom to a nearby lab for her regular blood the reception there in the lab, a girl sits probably in her early twenties.i don’t know. I am bad at guessing age.

On one such test day, I was getting late. The system was slow. The guy before me in the queue had all the doubts in the world. While I was losing patience this girl kept smiling and answering all his questions and every now and then she smiled and apologized for the delay. We gave sample and left .

When I went to collect report in the evening she was commenting on the reports that this is high low blah blah. I was annoyed a bit that someone is reading my confidential data and commenting. I didn’t show anything on my face but while she had a smile on her face I didn’t.

Then she asked about my work , how I go, timings and everything. I gave half hearted replies. Then I left. Her smile never left her face.

Today morning while I was walking and crossing the lab I saw her standing at first floor of the building , waiting outside as the shutter was locked. Probably she was waiting for someone who had the keys to open it. Her kind smile on her face still. No change. I waved at her. She did too.

Here I am , who had a nearly perfect childhood. Got the education i wanted, most of the family burdens were hidden from me so that I can study well, blessed with a gene with which I could score the reqd marks, blessed with college of my choice, blessed with the work I could manage, blessed with the money I desired, blessed with the family who will take care of everything around me while I am lost in my computer. In short Privileged.

Though I worked hard, I also had the privilege where things were moving towards me.the struggle was and is manageable.

I have no clue what she went through, was education a luxury for her?did she study what she wanted to? Is this work an another struggle for her? When she leaves for work, does she get the support she needs at home? When she gets home does someone ask how her day was?

I am just privileged. She is the hardworker. Every penny, every happiness that she earns is 100 times worth for her. Her struggle is atleast 10 times more.

Yet she is the one who manages to maintain that innocent smile on her face and I am the one who complains !

May be next time I will ask her how she manages home work and stuff, and appreciate her for what she is doing. I will.

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Fair in love

We were playing provision shop. Volt is the shopkeeper, everyone else at home have to be the customers whether they want or not.

She brought all the shampoo soap powder dish wash bar etc etc and started selling. She had 2 shampoo bottles.

When it was my turn I asked for 2 shampoo bottles. She also asked B what he wanted. He too asked for shampoo.

She didnot think twice. She came to me and convinced me to buy just one shampoo as her appa also wanted one. And she said I get it for free. I liked the deal and said yes. She then went to her appa and gave him also the shampoo for free.

Equality eh!

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WFH* Dad

*WFH – working from home …lol

This week myself and B are managing home ,work and kid all by ourselves..But obviously we are heavily dependent on the kid’s support.

Yesterday…. B’s turn to WFH. First day of summer vacation for volt.

Volt : ** At 10 AM ** Appaaa.. I am bored

B : Dei, Your vacation started like 12 hours back , you slept 7 hours of it and you are bored already?

volt: Will you play with me? ** puppy dog eyes **

B: sigh…OK come lets play

volt : ** 10 minutes into the game ** Appa I am bored.

B: hmm.. Lets play another game..

**  This continues for sometime **

B: OK I have to work now. You play on your own for sometime.

volt: ok pa

B: ** 5 minutes into work **

volt: Appaa.. Are you still working?

B: ** rolls eyes ** Ama da.

** Another five minutes **

volt : Sigh! Appa why are you still working? DO you have sooooo much work?

B : Yes yes I have loads of work to do

volt: Appaa.. I am bored

B : ** Clueless **

I come back in the evening and they narrate the whole story.

Today morning….

All of us are talking

Me: Volt, I have so much work… I will sit in the hall watching you and working. You keep playing next to me OK?

volt: OKAYYYYY maaaaa

Turns towards her dad, and winks (gulp!) and says in a whisper “Don’t worry appaaa, I will not let her work !” and they both do a thumbs up.

P. S. If you know my boss or if you are my boss, I would like you to know and believe that I am working. ..sincerely!


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Building character using vim liquid !

Background : Unless you were in a summer hibernation, by this time you should have known that most part of the city is undergoing water crisis. Especially those who rely on tankers. Price hike, water scarcity and no sense regarding our environment has resulted in a sink full of dirty vessels at my home.

Oh! Our maid is on leave today. So on a sunday morning myself and B kept an alarm and woke up to finish all water related chores before everyone else wakes up. He ran and loaded the washing machine, filled all the buckets in the bathrooms while I attended the sink full of vessels. It was full o full. I had to use minimum water for the truck load of vessels. I tried to be as careful as I can , the result was it took an hour to finish. B made coffee meanwhile to refill our energy resource.

I love to wash vessels (thanks to liquid soaps, it is easier). I love to arrange them , clean them batch by batch, stack them up and finally keep them for drying. It’s an art!

< pause > my mom just read the last sentence and her reaction…


< resume >…

Anyway..where did I leave !! Haan it is an art. But you know what! it builds your character too.

My mom is very very particular about few things.

  1. Wash your plate once before you drop it in sink. Her point is  that ‘Nobody wants to see your finger prints on the plate and clean the leftovers. Treat a person with dignity’ . If I see my mom’s kitchen, I always have this doubt of whether the vessels in the sink have already been washed or not. It is that clean.
  2. Fill the cooking vessels with water so that when maid comes to clean it, it should be easy enough, she need not sit on it and scrub it. Be considerate.
  3. Use vessels judiciously ! You don’t have to throw the entire kitchen into the sink.

Needless to say my mom and maid have very good relationship. I don’t know how much I follow these but I really want volt to learn these. We don’t need big dramatic events to teach us these simple lessons, it is all there in the smallest of the things that we do.

So yeah, we are building character using vim liquid !! 😀


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The one where the conversation stops abruptly…

Me: What’s the date today volt?

Volt: *without even looking up* It is 46 !

Me : *pin drop silence*  😐 😐


Me: What’s the time volt? *Yes, I have not learnt my lesson yet *

Volt: *without even looking up* It is 14: 67 !

Me : *pin drop silence*  😐 😐

*I will come and hit you if you tell me that it was probably military time that she was talking about*


Me: Volt, Please clean up the toys, it is lying all over the place

volt: Why ma

Me: * Wears adult cape * Because if you don’t clean up, we might step on it ..

volt: What will happen if you step on it?

Me: It will break.

volt: Then what will happen?

Mind voice: * ugh OK just five more minutes, Please gather all your strength and continue to be an adult for just 5 more mins *

Me: You will become sad or angry.

Volt: oh no,  Why am I sad amma? * and actually becomes sad as if I broke her toy *

Me: *pin drop silence *

Mind voice : screaming * I would have cleaned it up atleast 5 times by now * and realizing * if I try to act like an adult people become sad *

😐 😐

Me: What did you do in school today?

Volt: umm I forgot

Me : *pin drop silence *

Mind voice : *pin drop silence *

😐 😐


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Two lives.

I lead two lives. One in my head. Other outside. .The life in head is not always rosy or greeny, multicolored it is. Both the lives have their own peaceful and chaotic moments. The only difference is in one of them I have total control.

The two lives live in harmony most times.. Problem is only when they come to a merging point.. The point where things resemble each other in both lives.. Result is nuclear explosion. Things don’t meet expectations and some sadness will be there for sometime.

I can get lost inside my head at any time. When I am travelling, even if it is with very talkative people. This is one reason I don’t get that irritated with traffic jam unless there is really an emergency. Because half the time I won’t even be stuck in that jam.

This is the reason I love walking to bus stops, taking buses where I know nobody is going to talk to me except the conductor. I escape into my other life. This is the reason I don’t know half the places here which are in the same route I travel daily, twice. I don’t pay attention.

This is the reason sometimes I miss bus stops, my cubicle, my house, washroom.. I don’t know if its normal to live in your head. But boss no matter how terrifying this sounds, I am not going to search in Google about this. Because Google always tells me that I have a deadly disease. No matter what I ask.

Search for grey hair.. Google says

Sorry your grey cells in brain are dying


Search for eating too much for the past 25 years.. Google says

Sorry your stomach is suffering from black hole cavities.. (Plural mmkum.) 1 in 100000 million gets this.. Congrats!


Search for how to talk to your manager when you miss a deadline to fix a defect

Google says sorry you are suffering from defect deadline hernia.. No. Medicines found yet.. Lifestyle change recommended 🙄

So the point is I am not going to Google about it. If I have to, I will do it inside my head…

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Sin q / cos q

Thanks for reading..

Thanks for taking time to comment.

Special thanks to two of my dear friends who said that they look forward for my posts everyday and they appreciated it everyday without fail. You were my motivation.

Some People say they write for their own satisfaction. But the likes comments and offline comments are the ones which motivates me. So a very big thanks for motivating me.

My mind is filled with so many thoughts today. Since morning I wanted to write about those feelings but then I don’t want to write also. A category 2 storm in my head and I know it’s just man made.

I have to find a way to calm down. I will.

Wishing you all again a very happy and healthy year.

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Girl crush

This is what I am watching these days on YouTube..

1. Please try to notice Dhanush too in this song.. May be you will succeed after 100th time.. Coz Sai Pallavi totally steals the screen

2. Sai Pallavi again and a beautiful song

3. Volt and I watch this together. The kid here is super talented, choreography is simple and best, the location too.

Have a good day!

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Early risers

Most days I start early, around 7:15 to 7:30. Somedays I take bus , on somedays cab. Starting this early has its perks. The road stories are very interesting during this time.

I see …a father and daughter waiting for her school bus in front of my apartment. The girl must be in her teens and the father would be asking her to relax (probably exam time) and making her comfortable.

A group of moms and dads talking while the kids will be playing around the nearby tree, waiting for bus.

A parent carrying their laptop bag, lunch bag,kid’s school bag and lunch bag while the little one jaywalks with his hands in pockets.

A mom struggling to keep up with her kid while he drives in his tricycle to school on the footpath everyday..everyday.

Countless flying kisses from parents as the young kids board their buses.

A dad always always carrying his daughter on his shoulders while waiting for bus. On some days the kid would be sleeping sitting on his shoulder , resting her head on his head.. The dad won’t even move inspite of his neck bent like a hair pin bend.

A school playground where young kids will be running around before their prayer starts, elder ones holding books and discussing probably not about their lessons 😀

Sports day practice where the first row does perfect dumbbells and last row stumbles.

Group of kids who have hearing loss , walking to their school chitchatting and laughing in their own style while I wait at a big traffic signal. You know that they are laughing out loud but you cannot hear them and before you realize you start smiling too.

Sometimes you feel that the traffic is not that bad !